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  1. Xperia Blog

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    A quick heads-up to let you know that the Xperia M (and Xperia M dual) forum is now live. Please use this for any threads dedicated to the Xperia M (C190X) and Xperia M dual (C200X).

  2. Muthuganesh Ganesh

    Muthuganesh Ganesh New Member

    all are ok
    my doubt is : will this phone has facility of move apps to sd? Kindly reply me ASAP
  3. Brad Pitt

    Brad Pitt New Member

    I cannot wait to get this phone. Previously I owned the Motorola RAZR i and many previous Xperias. The RAZR i had very good battery but the 4.3 screen and 'edge to edge display' made it uncomfortable to hold and use properly. I think a good 4 inch screen like this will be easier to use.

    What is going on with the colours? 50% of the articles that I read about this say it comes in LIME GREEN and the other 50% say yellow (in addition to black, white, purple). Where is this lime green?
  4. Saji

    Saji New Member

    Ordered and waiting for the device. Hope it will be a good experience with this one. Have doubts on the android future versions on this one due to the processor though... will have to wait and see.
  5. Genjoss

    Genjoss New Member

    I had it for almost 2 weeks, had rooted it, and still i can't find app as simple as link2sd. Coz in other forum, one said that after he installed link2sd, it made the device in bootloop. So i tried the Folder mount, as they suggested. But still, link2sd is better. Back to the review, over all for these 2 weeks i had a great experience thou there is no Bravia engine on the display.
    Sorry for my english, just wanna say hi to other xperia M users. I luv it!
    this is the result of being benchmarked by antutu benchmark.

  6. Saji

    Saji New Member

    Ok.... Started off with a bad experience :eek:
    - Xperia M ordered on Infibeam on 21-Aug. Infibeam provided shipping information of Bluedart on 22-Aug, which Bluedart stated as invalid waybill number for 3 days.
    - After multiple calls and emails later suddenly shipping information in Infibeam changes to Fedex. Got the device in hand on Monday, 26-Aug.
    - Used for 1 day and on 27-Aug the device failed. Refused to charge or be detected on a computer. Tried different USB chargers as well as cables without luck.
    - Two visits to service center later, got a DOA letter. Need to wait 3 days (hopefully it remains 3 days) for a replacement.

    Been using mobile phones for more than 15 years.... Finally decided to buy a Sony and the darn thing fails in 2 days flat. That sucks big time.... :( :mad:

    And to think I was originally worried about Android future versions for this device.. Hah!!! What a joke!!! :D
  7. manickavasagam

    manickavasagam New Member

    users, please comment on the camera performance of this handset,will a firmware update be able to improve the performance of the camera.
  8. dyanelle

    dyanelle New Member

    Since xperia m has 4gb anyone recomend any built in app that can be remove or uninstall since it will not oftenly use like app store of sony(sony select,app xtra,etc.)since it has google play store which i use in downloading app.i'm sure like me,as a user of xperia m i like to xpand my internal memory by deleting some built in app that i think i wouldnt need.
  9. dyanelle

    dyanelle New Member

    Bad camera in night time.
  10. Krishnakumar.M.S

    Krishnakumar.M.S New Member

    Hi fnds,, Can u help me??????
    Iam using sony xperia M [C 1904] handset,Now I had a problem,
    In my hanset had 2 GB internal memory now this memory become full .
    I want to move the apps from internal memory to memory card
    how can i do ? or how can i delete default apps?
  11. Shalini

    Shalini New Member

    I think it was a problem on Infibeam's end. Bluedart couriers generally don't have that problem. Anyways, I'm still using Xperia M although i love it, i feel it's outdated.


    i dont know what to do