Xperia P Auto rotate issues and other problems after update

Discussion in 'Xperia P' started by Neil Murali, Nov 26, 2014.

  1. Neil Murali

    Neil Murali New Member

    I have reloaded software from the sony pc suite on 25/11/2014,
    Android Version- 4.1.2
    Build Number : 6.2.A.1.100
    Model: Xperia P

    1)The screen does not Auto Rotate.
    2)Everytime I want to use my earphone(supplied with the phone) I have to restart my phone because the phone does not detect the earphones.
    3)Because of problem No.2 I cannot speak during a call with the phone on my ears i have to use loudspeaker.
    4)Camera sometimes shows green lines
    5)Battery level shows above 50% but sometimes it automatically shuts down saying low battery.
    I had repaired my phone earlier thru the PC suite I had the same problems then and now.
    Please Help