Xperia P battery and bad service

Discussion in 'Xperia P' started by Priyankar Gupta, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. Priyankar Gupta

    Priyankar Gupta New Member

    Battery started draining rapidly out in Xperia P after 3 months of use. I went to the service center and they updated the os and returned it to me. The problem persisted. So I followed the problem on the forum . Its almost proved that it is a hardware problem but the service center people are hesitating to replace. They say they will again test for a day or two and confirm if they will replace it or not.
  2. Xperia Blog

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    Where did you get to with this?
  3. Priyankar Gupta

    Priyankar Gupta New Member

    I got back my phone yesterday. The service center people said that they have replaced the battery. Let me see how the battery behaves after 3-4 full cycles.
  4. Priyankar Gupta

    Priyankar Gupta New Member

    The condition of the battery did not improve . I called the support they said that the battery has not been replaced. I don't know why the service center people lied. This is disgusting. Is there any one to help.
  5. Ramanjeet

    Ramanjeet New Member

    No use of updating the Firmware as i bought a new Xperia P and the battery performance is bullshit and the xperia support is worst i've ever seen for any mobile manufacturer.I tried to get my issue resolved by visiting them several times but no one is ready to help also there is no escalation matris for such a big compay.Contact me to get further details on 9873047724 or mail me on
  6. Ramanjeet

    Ramanjeet New Member

    No one can help as i am also suffering from the same pain with absolutely new mobile...
  7. yelamanc

    yelamanc New Member

    I have the same problem. It looks like Twitter in Timescape is draining out battery. I dont use twitter much but I configured in Timescape and now everything looks fine. Why dont you try this fix?