Xperia P charging problem...(-_-)

Discussion in 'Xperia P' started by rv_direwolf, Apr 17, 2013.

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    I'm having charging problem with my xperia P handset. It's taking very long to charge the device properly.For example I plugged my device in wall socket with phone battery indicator showing 42% charged and then after 2 hours it was showing 57% charged only. Sometimes, there's a glitch in the battery level indicator as it indicates wrong battery level and can be fixed by restarting the phone (it happens rarely though).So I switched off my phone and turn it on again but this time it was not glitch, it was still showing the 57% charged. What could be the problem? If the charger or data cable were damaged then it wont be charging the phone. Any suggestions?
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    Try to update the phone using pc companion