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Discussion in 'Xperia P' started by papakp, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. papakp

    papakp Member

    Hello. Pantelis here!
    I wanna ask : is it possible to change the battery of my xperia P and put another one with larger capacity?

    Thank you
  2. papakp

    papakp Member

    Can i open the xperia p and put another battery? Can i replace the battery?
    Is it complicated ? if i open it, i will destroyed it?
    Thank you
  3. gta

    gta New Member

    You can probably replace the battery yourself, unsure if there are any third party batteries with larger capacities for this phone:
  4. papakp

    papakp Member

    Thank you gta
    i have seen the video and i think it is a little bit complicated
    Thank you
  5. dubbledor

    dubbledor New Member

    Why you need to change the battery. If you are suffering with battery draining problem, just update your phone with latest firmware. They have fixed some bugs on it. Update using PC Companion.
  6. Ramanjeet

    Ramanjeet New Member

    No use of updating the Firmware as i bought a new Xperia P and the battery performance is bullshit and the xperia support is worst i've ever seen for any mobile manufacturer.I tried to get my issue resolved by visiting them several times but no one is ready to help also there is no escalation matris for such a big compay.Contact me to get further details on 9873047724 or mail me on
  7. papakp

    papakp Member

    Hello Ramanjeet. Papakp here. Regarding the battery of my xperia p I will say this: I have turned off wifi and internet data. I have used the phone, no wifi, no internet data just calls only and the battery performance was good for two days.
    But the point is that the xperia p is a smartphone which means that the internet data has to be all the time on.

    Thank you
  8. Nicketson

    Nicketson New Member

    After upgrading with the latest firmware, i noticed that battery draining problem reduced a lot. Now the battery works like normal Android phones. I swear try this, it really works.
  9. papakp

    papakp Member

    hello. The latest firmware is 6.1.1.B.1.75 ; Because this firmware runs on my xperia p
    Thank you
  10. Yogendra

    Yogendra New Member

    I had similar battery issues. However I did the following which has substantially increased battery life :
    1. Weather widget - set update period to 12 hours
    2. In Settings mode go to Power management and click on "Extended Standby Mode"
    3. Also check update interval for FB, Twitter and increase the update interval.

    By doing the above battery life has increased to almost 2.5-3 days on moderate usage.
  11. papakp

    papakp Member

    Thank you for your advice. i will give it a try
    Thank you
  12. harsh

    harsh New Member

    hello, i am trying to update firware. i tried manytimes but updation is not getting complete. please may i know why is it so? and i too have battery issues in my phone(xperia P).
  13. papakp

    papakp Member

    hello. I have bought the xperia sp now.
    Regarding the update of your xperia p, just try to flashtool .ftf file. Just "google" how to flashtool the xperia p
  14. naser ali mohamadi

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