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Discussion in 'Xperia ray' started by phone user, Jan 13, 2012.

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    I would like to start a thread for the next version of Xperia Ray and gather all comments in a wish list. I hope Sony can get some insight from this.

    I think Sony is GENIUS for creating a phone this small. I shun all big screen phones. ALL!

    I like phones that I can hold in my hand with ease.

    50 - 55 millimeters is the correct range for a phone to feel good in the majority of hands (I'm a guy).

    I wish that Sony would have a BIG, Medium, small trio release so that all segments of the market can be satisfied.

    I would like to see a Ray with the ION or S processor and DPI resolution (not necessarily the resolution). Can extend the screen but not to the expense of the small form factor. Up to the edge would be great!

    Use Corning glass or something that does not scratch easily. Also one that does not smudge easily.

    Also, please make the buttons light (if there will be any buttons). It's good to see them in the dark.

    Always give access to the battery. It's annoying to have to wait for the battery to recharge (unless you provide an instant recharge battery).

    No phone camera should be more than 5-8 mega pixels. The image will not improve and it only takes memory useful for other applications. Improve the colors if you want instead.

    Make the screen more sensitive so that it does not take a few taps to press a button.

    Make a cheap small version and an expensive small version but don't think that people that want small are cheap. They just prefer small and are willing to pay for it.

    Support T-Mobile as well with 3G or 4G. It's ridiculous to have to be tied to a carrier in this age. C'mon. Lead the way if needed. People will give you karma!

    Use good feeling materials (no plastics). Anodized aluminum or such. iPod comes to mind.

    Other thoughts and wishes are WELCOME.

    Sony, I hope to see and buy my NEXT version of Ray this summer!!
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    I just wonder if there even will be a successor to Xperia Ray, now that sony took over Ericsson. I mean their new phones look squareish (xperia s). If they could make the same compact phone as xperia ray with the golden color that would be great.
    Any idea if they have it planned already?