Xperia S has memory card slot

Discussion in 'Xperia S and Xperia SL' started by RacecarBMW, Jan 11, 2012.

  1. RacecarBMW

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  2. Krisham

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    it does not have expandable memory slot........its fixed with 32 GB Memory only...
    eMMC = High-density MLC NAND Flash & MMC controller
    easy to use
    • Simple read/write memory using industry-standard eMMC 4.41 interface
    • No need to develop firmware for eMMC controller
  3. Xperia Blog

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    Yep, it's fixed memory only unfortunately. The Xperia ion has 16GB eMMC AND a microSD slot - it's a shame they couldn't do the same for the Xperia S.
  4. Rene Pedroso

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    32GB is more than enough considering everything is moving to streaming and cloud base. You can even play games on the cloud, (OnLive) working great on my arc S.
  5. faris

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    The E in eMMC stands for embedded... I wouldnt mind if they did change the design somehow and got in a micro sd... For me 32gb isnt that much.. but I could manage..
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  6. myproffs

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    I still prefer to have MicroSD slot
  7. Jam Salad

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    I've backed up all my data and media (texts, video, photos, contacts, apps etc...) on my Xperia X10 to my microSD via the MyBackupPro app.
    If the Xperia S has no memory card expansion, how would I transfer my stuff from my microSD of my X10 to the Xperia S??
  8. Rene Pedroso

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    Just copy the backed up data to your PC, make sure you have MyBackupPro installed on your S, then connect your S to your computer via USB and paste the files into the MyBackupPro file. Launch the applications and the data should be there. You can also do it with OTG & ASTRO
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  9. Jam Salad

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    Thanks Rene, quick response!
  10. ProWeirdo

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    It's not a shame, for normal Johnson there's no need for more, it already has 25GB for using..
  11. BirdEater

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    Hi guys,

    Did you try USB on the go feature? If it really works (and according to videos and articles it does) you could connect any pendrive to extend your storage. This +25GB of the standard internal storage should be more than enough, as far as i'm concerned.