Xperia V Xperia V_LT25i_9.2.A.0.295_Singapore_Singtel Android 4.3

Sony Xperia V (LT25i) Android 4.3 firmware - Singtel Singapore

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    Xperia V_LT25i_9.2.A.0.295_Singapore_Singtel - Sony Xperia V (LT25i) Android 4.3 firmware - Singtel Singapore

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  2. xitaxhi

    xitaxhi New Member

    Hi my name is mauricio and have the xperia V lt25
  3. lexus

    lexus New Member

    I cant download, and i follow the steps and it doesnt work. I also change to MSC instead of MTP mode, and when i on my USB Debugging mode, it still says device is not in debugging note. Pls assist
  4. lexus

    lexus New Member

    I mean i can download and stuff, but the fasttool thing, followed step by step but cant work. Is there a video i can follow or others. Please assist me thanks
  5. walter79

    walter79 New Member

    Google for flashtool xperia V. Download mode = vol down plus usb cable plugged in.
  6. lexus

    lexus New Member

    Did you have 4.3 on the mobile using this method or others?
  7. lexus

    lexus New Member

    Or you use this method ?
  8. lexus

    lexus New Member

    Anyone can help me??? To those who has successfully did it, i need help :(
  9. Hitesh Mutha

    Hitesh Mutha New Member

    i am from india please help ftf not working
  10. AlfreedoS

    AlfreedoS New Member

    this ftf has a broken camera ): bad video recording+noise ):
  11. lexus

    lexus New Member

    there is alot of bugs i seen, so i think best to change phones soon
  12. FA Hridoy

    FA Hridoy New Member

    Do I should update my LT25i with this way??
  13. Xperia T

    Xperia T New Member

    I tried to update my Xperia T, LT30 with this, i have ended up with a bricked phone. wasnt this the same ftf as for Xperia T? Is there any thing i can do?
    my phone wont turn on any more,