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    Just to say hello, and to say how happy I am with my recent XA2 Plus purchase. Nice big battery, and with a large MicroSD card added I carry round hundreds of my CDs for listening on long journeys. A great looking phone, beautifully detailed...but I am a designer and these things matter to me!
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    So good points would be:-

    The quality of the audio output. I listen to music on my commute each day and the phone does justice to good quality headphones. I also bought a Bluetooth adaptor for my good old fashion hifi system at home and using the XA2 as the source for that is fine.

    The 64gb internal memory means I can save loads of TV shows and films on the phone for other journeys, as these seem to be saved to the internal memory rather than the SD card.

    Battery life is great. 2 days between charging means I am not always having to think about whether I need to give it a little top up now and again. So the 15% warning still gives about 6hrs of standby.

    And a bad point...

    The FM radio cuts out whenever the signal strength seems to drop below 95%! Didn't happen with my XA1 so not sure what is different on the XA2...
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    And also to note that I bought the phone from a bloke called Toby in Hong Kong who seems to do very competitive online deals. The XA2 is not generally available in the UK but it all works fine (apart from the radio, which seems to have settings for Italy and Japan... Perhaps that's why it is a bit sensitive to UK radio signals!)