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  1. Rajanish

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    This may be India specific issue. I recently purchased brand new Z1 phone from authorised sony dealer with VAT paid bill, on ebay. As per SONY INDIA website, using preinstalled application, exclusive for Z1, BIG FLIX, you can watch unlimited movies free for 3 months.
    When I watch the movie, after 10 minutes it stops and gives a message that your free viewing period is over and for continued viewing pay Rs. 249 per month.
    I contcated customer service of SONY and tried out all options they asked me to do right from Clearing the catche of application till repairing / reinstalling of complete software. In servcie centre thay are telling that they are not aware of third party software issues.
    Can anyone help.
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    advertised as waterproof, but water having received the service I applied xperia z said user error due to overheating of the CPU is not a user error, and water was standing on the cover having a sony product ever again will not wish to court