Xperia Z2 Xperia Z2_D6503_23.5.A.0.570_Philippines_Generic 6.0.1

Sony Xperia Z2 (D6503) Android 6.0.1 firmware - Generic Philippines

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    Xperia Z2_D6503_23.5.A.0.570_Philippines_Generic - Sony Xperia Z2 (D6503) Android 6.0.1 firmware - Generic Philippines

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  2. lordcalder0n

    lordcalder0n New Member

    Hi folks. Another mirror?
  3. w1nstoncesar

    w1nstoncesar New Member

    mirror link please. mega is slow
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  4. J_Rod

    J_Rod New Member

    Being a phillipines generic version will it affect me at all being in australia?
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  5. Eldar Beganovic

    Eldar Beganovic New Member

    I installed android 6.0.1 on my Z2(D6503),and its awesome ,performance,battery life ......,but yesterday ,my dedicated camera buton stop working ,its wierd ,i can launch the camera from sleep ,and when im using phone ,but i cant take a piture with it ,then i instaled some camera app from play store and button works just fine ,so that is only problem i have ,other is AWESOME ,do you know what to do to make it work ?
  6. MisterM

    MisterM New Member

    Same question but for the UK.

    Can we use this firmware?
  7. Dragonheart100

    Dragonheart100 New Member

    And Germany?
  8. Xperia Blog

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    The country is broadly irrelevant - it is all down to the variant number. You can install the update as long as you have the same variant number and it will work in all regions.
  9. MisterM

    MisterM New Member

    Thank you, I flashed my phone to this firmware and all went well apart from I can't seem to use my SD card anymore. It just doesn't appear at all under storage. Any ideas?
  10. Xperia Blog

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    Unfortunately this is a common problem. See this thread from the Sony Mobile Talk Forums.
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  11. MisterM

    MisterM New Member

    Thank you again, deleting the partition from my SD card using MiniTool Partition Manager and creating a new unformatted partition caused my phone to be able to detect and format the card for use

    (In case anyone else has the same issue)
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  12. nemanja_ns

    nemanja_ns New Member

    In call log only shows missed and received calls, when you call someone after talk in call log shows private number. help?

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  13. saeedsxz

    saeedsxz New Member

    And for D6503 ota MEA?
  14. paul Erima

    paul Erima New Member

    I flashed mine here in Uganda with the saudi arabia generic, but the phone has failed to detect the sim cards. Any piece of advice please