Xperia Z3 and Micro SD Cards

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    With the Z3, what read/write speeds are you getting on your Micro SD cards please? I want to purchase a large Micro SD card and I don't want to waste my money buying a card that is rated faster than what the phone can handle.

    Thank you

    I am upgrading from an Xperia T to an Xperia Z3 soon. I'm very excited, but I'm slightly disappointed at the internal storage only being 16GB on the Z3, which is the same as on the Xperia T.

    I'm looking at getting a rather expensive (to me) SanDisk 64GB Micro SD card with a claimed speed of 48MB/s. What reading and writing speeds are you getting on your Micro SD cards? I don't want to waste my money buying this if the phone itself can't achieve high speeds.

    I tested my Xperia T using
    SD Card Tester and here are my results, rounded for readability:
    Internal Storage:
    File size used for testing: 1024MB
    Read: 16MB/s
    Write: 14MB/s

    Micro SD Card:
    File size used for testing: 512MB
    Type: SanDisk
    Size: 2GB
    Read: 9MB/s
    Write: 3MB/S

    Please could you test your phone and post your speeds for comparison and what Micro SD card you are using?

    Thank you
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    I edited the post to remove a question that I got answered elsewhere.

    Q: Does the Xperia Z3 have the same 2GB total size limit for all of the apps that are installed on the internal storage of the phone as the Xperia T?

    A: No, there is no such limit. That limit has been removed since at least the Xperia Z2. See the attached screenshot for proof.

    Thank you

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    I tried testing it with the app you linked but it crashed constantly on my Z3.

    I have a '32GB SanDisk Extreme PLUS' card in my phone and got the following results:

    Read 42.86mb/sec
    Write 30.43MB/Sec
    Test Size - Approx 2GB
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    Thanks kalo88!
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    I couldn't find any app that work for benchmark, but I can tell you I was using a SanDisk 32GB Class 4 and it's terrible on the Z3, constantly crash when you shoot a 4K video o play music with a lot of pictures and videos corrupted after that.

    I change the card today for a Samsung Pro 64 and work a lot better, no crashes and no corrupted files.
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    Used "A1 SD Bench" (with Accurate benchmark) :
    SanDisk Ultra 64GB MicroSDXC Class 10
    • Read: 33.59 MB/s
    • Write: 15.68 MB/s
  7. wmelendez

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    A1 works, Samsung Pro 64 Class 10

    Read 41.13 MB/s
    Write 21.49 MB/s
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    Thank you!
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    I used A1 SD Bench:

    Lexar 633x 64GB UHS-I/U3

    Read 42.24 MB/s
    Write 22.38 MB/s
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    Hi, this link suggests that there is a UHS bus on the Sony Xperia Z3, but I don't think it supports 104MB/s as it should. I'm using Marshmallow. I hope this helps someone because I ended up buying 3 cards to find out, and that is a lot more expensive than reading a specification from the manual! It would be great if the manual or whitepaper said anything but it doesn't. So here is my data:


    The maximum read speed was 43.26 MB/s and write was 40.09 MB/s. The max IOPS R/W is 1550/931.