Xperia Z3 batterie problem

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    So i have this SONY Xperia Z3 at first it was perfect no problemes at all ,but now i have a major batterie probleme and it was suddent .

    i charge the phone to a 100% i unplug it then i use it normally , the probleme occures when i activate the 4G the phone shows only H on top , not H+ nor 4G , but the major prob is that my phone just goes off after 2 to 5 mins of use and it restart it self non stop then goes like it needs charging.

    If the phone is pluged and i use the 4G it works perfectly , at first i taught the probleme was the battery so i changed it ,but even so the same probleme occures.

    PS: when the phone turnes off and restart till it dies ,i plug it in the sector , the surprise is it shows that the device is 85+% on the batterie and that i cant understand.

    please help me this is frostrating and all i think about is changing the device and the companny
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    The problem you encounter, I think you should take it to the doctor. Most likely the source IC cluster ... and qualcom PM8941 (power management chip) are having trouble! good luck