Z1 compatibility with Sandisk cards

Discussion in 'Xperia Z1' started by Agentokon, Nov 27, 2013.

  1. Agentokon

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    Morning all

    I am new to the forum and appreciate all your knowledge. However; has anybody experienced my problem. I bought a Sandisk 64 Ultra SDXC card for my ZI (Nov 13) and have had nothing but problems. I have formatted the card and my laptop reads and downloads the info with no problem. When I mount it in the card there are swathes on info missing e.g. music starts from G in the alphabet, pictures not tagged/ date order etc. Anyone with ideas? Sandsik although helpful didn't have a clue and just referred me back to Sony.

  2. NiuginiNexus

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    I have the same SanDisk card since Nov 4 and have had no issues thus far. Please check if your music files are in supported formats. If not, only supported files will show up in your Walkman.