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    This is the worst phone I've had (even worse than my Z1c where after 14months, I dropped <1m height cracking its front glass making it unresponsive and had to be replaced for half the cost I bought the entire phone). I bought the unit from Sony store Plazuela, Iloilo and is now 13 months used. Here are my issues with Z3c:
    1) customer service: I'm based in Iloilo and they have no Xperia repair shop here so they have to have it sent to Manila for repairs and will take 1 month! They do have Xperia shop in Cebu though where I not so often travel to.more service issues below
    2) microUSB, microSD cover: after 2months of use, the rubber gasket of the cover for microUSB, microSD got loose and eventually detached so I have to get the entire cover replaced in Cebu for 300PHP (I left my receipt in Iloilo). the new cover lasted for 3months until it had the same issue with the first one so now the phone has exposed microUSB and microSD slots.
    3) 3.5mm jack: stopped working after 5mo. been settling for expensive bluetooth headphones since then..
    4) primary camera: had the back camera glass cover slightly scratched after 5mo thus producing much worse photos than the front camera..
    5) unresponsive screen: i've read several similar ongoing issues on this; mine however is only on the top screen (so far), about 5mm width which renders dropdown for notifications impossible along with other app functions. I have to tilt the phone in landscape mode to access some functions. this started after 6mo use.
    6) screens detached: also read of this several similar cases. happened after 8mo, glass screens both front and back started to pop out, the adhesives for these seem to have lost their grips. sent it to Xperia Cebu where i was told that its a "physical damage" thus is not covered by warranty and will cost 900PHP. well technically this is a chemical damage where heat may have caused the adhesives lose their functions. of course there would not have been any need for repair in the first place had they used good quality materials..

    I love these compact models as there seems to be no similar type, in the Phils. at least, with compact easy one-hand use, water resistant (ip67/8 for sony after fewmonths is a gimmick and will cost you greatly for believing it), good specs (processor, etc), plus the lanyard hole which for me is significantly important. still i've had enough of sony and now saving up for an S7