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  1. Fabianofo

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    Hi everybody,

    beforehand I'd like to apologize if I ended creating new post but I get a question that needs an answer: I've got a Z3c running Marshmallow Concept 6.0.1. So, If I keep it that way will it be receiving the official Marshmallow from Sony without me not have to do anything else? I'd really appreciate if someone helps me up with this.

    Thank you again.

    Fabiano F
  2. Fabianofo

    Fabianofo New Member

    Is there someone who read it already at least? I'm still waiting. Tks again.
  3. WeirdG

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    I don't think anyone knows. If you have the Concept Software installed, you'll receive OTA updates for that. In theory, you should also receive the official release.
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  4. Fabianofo

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    Thank you, friend for your consideration.
    Let's see what happens next.
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  7. saeedsxz

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    Why not ota update build 23.5.A.0.575 for z3 D6633 MEA?!
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  8. WeirdG

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    Not yet... another update was pushed the other day. Still on 6.0.1, but security patch level is March 18, 2016.
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    Next Update for Z3 Dual?
    Now is 6.0.1
    1 February security patch!
  10. saeedsxz

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  11. Romz Lacson

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    Can anybody please help me shed some light on the issues I am encountering now after I have upgraded my Xperia Z3 D6633 model to Android 6.0.1 where it affects my mobile network settings? The dual sim settings of my phone just suddenly intermittently changing/toggling by itself from active to inactive especially when the preferred network type is set to LTE(preferred)/WCDMA/GSM, thus I cannot use my mobile data services. My software version now is 23.5.A.0.575. I'm currently here right now in KSA subscribed to one of the service providers here called STC. Is there any known issue which may be related to my concern? Please help. Thanks much.
  12. Sari Shawash

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    A New update for Z5 was released before a month maybe including the Stamina mode. Does any one know if there is something similar for the Z3?
  13. QuinHudson

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    Sony Companion can no longer connect to my phone.
    I just installed the Nougat through Sony Companion. For security I use the pattern based login, now when I try and connect to Sony companion it says the phone is locked, even though I have it open. Anybody else seeing this ?
    I've turned the security off to swipe, so no security, Sony Companion still tells me my phone is lock and cannot connect.

    I've tried reinstalled Sony Companion too, no luck.