Sony unveiled its mid-term corporate strategy earlier on today, delivering its plans for the next three years across all areas of its business. While Sony hasn’t changed its expectations on the mobile business, it was interesting to note its awareness on why it has not fit forecasts over the last few years. One of the slides comments that it has not improved its product line fast enough, particularly the move to thinner bezels and dual cameras.

Sony reiterated that it will be double-downing on 5G technology, and enhance its offerings by leveraging the rest of Sony’s product portfolio. It will also look to Europe as a key region to grow its offering, by further developing partnerships with carriers. Let’s hope Sony uses its self-awareness to offer competitive products in the very near future. [read more…]


Sony Mobile Japan has announced that au by KDDI will carry the Xperia XZ2 (SOV37) and Xperia XZ2 Premium (SOV38) on its network. This follows on from SoftBank announcing the Xperia XZ2 last week. The Xperia XZ2 will launch on both networks in late May, however it was the Xperia XZ2 Premium launch date that piqued our interest, particularly since there has been a dearth of information since announcement.

Today Sony Mobile Japan has confirmed that the Xperia XZ2 Premium will launch on au by KDDI in the middle of August. Now, there’s every chance that the Xperia XZ2 Premium launches in other countries before it appears in Japan. However, we’ve already heard that the phone will only launch in select countries globally – for example it may not appear in the UK. If this launch date is accurate, we can begin to see why. If this turns out to be the case, is it too late in your view? Let us know in the comments below. [read more…]


Sony Mobile has released a new firmware update for the Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 Compact, which adds the May 2018 Android security patches, as seen on other premium Xperia X series over the last few days. The new update moves the build number from 51.1.A.3.159 to version 51.1.A.4.173, and no other changes have been noted at this time. Please let us know your impressions if you’ve updated below. [read more…]


The Xperia XZ2 looks like a well-built phone, it’s thicker than recent Xperia flagships for example, and that shines through in the latest durability test by JerryRigEverything. The phone passes with flying colours, particularly in the bend test which shows hardly any flex under pressure. Check out the video below. [read more…]


Sony Mobile is rolling out a new firmware update to a number of handsets today, adding the May 2018 Android security patches. The Xperia XZ1, XZ1 Compact and XZ Premium has seen the build number move from 47.1.A.12.145 to 47.1.A.12.179, while the Xperia X and X Compact build numbers move from 34.4.A.2.50 to version 34.4.A.2.70. There does not appear to be any other changes with this new update. Let us know your impressions if you’ve upgraded. [read more…]


Google has announced the Public Beta of Android P, and thanks to Project Treble, it is not only Pixel owners who will be able to test it out. Google has said that the Android P Beta will also be available to a number of partners – including Sony, Essential, OnePlus, Nokia , Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi.

If you own the Xperia XZ2 then you can try the Public Beta straight away by heading to Sony’s developer page, which has download links and instructions. It’s worth noting that this is a pre-release version of Android P, so don’t expect the build to be stable. [read more…]


Sony Mobile is once again quick to the draw, releasing a firmware update for the Xperia XZ, XZs and X Performance that adds the 1 May 2018 security patches. Sony has moved the build number from 41.3.A.2.107 to version 41.3.A.2.128, and the Android version remains at 8.0.0. No other changes have been noticed, but let us know your impressions if you’ve downloaded the latest update. [read more…]


Sony Corporation reported its FY17 results yesterday, for the 12 months to 31 March 2018. Overall, at a Group level, Sony’s results were good, with a 12% increase in revenues to 8,544 billion yen, and significant growth in operating income to 735 billion yen (from 289 billion yen last year). However, we’ve been accustomed to a less-rosy picture on Sony’s smartphone business in recent years. This latest report was no exception.

Sony Mobile shipped 13.5 million Xperia units during its latest fiscal year. It was forecasting 14.0 million units for the year, so Sony ended up missing its target yet again. The result meant it shipped only 2.7 million units in its last quarter – this lowest since 2010. On a yearly view, it is also the lowest number of phones shipped. [read more…]


Sony Mobile has published two new Xperia Themes with a gaming focus. First of all, there is a God of War theme celebrating the recently remade and critically lauded return to the franchise, featuring anti-hero Kratos. The theme features some nice touches including a live lock-screen.

The second Xperia Theme is from the ever-lasting The Sims franchise, celebrating the mobile version of the game. You can download the God of War theme here, and The Sims theme here. [read more…]


Sony Mobile is updating a number of handsets with a new Themes app (version 5.2.A.0.10), which introduces a refreshed user interface. When launching the Themes app from the stock launcher, you are now able to clearly see a selection of themes (both installed and downloadable), with a clear ‘tick’ highlighting which one you are using.

Sony’s thumbnails for each theme now includes a screenshot of the actual theme itself, rather than an icon, so you can easily see if that theme is something you would want to download. Sony has also updated the theme browser to find new themes, including the introduction of a search function. The latest version of Themes is rolling across a number of Xperia handsets right now, including Xperia XZ1, XZ Premium, older X series and Z5 models. [read more…]


Sony Mobile has released a new update for its 3D Creator app for the Xperia XZ1, XZ1 Compact and XZ Premium, which introduces the selfie scanning mode – allowing you to scan 3D images of yourself.

Sony has also improved the scanning performance, as well as the quality of the scans when uploaded to Sony’s servers. Sony’s post-scan cloud processing will render your 3D scans in 4K textures for even more realism. When ordering a 3D print, you can also now choose a new material option – full colour plastic. In addition, you can have your 3D models engraved in crystal in select markets. The update can be downloaded from the Google Play Store now. [read more…]


Xperia XZ2 Premium announced with a dual camera and 4K HDR display

April 16, 2018

Sony Mobile has finally unveiled the Xperia XZ2 Premium. It was due to be announced at MWC earlier in the year, but was held back for some reason. The device arrives with a 5.8-inch 4K HDR display and is the first Xperia device that comes equipped with dual cameras on the rear. Sony says the […]

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Xperia X and X Compact receive April 2018 security patches (34.4.A.2.50)

April 10, 2018

Sony Mobile is now rolling out new firmware update for the Xperia X and X Compact that moves the build number from 34.4.A.2.32 to version 34.4.A.2.50. The latest update adds the 1 April 2018 Android security patches, as we have seen with Sony’s other flagship devices recently. We haven’t noticed any other changes in this […]

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Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 Compact receive first firmware update (51.1.A.3.159)

April 9, 2018

Sony Mobile has released the first firmware update for its new flagship devices, the Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 Compact. New build number 51.1.A.3.159 includes the 1 April 2018 Android security patches for the handsets, arriving only a few days later compared to Sony’s older flagships. We are likely to see the same quick support for […]

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Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 Compact now available across Europe

April 5, 2018

The Xperia XZ2 and Xperia XZ2 Compact are now in stock at the Sony Mobile Store in Europe, as well as other retailers across Europe. Both flagship handsets are available at, and is set to launch in Amazon’s other European sites from tomorrow. The Xperia XZ2 will set you back £699 in the UK, […]

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