A few days ago we noticed that Sony’s key @SonyXperia Twitter handle was deactivated. Sony Mobile runs a number of Twitter handles, with channels for each of the key geographic areas. However, the main @SonyXperia Twitter channel had by far the most followers (>1 million).

Now if you try and find @SonyXperia you’ll find that it has disappeared. This is not the case for Sony Mobile’s key Facebook and Instagram accounts, so we can only assume this is some mistake on Sony’s part. We’ve reached out to Sony to find out what’s happened and let you know if we hear back. [read more…]


In the absence of Sony releasing a 2019 ‘compact’ flagship (at least so far), who would have thought that Xperia fans would be turning to Samsung to fulfil their needs. Sony Mobile has dampened plans to release any more ‘compact’ flagship devices. Earlier in the year, Sony Mobile’s Vice President of Marketing said that consumers wanted bigger displays, implying that Sony may be ending its compact range.

In light of this, there is a good chance that Sony will lose plenty of customers to Samsung. It’s interesting how many people have got in touch through email or social media, to cite the Galaxy S10e as a device that piques their interest, in the absence of any flagship compact from Sony. [read more…]


Sony Mobile started to roll out a new firmware update for the Xperia XZ2 range (XZ2, XZ2 Compact, XZ2 Premium) and Xperia XZ3 earlier today. The latest update moves the build number from 52.0.A.3.202 to version 52.0.A.8.14, adding the March 2019 Android security patches in the process.

There are no other big changes noted. Those hoping for a big camera jump will be disappointed, as the camera app has only seen a small version jump to build 2.2.A.1.7. If you have updated, please let us know of any changes you have noticed in the comments below. [read more…]


Google has released the Android Q Beta for early adopters and developers today. Google has made this first beta available for all Pixel smartphones (including the original 2016 devices). While the final release of Android Q is not expected to arrive until the third quarter of 2019, this preview gives everyone a good idea of what we can expect in this latest Android version. [read more…]


Sony’s newest flagship, the Xperia 1, recently hit pre-order in the UK for £849. It is now available to pre-order for our US friends too, as Amazon.com has the handset listed for $999.99. Only the Black colour is listed at the moment, but we would expect other colours to be available in due course. The listing may be a bit premature, as Amazon’s listing states a release date of 31 December 2019! This is no doubt an error, with the handset expected to launch in late May/June.

If you are in the United States do you plan to pre-order? If not, what other handsets would you consider at this price? We’d love to hear your thoughts below. [read more…]


So, you fancy trying out the latest Xperia 10 and 10 Plus home launcher? Well, xda-developer Sahaab has done the hard work for us, by porting the launcher to existing Xperia devices running Android Pie. The great thing is no root is required to get this port working, all you need is the latest Android Pie firmware, and you should be able to install the APK (linked to below) to get it working. You can even get the latest ‘pill’ gesture supported through simple adb commands. All of the links and instructions are in the source link below. Let us know how you get on. [read more…]


Sony Mobile showed off a 5G-capable Xperia smartphone at the MWC tradeshow in Barcelona, earlier this month. The prototype was one of a very few at MWC that actually supported mmWave functionality – most others only supported sub-6GHz 5G capabilities.

Very few carriers plan to support mmWave 5G frequencies in 2019, one of these is Japanese carrier NTT docomo, set to roll it out this year. This is perhaps the reason, why Sony went full-in on mmWave support, and could be prepping Xperia models to support this tech later in the year. [read more…]


The Sony Xperia 1 has caused a big splash, but fans have been resigned for a long wait before they can get hands-on. Sony only gave a vague ‘late spring’ release window, but it looks like we’re getting a better idea on timing. UK retailer Clove has listed the Xperia 1 up for pre-order at a price point of £849. Clove is expecting first shipments to arrive in late May 2019. This means there is still close to a three-month wait unfortunately.

Who plans on picking up a Xperia 1? Is the price point what you expected? Has Sony announced the handset too early, given the near summer launch? We’d love to hear your thoughts below. [read more…]


No one can argue that Sony is not bold, when looking at the introduction of 21:9 ultra-wide displays in its latest Xperia smartphones. The adoption of this ‘cinema’ 21:9 aspect ratio is the key marketing point for Sony’s 2019 smartphones. It also provides differentiation against peers in what remains a very competitive market. Sony has introduced its fair share of gimmicks over the years, but is this one of them?

On paper, the feeling is that while these super-tall displays might feel good in the hand, they could be a bit cumbersome in daily use given the length – particularly in trouser or jacket pockets. However, those that have used the Xperia 1 or 10 series show surprise how easy it is to get used to, and the extra screen real estate is welcome, particularly for multitasking. [read more…]


It’s a mystery that has perplexed Sony Xperia fans for many years – why does Sony, who has so much imaging prowess though their camera division, produce Xperia smartphones where the camera performance is sub-par versus the competition. Well, according to a TrustedReviews interview with Adam Marsh, Senior Manager of Global Marketing, the answer is likely one that we should have expected all along.

Marsh confirmed that internal barriers between the camera and smartphone teams, meant the information did not flow freely between teams. “Sometimes (there were) barriers that Alpha didn’t want to give Mobile certain things, because all of a sudden you have the same as what a £3,000 camera’s got,” said Marsh. [read more…]


Sony’s latest Xperia 10 and 10 Plus smartphones can already be picked up in Europe via the official Sony eStore. Plus, if you purchase before 10 March, Sony is throwing in a free Style Cover Stand case. The Xperia 10 is available for £299/€349, while the Xperia 10 Plus is available for £349/€429.

Our US friends have to wait a little longer, but pre-orders have opened for the Xperia 10 and Xperia 10 Plus, with shipments expected from 18 March. The Xperia 10 is available for $349.99, while the Xperia 10 Plus is available for $429.99. They can be pre-ordered from a variety of retailers, including Amazon, Best Buy, B&H Photo and Focus. Both phones are only available to order in Black and Silver colours. [read more…]

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Xperia XZ1/XA1 range and XZ Premium updated with February 2019 patches

March 3, 2019

Sony Mobile has been rolling out new firmware for the Xperia XZ1 and XA1 families over the last few days, updating them to the latest February 2019 Android security patches. The Xperia XZ1, XZ1 Compact and XZ Premium rollout moved the firmware from 47.2.A.6.30 to build number 47.2.A.8.24. The Xperia XA1, XA1 Plus and XA1 […]

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Xperia L3 brings dual rear cameras to Sony’s budget end

March 3, 2019

Sony Mobile announced the Xperia L3 (I3312, I4312, I4332) earlier this week at MWC, as its latest entrant into Sony’s budget line-up. The Xperia L3 has a lot going for it, given the money, including dual rear cameras, a 5.7-inch 18:9 display and a 3300mAh battery. Design-wise, the Xperia L3 does not adopt the super-tall […]

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Xperia 10 and 10 Plus are Sony’s affordable 21:9 ultra-wide smartphones

March 2, 2019

Sony Mobile announced the Xperia 10 (I3113, I3123, I4113, I4193) and Xperia 10 Plus (I3213, I3223, I4213, I4293) earlier in the week at MWC, bringing their 21:9 displays to the mid-range. The Xperia 10 comes with a 6-inch Full HD+ LCD display, while the Xperia 10 Plus comes with a 6.5-inch Full HD+ LCD display. […]

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Sony Xperia 1 flagship announced with 4K OLED 21:9 display and triple rear cameras

February 25, 2019

Sony Mobile unveiled the Xperia 1 (J8110, J8170, J9110) flagship at MWC earlier today. There were few surprises given the numerous leaks leading up to the press conference, including a full specs leak a few days back. All of those leaked specs were on the ball, but to repeat, Sony’s new flagship is called the […]

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