sony-album-appSony updated the beta version of the Album app recently to version 8.0.1, which brought about a number of changes. The biggest is the inclusion of a new quick search button on the bottom right of the screen. However, this is not search as seen within the Google Photos app, but instead it filters the files based on camera pictures, videos, screenshots etc.

One change that might annoy you is the removal of the favourite star button, this has now been moved to the options menu. Sony has also added Android 7.0 Nougat support, which means the app can be run in multiple windows. Beta users should have already received the update via the Google Play Store, or you can download the APK below. [read more…]


sony-live-on-youtube-xperiaIf you have used the Sony Xperia “Live on YouTube” app previously, then you may not be too happy to hear that Sony will discontinue support for the app on 28 October 2016. The app will not support Android Nougat and we imagine the rationale for Sony’s move is that the YouTube now supports live streaming. Either way, it is a shame to see it go. Did you ever use it? We’d love to your experiences below. [read more…]


xperia-c5-ultra-firmware-updateSony Mobile has released a minor firmware update for the Xperia C5 Ultra, moving the build number to 29.2.A.0.129 for the single SIM variants and build 29.2.B.0.129 for the dual SIM variants. We haven’t noticed any big changes with this Android 6.0 firmware, apart from the inclusion of July 2016 Google security patches. Let us know what changes you’ve noticed in the comments below. [read more…]


xperia-xa-ultraSony Mobile has updated the Xperia XA Ultra with firmware number 36.0.A.2.109 for single SIM models and 36.0.B.2.109 for dual SIM models. The new build adds September 2016 Google Security patches and also fixes a camera problem with the ISO.

Previously, using manual mode to adjust ISO made no difference as it still used automatic ISO to capture the picture. This has now been fixed in the latest update. You can download the update through Xperia Companion or the FTF firmware files are available below, if you want to update manually through FlashTool. [read more…]


xperia-x-compactJust a quick update for Xperia X Compact owners – Sony Mobile recently started to update the handset with new firmware build 34.1.A.3.22. Sony has included the 1 September 2016 Google security patches with this new update, although we have not noticed any other big changes. The update is still based on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, so no Nougat just yet. If you’ve downloaded the new firmware, let us know what changes you’ve noticed. [read more…]


xperia-x-performance-accelerometerA number of Sony Xperia X Performance owners have been suffering from a problem where the accelerometer will suddenly just stop working. There is a long thread of owners complaining about the issue on of the official Sony Talk Support forums, where the only solution appears to be rebooting your phone.

Well the good news is that Sony Mobile is now promising that a future update will fix the issue, although no timing has been confirmed. You can check out the quote below from one of the official Sony support folk below. We’ll let you know once it starts rolling. [read more…]


xperia-c4-firmware-updateSony Mobile has updated the Xperia C4 to new build number 27.3.A.0.129 for single sim phones and version 27.3.B.0.129 for the dual SIM variants. We know very little about the update, but it does appear to include Google security patches to 1 July 2016. It’s interesting to note with all of these recent updates, how we have various differences when it comes to which security patch has Sony has used. Some have September patches, whilst others, like the Xperia C4 only have the older July patches. Anyway, if you’ve updated your handset, let us know your thoughts in the comments below. [read more…]


xperia-m5Sony Mobile recently released a new update for the Xperia M5 series, which moves the build number to 30.2.A.1.21 for single SIM variants and 30.2.B.1.21 for the dual SIM variants. The latest update includes 1 September 2016 Google security patches as well as providing a fix for some users who had problems using their micro SD card following the Marshmallow update. The update can be downloaded via Xperia Companion, or the FTF firmware files are available below. [read more…]


xperia-xaA new firmware build recently started to roll for the Sony Xperia XA series with version number 33.2.A.3.81 for the single SIM models and 33.2.B.3.81 for the dual SIM models. Users are reporting this to be a stable update, although it does little to improve battery life, which is the phones main weakness. The FTF firmware files for all variants are available to download below, which includes Google security patches to 1 August 2016. [read more…]


xperia-xz-scsf10-style-cover-stand_12The Sony Xperia XZ has only recently gone on sale over the last few weeks and one of the first challenges for new owners is finding a new case (unless you like to go ‘naked’). Sony has created two cases for the Xperia XZ which includes the Style Cover Stand SCSF10 and the Style Cover Touch SCTF10.

Today, we are looking at the Sony Style Cover Stand SCSF10 thanks to Mobile Fun, who offer a wide range of smartphone/tablet accessories and deliver worldwide. The case is available for $30.49 plus postage and is available in three colours to match your Xperia XZ (Mineral Black, White and Forest Blue). Click through to read our impressions. [read more…]


xperia-m4-aquaA firmware update recently started to roll for the Xperia M4 Aqua that moved the build number from 26.3.X.0.131 to 26.3.X.1.33. The main noticeable addition is that the Android security patches have been updated from April to July 2016. The update is live across all six variants of the Xperia M4 Aqua and you can find FTF firmware files below. [read more…]


Xperia XZ announced for all Japanese carriers; launches in early November

October 20, 2016

Sony Mobile Japan has announced that all three major mobile phone operators (NTT docomo, au by KDDI and SoftBank) will be carrying the Xperia XZ. Each operator will offer the phone in Deep Pink, along with the other three standard colours (Forest Blue, Mineral Black and Platinum). The phone has the same specifications as the […]

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Japan gets a waterproof version of the Xperia X Compact; plus it comes in Pink

October 19, 2016

Japan always gets the good stuff. Sony Mobile has announced that NTT docomo will be the exclusive Japanese carrier for the Xperia X Compact (SO-02J). The phone will launch with one major upgrade over the global version – it will be dust and water resistant, with an Ingress Protection rating of IP65/IP68. The lack of […]

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New Xperia Concept release adds improved tap-to-wake and battery fixes (MOB31E.Z1.3657)

October 18, 2016

Sony Mobile released a new firmware update for Xperia Concept users last week, moving the build number to MOB31E.Z1.3657. The update fixes a long-standing issue that many Concept owners have had in the past, where the phone would wake unintentionally if double tap to wake was enabled. An example of this is if the phone […]

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Mysterious Maintenance Update (1.1.A.0.1) rolling to numerous Xperia devices

October 17, 2016

Sony Mobile has been rolling out a maintenance update to various Sony Xperia devices, with build number 1.1.A.0.1. Unhelpfully, Sony has not detailed what this update actually adds. There are no visible changes following the update. However, a few readers have got in touch, reporting that they are experiencing higher battery drain. If you have […]

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