Sony Ericsson Xperia arc official pics and promo video leaked

by XB on 5th January 2011

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Sony Ericsson Xperia arcSony Ericsson is all set to formally announce the Xperia arc later today in CES at Las Vegas. The phone previously going under the codenames ANZU/X12 was spotted in a poster just yesterday and now Russian site Gagadget has leaked a few images including a promotional video. We can’t confirm whether these images are in fact genuine, but they certainly look like the real deal.

The Xperia arc is stunningly thin and as the name suggests has a concave back. It is believed to be armed with a 1GHz Qualcomm single-core processor (previous reports talked of a 800MHz CPU), a 4.2-inch (854 x 480) multitouch display with protected mineral glass, Android Gingerbread, an 8 megapixel Exmor R camera sensor with HD video capture and a chassis that measures just 8.7mm at the thinnest point and weighing just 117g. It will also come with a 1500mAh battery and a 16GB microSD memory card. Check out the promo video after the break.

Sony Ericsson Xperia arc

Sony Ericsson Xperia arc

Sony Ericsson Xperia arc

Via Engadget.

  • Caifan

    Don’t take this like a flame, but it looks ugly…

    However, the good thing is it comes with Gingerbread. Wow.

  • Bobbyburkov

    Damn, thats a nice phone.
    Will get one for sure

  • Anonymous

    Holy crap that thing is pretty sexy looking! And Exmor camera? Wow.

  • looks damn SEXY SEXY SEXY

    Another VIDEO

  • holland93

    Looks like my X10 with Gingerbread, a 0.2” larger screen and HDMI, is some one really even thinking about spending an extra 200 (that’s probably the difference in price at launch?) for those three, wel two (what’s 0.2 inch?) features?

    Like the widgets though, but I’m just guessing they will be out in the next update for the X10 as well, which carries a Time- and Mediascape update in 2.1x update..

    SE really should have stept it up if they wanted X10 owners to buy this. Nice looking thing, but it lacks a Front Facing Camera (not like you use it a lot but if you can you want it).
    I don’t think a lot of people will get this one instead of their X10 just for HDMI and Gingerbread unless they are really rich or really hardcore about getting the newest best thing SE delivers, maybe it’s an interesting thing for new SE clients though!

  • zodiac

    As usual from SE… fantastic design but with yesterdays hardware. Well at least this time unlike with you know who, they are up to date with the software. I fear this phone will have a very short lived buzz around it because 2011 will throw up a lot of dual core devices. Having said that, if it performs well then it could be a very good choice for anyone looking for a new phone.

  • Seph

    At least they thought to include a media widget this time.

  • Munkeh111

    Looks so nice, but as an X10 owner, I will hold off, the PSP phone looks more interesting for me

    However, as it seems to have the same internals as the X10, you would hope that SE would give us the update to 2.3 that is featured on this phone

  • x10
  • SE claims it’s going to come with Gingerbread. That’s still a far cry from actually shipping to customers with it installed (as SE proved with the X10). I’ll reserve judgement for when the thing actually ships (likely in 6-9 months is SE’s past is any indicator).

    It is pretty, too bad it’s from SE.

  • Benji91

    Surely, since this is an Xperia phone then it should use the same, or very similar UI or UX as Sony Ericsson call it, then they should be able to put 2.3 on the Sony Ericsson X10, skipping 2.2. It couldnt be that difficult could it?

  • Warmgun32

    Will definitely do for me!!!! Like the X10, but that looks tidy. Xperia Play is a cool idea, but games bore me really. By the way, that spec is effective enough from what I have read elsewhere. Just don’t like curves on the front bottom so much. PAYG here, so I do look at this in all round detail.

  • Nilsepils94

    sexayy :D cool name actually but i liked ANZU too, think this name just specifies the design a bit better. i do think the first picture is a bit weird twice HD once black once white :S strange

  • Bella Jean

    Guh-! Makes my X10 look like a piece of crap…!
    And I think my X10 looks pretty sexy, usually.

  • Laysongbird

    Love love love

  • Just wondering, that port on the right side doesn’t look like a micro-usb port to me… I hope they’re not introducing some new kinda charger port…

  • asd

    Oh… my… god… this is insane O_O

    Bye Vivaz and X10, hello Arc :D

  • fried egg

    luckily im tied into a contract for another 12 months.. which means i wont be getting this at xmas 2011 when its bound to finally get realeased. i want cutting edge, dual core and i doubt SE will be first at the party with that at all

  • Asad

    when I saw the above videos and pics I couldn’t believe it then syed yasser linked the youtube bravia video and I was totally blown away ( Sony.make.believe you damn right) one thing, the old leaked pics were nothing like these so where did they come from (is SE throwing in decoys?) anyhow the new pics look much better. I cant wait for this phone.

  • PeterL

    This phone looks totally awesome! I was thinking about buying a SGS, but now I’m not really sure… I wonder what price it’ll be! :D

  • ohdenny

    It looks fantastic.

  • distributor

    body material : ALUMINIUM + CHROME . perfect design & screen .

  • ANZU

    Looks like SE is “Bending over backward” to try and satisfy the consumers :D

  • ANZU

    Looks like SE is “Bending over backward” to try and satisfy the consumers :D

  • This video says that there is no Mediascape in 2.3!

  • SSS

    So, now that this is out, any news on the X10’s future upgrades? I really wanna know how far SE is gonna take the X10… It’ll be sad if it’s obsolete (along with it’s support) less than a year after its release…

  • Koolp

    this is where x10 is gonna stop its software updates. the spec is almost identical to the x10 SE will have to rely on the latest software to boost the sales

  • Is this really aluminum metal or plastic? Watch – Sony Xperia Arc – First Look” on YouTube



  • Emil
  • Guest
  • Benji91

    Comes out in 3months time :P I think I’ll have saved up enough by then….£500 Minimum??

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  • Samyang7

    there is no denying that SE makes great looking products. their hardware is pretty good at best. but looking at the Xperia X10 – a complete and total disaster, people thinking about getting this phone should think twice. looking at how SE is doing things – if a new device is out, old device’s support is cut, literally. personally the specs aren’t that great and we’ll have to see if SE’s R&D can even handle android 2.3. at CES, engadget has already noticed that the phone is a bit laggy when browsing through screens and menus. if you look like Xperia X10’s 2.1 and 1.6 UI, it’s pretty clear that SE doesn’t know how to fully utilize android software on their phones.

    SE has been playing catch up ever since the release of Xperia X10. i don’t think they should even modify the UI and just run vanilla android so Xperia can get updates straight from Google and instead of waiting for SE to mod and release.

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  • Kentsinger

    You are a cocksucker !!

  • Adrian

    Is there any way/app that will emulate the Vivaz homescreen on Xperia Arc??

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