Xperia Play heading to all major UK networks and Rogers in Canada

by XB on 7th February 2011

in Xperia PLAY

Xperia PlayFollowing on from the official existence of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, most of the UK mobile networks took the opportunity to tell its customers that it planned to stock the handset. O2 and Orange/T-Mobile tweeted their plans, whilst Pocket-Lint has it on good terms that it will be heading Vodafone’s way soon too. The only network that remained quiet was Three, but we’d be surprised if it didn’t end up there at some point.

Interestingly, Orange also confirmed that the phone will be released in April, which is likely to be the same for other networks. This would put it in the same timeframe as the Xperia arc. In related news, Rogers is believed to carry the handset exclusively when it launches in Canada according to Mobile Syrup. There are no confirmed launch details for the US right now.

Update: As expected, Three UK has confirmed it will be stocking the Xperia Play.

  • Jan

    I want Play more than Arc.. Because of SOTN and other classics. I wish there will be also PSP games. Cheers.

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  • Sephscott

    Can we get some sort of spec for this device? it may well just be an X10 with a sixaxis attached.

  • Can Sony be trusted. After the increase in consumers buying the Xperia X10i and UK networks initially only promoting the X10 mini, I committed to my phone in the belief that the storm would be weathered and sanity would prevail. I was, naturally told over the phone by my “helpful” friends in India that it would be the best purchase I ever made and satisfaction guaranteed. Fair enough after months of no news and stuck with Android 1.6 my network agreed to replace my phone on the understanding that I increased the time by fifty percent before I could “upgrade”. I was offered an make that I am familiar with but the phone is no longer new and has been superseded.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love my X10i. It is light, good looking, good screen, works more than adequately with my wi-fi network, decent camera and stores most of my music collection (and colour version of my Kindle). The battery is crap and I spent a serious amount on travel charger/battery combo, blue tooth headsets etc etc. I was not prepared to bin my phone as I was still torn. My Falling apart Nokia finally gave up the ghost, last week when the display failed.

    Still remaining the optimist, I held out hope until Sony finally confirmed to me personally that there will be no moves beyond 2.1 update 1 for the X10. The developers feel that it is better than 2.2 anyway.

    With networks seeking longer contracts, less data, and no guarantee of promoting any model they sell, how long before the next phone is out of date. As already seen “new” phones are seriously out of date by the time they are released and I think that the manufacturers should be more honest. If you are stuck with a Turkey, complain hard. Maybe one day somebody will listen.

    As for my next phone? Well maybe I may succumb to the iPhone although I hate iTunes with a vengeance. So how about an iPhone with a dual operating system. Now that would be an impossibility…………..

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