Xperia arc display versus Samsung Galaxy S

by XB on 16th March 2011

in Xperia arc

Xperia arc display versus Samsung Galaxy SWondering how the Xperia arc’s TFT display fares against the Super AMOLED display of the Samsung Galaxy S? Well we have a number of side-by-side pictures below that compares both handsets on full brightness. Despite slightly better contrast on the Galaxy S, the Xperia arc nudges it overall for us, no doubt helped by the Bravia Engine. However, it will be interesting to see how the arc fares against the Galaxy S II when it launches later this year with its Super AMOLED Plus display.

Xperia arc display versus Samsung Galaxy S

Xperia arc display versus Samsung Galaxy S

Xperia arc display versus Samsung Galaxy S

Xperia arc display versus Samsung Galaxy S

Xperia arc display versus Samsung Galaxy S

Xperia arc display versus Samsung Galaxy S

Xperia arc display versus Samsung Galaxy S

Via IT168.

  • Tarek

    definitely the xperia arc! They should implement the bravia engine on the x10, is that possible since the bravia engine is just a sofware for image and video processing?

  • David Hill84

    Also noticable is the difference in resolution, as you can see the Galaxy S is slightly cropping all the pics.
    SE Arc (& X10) run FWVGA 852×480 resolution displays versus Samsung’s WVGA 800×480 resolution display.
    That’s about 25,000 extra pixels on the SE screen. Yes please :)

  • Lkroeker

    Arc wins for sure. I’d take my X10’s screen over AMOLED garbage anyday.
    Take a look at one in person and you’ll see their magical screen-door effect(not a good thing).
    Most distracting thing ever when using a screen.

    When was this ever a good idea:

  • Alvan27

    lets not forget that the bravia engine is only used when viewing pics and photos…when browsing through the phone, the bravia engine isnt actually being used

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  • why would they waste time putting it on the x10 sony ericsson do not need to bother with that phone anymore

  • Bojan Zaren

    Impressive! :)

  • Would like to see a “fair” comparison. I think both displays are the best out there. Anyway, SGSII has better hardware overall, does’nt it?

  • Tarek

    Because its just a software that they can put in future updates. If they cant be bothered, then the developers at XDA can extract it out of the arc and implement in the x10 which might be next to impossible.

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  • M

    This is a Sony fan site,but some of the frames we are seeing are biased.Look at the one with the pencils and the different zoom level for instance. Its supposed to be horses for courses,but not here, only an independent difference taking account would reveal the truth. If you look at the photo comparison thread the same takes place. the beauties who took the flash photos angled the white gonk on the Sony one while full frontal on the next, no prizes which had to look best. Can’t be right to relie on manufacturer based fan site to produce any other conclusion than the one you see here.

  • Emme

    You are wrong. The samsung display got PenTile problems (lower real resolution and bluegreen-tone). So the real resolution on the samsung is much lower then 800×480!

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  • I love Android

     Although the Xperia has better colors, the amoled screen is eco friendly. Come on, you dont want to charge your cellphone frequently. the amoled saves battery by using the reflection from sunlight and it doesn’t use backlight on black colors.

  • N3pous

    samsung ‘s screen is bluish.. 

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  • Osama Salem5

    can anybody tell me what is the difference between ARC & LT 15
    also are the icons(applications) on the LT 15 desktop in Europe/Asia or Middle east are different

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