Sony Ericsson launches own channel on Android Market

by XB on 13th April 2011

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Sony Ericsson launches own channel on Android MarketSony Ericsson is the first mobile manufacturer to launch its own channel in the Android Market. The update that started rolling out earlier today replaces the ‘My apps’ icon in the Android Market for ‘Sony Ericsson’. Don’t fret though as My Apps can still be accessed by hitting the menu key.

What this means is that it gives you access to all of the apps published by Sony Ericsson including those for LiveView, Timescape API plugins, Xperia Hot Shots and LiveWare among others. We have not seen it our handsets yet, but it is operator dependent so I’m not sure how that affects sim-free handsets.

SE has outlined their plans for this channel which will include offering exclusive apps & games from time to time, provide recommendations as well as helping developer partners to promote their apps/games. Whilst we can see why SE is doing this, personally we’d rather have access to the My Apps icon on the front page, or at least an option to turn this on/off.

Sony Ericsson launches own channel on Android Market

Via SE Product Blog.

  • Mjwallace1


  • Maxdy

    Lol… I was wondering what happened to my market… It just appeared suddenly

  • love it ;-)

  • When I read this a couple hours ago ( it wasnt on the SE product blog, think they must have read it and remembered lol.

  • cool!

  • Micheal Archer

    Rogers Canada has pushed this out to handsets (even without my knowledge until just checking it out now). There are many Timescape Extensions (Foursquare, LinkedIn, Hyves, VZnet) as well as a large selection of games (some free, some up to about $8) and productivity tools (ATK, Astro, etc). There are also a couple of LiveView apps (LiveWare Manager, LiveView Camera Plugin, LiveView application) and some other fun things like something called “Flirtomatic”.

    Pretty interesting stuff…Might go shopping now!

  • Topher

    After the update, my market suddenly force closes. Im an x10 user.

  • Asad

    its alright

  • Topher

    I cant use the market now. Scrolling down to the “just in” apps force closes everytime. Anybody experiencing the same?

  • Legendheart

    hi.does it work on unbranded generic users x10 mobile?

  • Momo_1407

    I’m in Canada on Rogers, and I’ve been unable to download anything or update my existing apps and games over wifi. There is no download progress, it just loads interminably. This problem has been happening for about 2 weeks now. However, it works perfectly over the 3G network, but I dont want to update my apps over 3G, seeing as I only have 500 mb per month. Is anybody else having this problem? Does someone know what might be wrong?
    Thank you.

  • Micheal Archer

    Haven’t found that at present. I’ll check for you when I get home on wi-fi there.

  • Momo_1407

    Thanks man. Btw I have a X10 and I’ve tried it over the wifi at home and at school.

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  • Fnatic101

    They found a way to screw up Market.. great.. Why the heck do I need SE channel? I want My Apps back up there!

  • Micheal Archer

    Sorry for delayed response. I had nothing to update the other day. I did perform updates via wi-fi/Market last night however with no difficulties at all. One thing that I have noted well before your 2 week limit is that some of my apps don’t download properly ever if I have them set to automatically download updates. When the Market launches and recognizes that there are updates available, it will move all of the auto-update ones to the “active” area at the top of the list and say “Downloading” but will never have any progress. This is corrected by actively cancelling the download (sometimes even that doesn’t seem to register so I have to use the back key to get to the “My Apps” list) and then manually requesting it to update again. 95% of the time this will work without issue. 5% of the time one of the apps may appear to freeze at the beginning of installation. Most of the time it just appears frozen and it actually does install without difficulty. It may have to be manually “cancelled” to remove it from the top of the My Apps list indicating that it is still installing (sometimes days later as was my case last night).

  • I found that a reinstallation of your phone helps, just make a full backup and it should work fine! this helped on my brothers phone!

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