Download the new Power Save app and Timer & Clock widgets

by XB on 25th September 2011

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Sony Ericsson Timer WidgetFollowing on from our Xperia Android 2.3.4 review yesterday, we have been inundated with requests about certain widgets that were missing from other peoples builds. Therefore, by popular request we are providing three apk files. Two are for the new analogue clock and fancy timer widgets. The third is for the new ‘Power save mode’ app that currently only exists on the Xperia ray.

Installation is easy, just extract the rar file below and install each apk onto your handset. We tested all three apk’s on an Xperia arc still running Android 2.3.3 and they all worked without any problems. You can download the rar file here.

  • Sarkish

    will these files work on X10 with the GB update ?

  • Harsha K N

    I installed on X10 with 2.3.3, all apks work withourt any problem. I loved the timer widget :)

  • adsada

    Thanks for getting these, one thing though is there settings for the timer widget? Is there a way to change the timer alarm sound?


  • Anonymous

    Not that I could find. Definite room for improvement in version 2 I suppose. You can only do whole minutes too.

  • Asad Mulla

    Hey why are you messing with my name??? LOL

  • Asad Mulla

    I have the power save on my wifes RAY and its a nice thing to have.

  • Asad Mulla

    you say above that you are still on 2.3.3 on you ARC? Have you not received your update yet. I have a generic ARC too and I have not reciedved the updat also.

  • The power save does not seem to activate/work on my X10i 2.3.3

  • Anonymous

    Not yet – waiting for UK generic…

  • adiee

    Can you get this world clock widget

    Simply loved it.

  • jX

    hi XBBlogger pls make a preview for the upcoming xperia active and also a review for xperia pro i am very interested with that handsets compare to other xperia. Thanks in advance more power to your blog. it is better than the official se blog in my opinion. :)

  • Ryu

    Can you also upload the automatic brightness apk?

  • Bajsfjutt

    the timer was installed on my mini when i bought it in sweden on the release with 2.3.3

  • Harsha K N

    @XperiaBlog:disqus  Why not make a post on also as these apps works well on X10 running stock 2.3.3 , along with these calender and world clock widget is also available on XDA > . these widget works just by installing apks and xRecovery is not required :)

  • Saleh

    can you please upload it on other site cause megaupload is blocked in my country !

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  • I’m testing the timer widget on my X10i (GB 2.3.3 stock firmware) and it does work properly, but when the time is up it just makes a short sound and that’s all… maybe it uses a sound that only comes on 2011 Xperias…. does anyone knows which sound does the timer widget plays when it reaches 0?
    thanx in advance

  • Suhaib Haidar

    I’ve update my LT15i to 2.3.4 but I can’t find this apps in my cellphone !
    can anyone here help me to get this .apk files from another sharing website, the megaupload is blocked here ;(

    thanks a lot

  • Bo Cramer

    Is there anyone who knows what I’m doing wrong, I have downloaded the file to ASTRO Manager when I extract the file writes the Extract to The Direktory and Copy 0 Bytes? I have looked after in Widgets and Applications and there’s nothing? I hope that someone can help me get it, I want the timers now :-)

  • Paxxx666

    Keep getting “download unsuccessful” :/ any help? Thanks.
    Xperia play 2.3.3
    Mirror link maybe?

  • freddell meister

    The timer widget and analouge clock does not work on a 2.3.4 Arc, they simply dont start or show up after install, will se if the other package is any better

  • Rock-n-Roli

    Thanks for the Timer & Clock Widgets :)
    But i also want the World-Clock-Widget. the apk-File would be very nice – Thank you!

  • angel morales

    Does this work on the Arc?

  • Kim

    Please add a new mirror because Megaupload is busted.

  • Cbrian57

    The link to is blocked. Is there an alternate route?

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  • Gilaud

    Hi freddell meister, you had post an update for GPS online, could you seed? or post at


  • Ignatius J. Riley

    Just wanted to download. Erm… megaupload was shut down due to well known reasons. Could the files be uploaded again, somewhere else?

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