Google Maps 6.0.0 released, indoor maps introduced

by XB on 29th November 2011

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Google Indoor MapsGoogle Maps just gets better and better. Google has just introduced version 6.0.0 of Google Maps for Android and it adds indoor navigation to its roster. What this means is that your journey with Google Maps doesn’t just stop when you reach your destination, it can now continue inside shopping malls, airports, trains stations and more.

Indoor maps is still in beta and is currently only available in select locations in the US and Japan (see here for the full list). It can even tell what floor you are in and update the map accordingly. Never will you be worrying where the nearest toilets are again! The potential is massive and we can’t wait until more countries are supported. Click through for some promo videos showing how it all works.

Via Google Blog.

  • Sergnoel

    Forget Restrooms…just imagine visiting a new city and you can walk into any mall and go straight to the store of your choice! Not to mention being able to to park your car as close to the exact closest entrance to THAT store…Genius!

  • owl

    yeah cool idea, but how does it know where i am? GPS? i never knew GPS signals are strong enough to be received indoors…

  • Asad Mulla

    They need to add theme parks.

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