Camera face-off: Xperia arc S vs. Galaxy Nexus/S2/Note and HTC Sensation XL

by XB on 28th December 2011

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arc ThumbnailIf you wanted to know how the Sony Ericsson Xperia arc S fares in terms of its camera performance against some of the newer Samsung Galaxy handsets such as the Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy Note, then Recombu have pitted them against each other. They tested them under various conditions such as low light, indoors, macro etc to try to determine a winner.

The comparison also included the Galaxy S2 and HTC Sensation XL handsets and to our surprise, they crowned the latter as the overall winner. The arc S didn’t fare too badly though coming second in four of the five tests. Click through for the full grid of images below (click to enlarge it) to see which one gets your vote.

Xperia arc Face-off

Via Recombu.

  • Anonymous

    ARC poor photos … do not understand: (

  • Anonymous

    Hmm.. the Arc seems to be a tad bit on the red-ish side in the indoor photos~

  • Thanks for the link-back. We weren’t expecting to crown the HTC Sensation XL the winner – it isn’t flawless and certainly wasn’t the best in every category, but what swung it was the flash performance and colour reproduction with the results looking most like the scenes we shot them in.

  • Wael Faddah

    imagine if they put 4s here…. 

  • Lakata

    s2 i think most realistic colors and best image quality but my opinion 

  • chaud

    Arc S did a decent job in this face off.Not too disappointed with its performance to be honest.

  • angel morales

    looks to me like the samsung galaxy s2 is a bit bad… I like the Xperia Arc s its the best.

  • Fred

    How about a day time outdoors shot, it is probably close to the the most common usage.
    Another question, I take it these were taken free hand as there appears to be motion blur on some shots?

  • Paolo M

    Tha galaxy s2 the best !!! wonderful shots!!!

  • Benedict

    I still prefer the photos taken by Arc S which has the natural colours compared to S2.

  • Ashlife

    the galaxy s2 the best .i really like the natural colours . 

  • Anonymous

    4s has the same camera as the Xperia ArcS, but the way it processes the pictures is usually inferior compared to the Arc S, so it would be mid-low in the shootout.

  • Aa

    samsung is worst n sony is best

  • catjohnes

    samsung galaxy family is provided the latest hand set if you want to konw info all hand set of samsung family and Samsung galaxy s2 .

  • Dark Lord

    Sony take better pictures sorry ;)

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  • Sdfsdfsdfs

    have both phones and the galaxy is by far the best camera =- its outrageous that people think the arc s is better – just walk into a shop – take a photo – zoom in and compare the photos – galaxy absolutely whipped its ass – unbelieveable

  • Ashouhdy

    i dont know why sony got yellowish pics !  s2 is way brighter and winner

  • Dark Lord

    You are wrong, natural colors arc/arc s, if you want i can send you pics from arc.

  • Dark Lord

    Arc/Arc s has natural colors and more better in than galaxy s2

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