Black/White Xperia S available for pre-order in Europe for €449

by XB on 13th January 2012

in Xperia S

White Xperia SFollowing our earlier post about UK pre-order prices for the Xperia S, we thought we’d do a little digging around some of the big retailers in mainland Europe. Whilst the best pre-order price we could find in the UK was £429.99, only the black version is available as the white is currently an exclusive with Phones4U.

In Europe, this isn’t so much of an issue, both black and white variants of the Xperia S are on offer. We found a number of German retailers offering the Xperia S for €449 including and cyberport. was dearer at €499. We looked at retailers in other countries but couldn’t find them cheaper than €499 in Italy, France and others. However, the aforementioned German retailers ship throughout mainland Europe, so you may want to pre-order from them (if you can read German!) What is the best pre-order price you have found in your country? We’d love to hear in the comments below.

  • sdk16420

    No prices yet for The Netherlands…

  • Cssf09


    410 euros :) 

  • Emmm already selling ? 

  • Jan

    i want xperia play 2 =)

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  • tymodmyt

    I want Xperia Ray 2

  • I’ve only seen it in one store so far in Sweden…. 5490 SEK = ~580 EUR
    Let’s hope that’s not the final price :)

  • M Usman

    The Price of £429.99 in England is a respectable price. especially compared to what the Xperia Arc was selling for upon release. I was thinking it would be more towards the £550 mark. But its a  bargain given the specs :)

  • Intelcore

    vilken sida?

  • Anonymous

    4995SEK at on cash card

  • anonym

    the launch date in march it only in europe or worldwide?

  • Thats more like it… so it’s probably gonna be somewhere between 4500-5500SEK at launch.
    Sounds fair enough.. I’m getting one either way as my X10 is feeling a bit sluggish.. :)

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  • Aa

    it is realsing worldwide…………

  • anonym

    but sometimes the launch date only in selected country

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  • Dha

    what is the indian price

  • WOW that’s too expensive

  • Tasos_18

    wow …think that is too cheap dudes …. im fron Greece and the price of Xperia S is 600E  ….god …..som expensive ….. i will buy it from the internet ….definitely i will . 

  • Stevan

    In Serbia it ranges from 390EUR – 600EUR, but I have doubts about quality of 390ones..

  • When I can buy it in each store in the Netherlands?  Which date on which month I can help you with everything you want if you still support me Konrad

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