Apple Mac users finally getting Xperia updating capability

by XB on 1st February 2012

in Firmware

bridgeformacUp until now Apple Mac users have had no way to update the software on their Sony Ericsson Xperia smartphones, unless they owned a Windows PC or laptop. That is all about to change as the SE Product Blog confirmed that version 2.0 of the ‘Sony Ericsson Bridge for Mac’ application will finally bring Xperia software updating support.

The current version of the software (v1.2) allows you to connect your Xperia to your Mac to add media content and free up space on your phone by moving photos/videos to iPhoto. You can also drag and drop files between the Mac and phone. SE didn’t say exactly when v2.0 will be live, but we imagine it can’t be too far away. Bridge for Mac 1.2 is currently available to download here, once installed it will automatically update to newer versions as they become available.

  • R Pedroso

    Already downloaded and installed 2.0 on my Mac

  • Asad Mulla

    Like I mentioned on the g+ page, Mac users are mainly iphone users. xD (dont shout at me please)

  • Anonymous

    Sod the crApple nicheTards. It should be Windows and Linux only!

  • Steve Jobs

    Fuck those nigger-commi-loving macFags!

  • Tiborh




  • I think your priorities are all wrong… first you need a working keyboard driver.

  • Way to generalise there, Asad. I’ve been using Macs at work and home for over a decade and have never owned an iPhone. I have several friends who fall into the same category.

    I’d wager that the majority of iPhone users run Windows. ;-)

  • Yeah! Apple’s vendor lock-in sucks because let’s face it, it’s not like Sony ever tried to lock it’s users into it’s own ecosystem… Oh wait, I forgot about Memory Stick, UMD, Minidisc and ATRAC.

    If you’re talking about simple ROI, there are far more potential owners running OS X than (one of the dozens of variants of) linux… and I speak as someone who ran linux on his home machine for years.

  • i’m a gamer

    nice politic … !!!!!

  • niruj guna

    Where did you get it?? Can I have the link?

  • Anonymous

    Two wrongs don’t make a right.

  • Sony (Ericsson) did so much to make all Xperia models compatible with Mac, yet Apple did nothing to co-operate with Android…? 

  • I never said that, I was merely being flip. You set the tone of the conversation by opening with name calling.

    I stand by my previous comment that SE will garner a better return on their investment developing a port for OS X (6.4% global market share) versus linux (1.6% global market share), especially if that linux port needs to be tested on the various mainstream distros.

  • Abbe

    Your “logic” makes no sense

  • Abbe

    Mac user since the early nineties here. Have never owned an iPhone. Just because hipsters use Mac doesn’t mean all mac users are hipsters.

  • rayx

    Please give us a possibility to update our se-phone’s software with linux! 

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  • Luke
  • vivek v

    i did everything to get my contacts from my old Sony phone k790i…but what the hell is going on with the bluetooth for xperia P!!!! Some times it accept the file sometimes it denies..and genarally it happened when i send something in bulk….pls provide solution on this pls…it is irritating me now

  • Jeroen

    He can’t find my phone :( it is a new xperia go… someone know what’s the problem over here?

  • Jordan Mella


  • st87

    I’ve downloaded. extremely disappointed. 4 hours fiddling with the software and it has not done a single fucking thing for me. Can’t select songs, cannot drag ANY media into my xperia (does not respond, everythings greyed out). It’s 12 am and I’m starting to get real pissed that I got conned into buying something when the biggest selling point is that it will work seamlessly on my mac with itunes integration. iTunes ‘integration’ my ass… Might as well just drop the files directly into the phone using Android File Transfer application. The software cannot even see playlists on iTunes, which is probably one of the major reasons why people USE itunes in the first place. Glad I got the phone on the cheap.

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