Xperia S home launcher and widgets leaked

by XB on 25th February 2012

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Xperia S widgetThe home launcher and associated widgets from the Sony Xperia S has leaked out, not entirely unexpected given how close we are to launch day. You can download this zip file which includes all of the necessary apk files here.

We tested them on an Xperia arc and most of the files worked, you may need to use Root Explorer or something similar to delete the older versions first if you get force close errors. We’d suggest unzipping to a desktop first and cherry picking which apk you’d like to install. The list of included files and what they do are included below.

Included in Xperia S zip file:

Home.apk – Xperia S home launcher
SemcMusic.apk – Xperia S music player
SemcCalendar.apk – Xperia S calendar app
livewallpaperearth.apk – Animated 3D globe live wallpaper
WidgetPicker.apk – Need if you want to use one of the widgets clock or On/Off
ClockWidget.apk – New clock for homescreen
MusicWidget.apk – New widget for music player
PhotoWidget.apk – Animated photo widget
OnOffTools.apk – New widget with shortcuts
WeatherWidget.apk – Animated weather widget


Thanks the_black_dragon!

  • piggybomb

    AWeSOME cant wait for the actually xperia s

  • Anonymous

    It might be worth pointing out that a lot of the theme has already been leaked and created into a theme here

    Just be easier for anyone looking to install the home launcher this way (through recovery)

  • Lamul12

    doed the widgets work on the arc?

  • Anonymous

    Try reading the article properly .. “We tested them on an Xperia arc and most of the files worked”

  • adriduan zolkarnain

    just install & try it, but after that can i un-install it?

  • E_tomelden

    does it work on the x10?

  • E_tomelden

    does it work on the x10?

  • Nordgrot

    Have someone tried it out on X10 already?

  • will it work on my non-rooted ray?? 

  • Xperia S rulez

    ? Application Not Installed

  • xperia play

    music player: eq and function menu is not working. cover download is not working too

  • Blah

    Download link dead… :-(

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  • jianlin
  • Juniper2hill

    Xperia Arc
    -Music Player working but without equalizer
    -On off tools not working
    -Weather Widget not working

  • Xperia neo

    same no equalizer but the weather widget can be used n it look nice

  • currently xperia s is using Ginger bread so it shub can use n the launcher is stable coz not much diff with us

  • In Xperia mini pro all the apks work fine except the music app that some part of the interface is not viewable because of the resolution. Apart from that all works great. Also the home.apk keeps the 4 corners format.

  • zero

    cAn we use this on xperia mini, active and live with walkman?

  • Kirk_klc07

    first of all the home launcher should be installed first so that all widgets will function.

  • Kirk_klc07

    first of all the home launcher should be installed first so that all widgets will function.

  • Krulle

    Beautiful!! Cant wait for my White Xperia S

  • Krulle

    Beautiful!! Cant wait for my White Xperia S

  • adriduan zolkarnain

    it that means after this for the next update for all the xperia phone family will use this launcher?

  • adriduan zolkarnain

    sound great..

  • Guest

    works on live with walkman! :)

  • Jatan Mehta

    its awesome man n d best thng is it only works on sony launchers! :D

  • Rene Pedroso

    Can someone provide the steps to get these working on the arc S. Where do I install the Apk, how do I get it running on the arc S etc….

  • Nazlim_6265

    Tried it on Samsung S Plus..only the wallpaper worked..LOL sad life…:(

  • install home launcher to use all the widgets^^

  • all are working on my Xray., you have to install the home launcher to use all the widgets.

  • exiss

    works very good on my arc s, however i prefer the old music player and music player widget. they nicely changed colour depending on what album cover looks like, and the new one is missing equalizer. any idea how to get the old ones back?

  • download and extract it., copy all the apk to your phone or sdcard., install. if you want to use the widgets, intall widget picker and home launcher first.

  • Dominic

    Works on My xperia Play currently got the home launcher, calander, music player and earth wallpaper on it. The music player is better apart from fact it doesnt have an equaliser :( lol

  • Juniper2hill

    HIf i install the new home launcher the old launcher will replaced right?or i must manually delete the older launcher??

  • Asad Mulla

    Calender apps is exact same as my Tablet S. Sony signs coming through

  • Gihan798114

    cant we use the widgets without replacing the home.apk?

  • it will ask you to replace the old home.

  • Xperia Play user

    Hi! Can you post the download link again?

  • Mario

    go to apps and uninstall the music player (it shows up only as an update so you uninstall only the updated UI not the whole music app)

  • Jonnylove8js

    All working on my arc, stretching my phones shelf life till I hopefully get the xperia s, no equalizer as mentioned but small sacrifice for what I think is a better layout and widget. Good job thanks

  • M Usman

    Some screen shots from the leaked apk’s on the Xperia Arc

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  • Cssf09

    someone explain to me how to install it for not understanding the header of the note? please: S

  • Cssf09

    I also want to know but for the x10 mini

  • M Usman

    yes it should do. I don’t see why it wouldn’t since its apk files. plus you don’t need to root your phone to install system application files from Sony. It just replaces your existing application in use. It worked on my non rooted Arc. It should all work but not so sure about the music player apk. some people have reported the resolution is off on smaller screens. 

  • Cssf09

    I explain how to install it for not understanding the header of the note? please: S

  • M Usman

    its simple. download the folder given in the download link. find the folder download location. open the zipped folder by double clicking it. highlight the files you want to install and drag them onto your phone memory card. then go to your phone and open up a file manager such as astro. locate the folder and open it. and then install each apk file by clicking on it and choosing install. if asked would you like to replace this application, click yes and let it finish installing. takes a few seconds to install each app.

  • M Usman

    this is the download link – just click on the big green zip box and it will download to your downloads folder 

  • M Usman

    yes. you should be able to just by installing the widgets you want. give it a try and see if it works. there home launcher apk is actually quite neat. might aswell go ahead and install that too

  • M Usman

    LOL that made me laugh out loud. They are system files, of course they wont work on samsung :)

  • M Usman

    Yes it does. Works on my x10 and xperia arc

  • i have rooted x10 stock rom..cant install ,only i could do is install wallpaper

  • WOW!!!!! EVERY THING worked fine in my neo v .i am so much impressed with the home and music app . :)

  • M Usman

    hmm. I have a custom kernel on my x10. It works on that. Don’t know why it doesn’t work on stock rom

  • Mario

    I sure do hope some modder will mod the music app so it is fully functioning and that these will work on ICS without a root.. cuz i got litte hope Sony will bring the whole updated UI to 2011 line..

  • hope they implement the music featuresof the app , like for the headset , equalizer and stuff

  • SIC87

    I have everything working except the equalizer…

     A small demonstration of the new UI on the ARC:

  • how to get Xperia S dialer on Arc?

  • Anonymous

    Installs smoothly and everything apart from the equaliser works. (Not sure how to get it too though).  I’m loving the spinning earth live wallpaper.

  • i tried to install the apk file via computer and gmail, but it ends up saying application not installed
    do you guys have any ideas?

  • i tried to install the apk file via computer and gmail, but it ends up saying application not installed
    do you guys have any ideas?

  • Anonymous

    I love this sooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It works like charm on my Xperia Arc!!!!!!!!!!!! I literally uninstalled all my Go Launcher and Go lockers from my phone!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t need them no more!!!!!!!!! This is just plain BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you guys so much for this, I love you guys so much for all your efforts!!!!!!!!!    I can’t wait for the main package from SMC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Anonymous

    Now to get them cosmic flow installed!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  • Mario

    i just put the whole folder on my SD camera and installed it from then.. i don’t have a rooted device and everything worked fine. try this out.

  • Johnylim

    File was removed from the link.

    Any mirror? Thx

  • M Usman

    YAY I managed to get the equaliser working in the music player by installing the sound enhancement apk! and also the new dialler by installing the contact apk. Its soooo sexy!

  • Ronish

    do we hav root xperia arc ?? or just install directly after unzip??

  • Where’s the new timescape?

  • Mhyke13ph

    Everything works fine on Xperia Arc, just regular installation it will work.

    but I have some question, do your music app have Like Button? for me it does not have, but someone reported that they have

    My Arc on stock 2.3.4 .62 Update no Root

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  • M Usman

    root is not required. plus there is no root available if your on the latest software version. its good to have root as you can remove the previous installation apk’s from your phone as it takes up space on your phone memory which is very annoying. but like i said, root is not required. just unzip the package and drag what you want to install onto your phone memory card and then just install it. most of it has worked for me including the equaliser in the music player and the new contact dialler. let me know if you need any further help

  • Nayak

    How could i un-install after installing it.

    I have a Neo V.

  • Alcoholtica

    after i made home to become my default, it can’t make adw to become default again!!

  • M Usman

    Go to your applications. Go to all. Then search for the apk you want to uninstall. you can only uninstall updates which returns the app back to its original state. so just install anyone you want and if you don’t like or anren’t satisfied, just uninstall the update 

  • Philol

    I miss the Xperia S Live Background, but the Home.apk is very nice.

  • M Usman

    my music player has the like button and also the equaliser. a lot of people don’t have it so I want to suggest a solution. on the following link, download the 60mb folder. it contains more apk files currently not avaialable in the download link provided by XperiaBlog. From there, install the sound enhancement apk to get your equaliser and the music like apk to get the like button back. The new dialler apk is there also. Hope this helps :) –

  • M Usman

    my music player has the like button and also the equaliser. a lot of people don’t have it so I want to suggest a solution. on the following link, download the 60mb folder. it contains more apk files currently not avaialable in the download link provided by XperiaBlog. From there, install the sound enhancement apk to get your equaliser and the music like apk to get the like button back. The new dialler apk is there also. Hope this helps :) –…


    its not working on my X10, it keeps telling me application not stalled.. what do i do….? SOMEONE HELP PLEASEEE!!!!!!!

  • M Usman

    sorry that link doesn’t work. this is the correct full link –

  • Bojan_zen

    I tried.Only photo widget is working.Another apks cant install. :) 

  • Rene Pedroso

    Got em working

  • Thank God Timescape is now actually usable as a twitter client.

    You have to install TimescapeSpline, TwitterPostViewer and EventStreamPluginTwitter.

  • Hi, can all the apk files be installed on ARC?

  • M Usman

    Hi Harry. I’ve not had success installing all of them. let me tell you which ones I’ve had success with. the music player and the equaliser to go with it and the facebook like button and the google lyrics search extension. the calender and the calculator. the new alarm app which is beautiful. several clock apps. the new tools widget, clock widgets, music widget, the new home apk and the new dialler apk which is really hot! the widget picker apk, the timescape widget, the new photo widget and also the weather widget. the stop watch apk and new settings apk, the timer apk, and the world clock apk. i have yet to try a few more when i get time. i was unsuccessful installing the new camera apk and the conversations apk. below is a screenshot of the new alarm apk, you’ll love it :)

  • Thks!

    I still can’t get the FBlike on the music player but that’s alright. I’ve just tried the lockscreen and it didnt work too :-)

    BUt the rest are just beautiful…thank you so much

  • Rene Pedroso

    Anyone get the Playon feature working. In the music player the feature is grayed out.

  • Rene Pedroso

    Do you have a screen shot of the dialer. What is the apk called. I would like to install it

  • Rene Pedroso

    Do you have a screen shot of the dialer. What is the apk called. I would like to install it

  • M Usman

    i do but I’ll upload a little late when I get some tme

  • Rene Pedroso

    I really appreciate it. 

  • thedementedswan

    Has anyone managed to get messaging to work yet?

    Also, has anyone found that trying to mass install all of the files from that 60mb folder results in some horrendous performance related consequences?

  • genefer s

    very comprehensive review. I’m thinking about learning HTML5. I’m seeing more
    and more job/freelance listings asking for html5 media
    knowledge and so along with reading some of the online
    references you listed, I’m going to have to pick up the book as well. Really
    appreciated the chapter breakdowns. 

  • Got most of them working except the on/off tools. (I prefer the widget where all the tools are together anyway)If you have the old photo widget on your homescreen and install the new one, it will only change style, not size.If you install the widget and then place on the homescreen, you’ll see that the widget is twice the size as the old one. The mediafire link on the comments contains more apk files currently not avaialable in the download link provided by XperiaBlog (as stated in the comment). I’ve tried some of them:
    -SemcDeskClock.apk- a clock widget with alarm,global clock, stopwatch and timer. It don’t replace the old alarm app. You can choose a “theme”for the alarm with sound and a picture. Looks cool.
    -SemcGallery3D.apk- doesn’t work
    -Calculator.apk- new style for the calculator
    -SemcPhone.apk- new style for the dialler
    -UxpNxtLockScreen.apk- I hoped it would be the lockscreen with the music controls- didn’t work
    -widgetfavouritepeople.apk- I thought i saw this on a video presentation of the new interface. It looked cool. But it did not work.
    -Phonebook.apk- did not work. just lost all the contact pictures from facebook.
    -SoundEnhancement.apk- equalizer for the music player.
    WallpaperPicker.apk- only changes the icons of the wallpaperchooser. Adds one more wallpaper.

    I have xperia arc- no root. Bootloader unlocked.
    Anyone tried some other apk’s?

  • I was not able to install the New Setting Apk, the conversation apk. Can u tell me how to do it?

  • I was not able to install the New Setting Apk, the conversation apk. Can u tell me how to do it?

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  • I was not able to install the 
    New Setting Apk, 
    conversation apk, 
    Widget favorite people.apkThe camera and email app also force closesCan u tell me how to do it?

  • Juneeq

    how dyu get the home launcher to work?

  • M Usman

    I managed to install the settings apk without a problem. However was not able to install the conversation apk. It seems like not all apk’s are compatible with the ARC. Maybe we will just have to wait for the next update and hope they include all these apks as standard. 

  • can you post pic of the new settings on you phone

  • thedementedswan

    much appreciated, I just wanted to know if I was alone in not getting conversations/messaging to work

  • M Usman

    no. your not alone. it doesn’t work. might aswell wait for ICS. I’m contemplating on whether I should buy the Xperia S. and for those asking about dialler. don’t install it as you can not uninstall it afterwards. i’ve run into a few problems with it, it works but not fully stable so just wait for the update. 

  • Ram

    can any one tell me How to install the file in xperia arc phone…Help me guys…

  • Anders Söfting

     I just copy them to the SD-card, then use a file manager, ES File Explorer in my case, then you simply tap the file you want to install, and voilà! No root, no unlocked bootloader! My phone is untouched in that way! =)

    You also have to check the box to be able to install from unknown sources, but the phone will ask you for it the first time if you forget it.

    Good luck!

  • is this thing safe ?

  • Tried to install the toggle widgets in my Xperia Neo V, but they don’t work. I wonder if the music player would do, but I don’t wanna go risky as it will replace some system files (and I have no root to do a manual backup of the files).

  • Where’s the skyblue color of Cosmic flow? is there a way to get it? ^^

  • Qasim

    if i install the home.apk is there any way to uninstall it in case im not happy? dont want to risk it so

  • They look great! Thanks for sharing this.

  • Qasim

    any way to revert to original home.apk? do u just uninstall in the all apps section?

  • Qasim

    also will the phone still update to ICS safely with these apk?

  • dark666mc

    hey alguna solucion con el reproducctor queda muy grande en el xperi mini pro sk17 y pues no se como volver a instalar el que tenia

  • dark666mc

    alguna solución con el reproductor queda muy grande en el xperia mini pro sk17 y no se como volver al que tenia instalado ayuda xfa

  • Qasim

    will this still update safely to ICS???????????????????????????????

  • Qasim

    if it replaces, any chance to revert? and will it update to ics properly? will ICS just replace this launcher?

  • Qasim

    if it replaces, any chance to revert? and will it update to ics properly? will ICS just replace this launcher?

  • Veresova

    new alarm app – 
    what the name of the application?

  • Veresova

    What is SoundLevelAlert.apk?

  • hey  everybody im pretty new to this. how do i install this all properly and get it to work? hell for that matter how do i get my xperia pro into recovery mode?

  • ok i have put all the apk files ontu my phones sd card. now what do i do?

  • Eldwafio

    I’m using an xperia ray (unrooted, most recent updates) and managed to get most working. Can’t get the new messaging to work and the camera force closes… a few others popped up unable to install but being that there were so many apk’s i can’t think what they were. I sent myself apk’s from hotmail to gmail and could install direct from there on my phone. New timescape widgets like friends and feed are pretty cool, and with the main timescape widget, don’t have a hissy like me and think it’s broken, just re-sync and all is fine (tried opening up old posts and it kept saying “unable to open post”) One problem on the ray though, is that when you make timescape fullscreen, the font is quite small and on the widget it’s lost the authors name for each post (name is on fullscreen version though). I’ve manage to get the onofftools (looks like the switch widget but better), phonebook, dialler (soooo much better), music player (no like button though) and most others working… to get round initial performance issues, reboot the phone :) finally, those looking for the cosmic flow wallpaper, a quick google suffices ;)

  • tried to use root explorer on my rooted xperia x10 to force install the semcmusic.apk after deleting the old one but it fails to install everytime. I was on a custom rom Feralab v11 “The Rock” 2.3.7 that came with most of these pre installed and they all worked on my device so i’m wondering what i did wrong. I know these can work, just trying to customize my fresh install of 2.3.3

  • Georchlm

    does it work on the x10?

  • Georchlm

    does it work on the x10?

  • Parthasarathide26

    I am trying these Apks on my neo v( not rooted) till now there is success for all the apks i have tried. in the 1st link .. music player is awsome .. just missing the equilizer. hope can fix it soon. will provide you screen shoots when i am done installing all of them.

  • M Usman

    i don’t need screen shots… just go back to your file manager and find the equaliser apk and install that too. 

  • sam555

    what these apps for (framework-res.apk & SemcGenericUxpRes.apk)?

  • Vipin

    um, i’ve tried to load the apk’s on my non-rooted ray… haven’t been able to.. could u please tell me how u did it??

  • Vipin

    never mind… i got it.. :)

  • Fernando

    I have few problems with the music APK’s on my Ray. Firstly the
    equalizer isn’t working. Secondly I m unable to create any playlists or
    add songs to my playlists? Plz help me resolve this problem.

    I have copied the sound enhancement apk. However whn I open equalizer
    it says “unfortunately the sound enhancement has stopped”

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  • Baleshwar Singh

    Hey man Can these apk’s work on my xperia ray??

  • Shriniwas

     is it work on xperia ray??please reply soon.

  • Mohd Nazri Jitais

    if i know can do this.. i dont upgrade to ics.. many gameloft, glu game and hd game still didnt support.. need to wait developer fix the bus 4 ics :[

  • Venessa

    How did you do it? Im trying all day and noting :(

  • M Usman

    Hi, what exactly are you have trouble with? this was months ago. just transfer all apks to your phone. open a file manager, and install the apks. most of them should work…

  • aleyf elmo

    i still cant get the equalizer :( . when i click the equalizer it UNFORTUNATELY, SOUND ENHANCEMENTS HAS STOPPED . Why?

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  • sam skyler

    hey were is the eequaliser

  • Daniele Ronaldo

    During the installation with INSTALL.bat, in the prompt compare this error:
    What is the problem? P.S: i have Motorola Razr GSMThanks too all

  • I have tried it in live with walkman and the equalizer doesnt work…everything else is fine. But the equalizer is the most attrative part of this player :(

  • dj023

    This link isn’t working, would you please fix it?

  • Amirul Zikri

    I using the widget for top contacts…. But sometimes it says that cannot load widget. I realise that this problem started to happen when I assign pictures for my contacts. What gives?

  • Good old times

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