Xperia P and Xperia U confirmed; Xperia ion to launch outside United States

by XB on 26th February 2012

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The Sony Xperia P and Xperia U has just been formally announced at MWC 2012. There are no surprises in terms of specs, it looks like the rumours were spot on. The Xperia P will have a 4-inch WhiteMagic display, 1GHz dual-core processor, 8MP camera, NFC, HDMI and be aluminium brushed launching in three colours in the middle of Q2 2012. This phone looks like the pick of the 2012 bunch so far in terms of all-round package.

The Xperia U will be the smaller option with a 3.5-inch display, 1GHz dual-core display and 5MP camera. The transparent strip will light up with different colors for notifications. The main surprise was that Sony confirmed that the Xperia ion will be launching outside the United States at some point during 2012.

Xperia P and Xperia U

Xperia P

Xperia P and Xperia U

Xperia P and Xperia U

Xperia P and Xperia U

Xperia U

Xperia P and Xperia U

Xperia P and Xperia U

  • Cssf09

    Xperia U :D 

  • “The main surprise was that Sony confirmed that the Xperia ion will be launching outside the United States at some point during 2012.”WOOHOO!!!!!!!!! THIS IS JUST GREAT!! THANK YOU SONY!!! :D (luckily did not pre order frm Ngeria Electronic) ;)

  • Pshh the rumors weren’t spot on :p

    Says in that article it’s 3.7″ and it’s actually 4″ :D

  • Mtekman95

    Do the transparent bars of Xperia S and P also change colour lkie Xperia U? 

  • Is the illuminated bar on the Xperia U, exclusive to that phone?

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    I would like to have all 3 … and the Ion :D

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    WOW! Why does the Xperia P look so beautiful!!!???

  • get all the colors of Cosmic LWP!! ^_^

  • Jimimoku

    I thought the xperia s would be my next upgrade or even the ion but the xperia p…. beautiful aluminum. though my arc is 4.2inch display im willing to go just a little smaller for the 4inch xperia p. whats the weight though?

  • Wait i’m confused o_o
    In the leaked price list / release date list there was the ST25i Kumquat, LT22i nypon and MT27i pepper.

    Kumquat = Xperia U
    LT22i = Xperia P
    But Pepper = xperia P?

  • The best thing about Xperia P and Xperia U design is the power button is kept on side.. it is soooooo handy to use that way :)

  • Anonymous

    I’m wanting to update my xperia mini pro. Most likely to get xperia U :)

  • Amsakanna


  • Amsakanna

    no. And it’s the best part.

  • sam

    Already had the ION pre-ordered in the UK ( through a reputable company, so no surprise really for me. Glad to have it officially confirmed though from Sony. Definitely still like the Ion more than the P or U.

  • Amsakanna

    I started with X10 like this, that I would wait a bit longer. Till now haven’t owned any sony smartphone. Gonna grab xperia S as soon as it comes no matter what. check

  • Anonymous

    Xperia U Video. The lighting is amazing.

  • Jimimoku

    hmmm the capacitive buttons doesn’t seem to be responsive. Thats one of my concerns away from the Arc’s physical buttons

  • Xperia P is Nypon. Pepper hasn’t been announced yet.

  • Xperia S rulez

    dude I’ve same situation :)

  • ChristianHJW

    When will the ‘Pro’ Versions hit the market, with keyboard ? Or will the next ‘Pro’ be a derivative of the Play 2 ?

  • Mtekman95

    me too! :)..But the release date, 720p screen and PlayStation certificate (not sure if P has it) attracts me to the S..but man, P is really sexy..but i felt the same way when i first saw the S, so i might just go with it, been waiting for months!..-wow i talk like P and S are humans and they’re my friends :P..

  • Mtekman95

    i kinda liked that colour changing feature, itd be good for notifications..and you could turn it off if you didnt like it (i guess)..

  • Anonymous

    it looks like the didnt put those crappy flappy usb/hdmi covers on the P as well. Will make docking a lot easier.. plus sony has a dock for the P… which they dont have for the S. Would jump on the S if there was a dock.. but it looks like they realized they screwed that up after it was made and made sure to fix it for the P/U/Ion…

  • M Usman

    No Xperia S for me. Xperia ION bring it on :D

  • ooh i see. but the pepper was also supposed to be slated to be released in april? So why didnt they announce it today? o_o

  • Diarmuid O’Brien

    So what’s with the naming convention?

    P > S but s is after p in the alphabet. U is small and arguably less spec-ed but u comes after both.

    So the closer to a in the alphabet, the more spec-ed out the phone is? Or is it just completely random and meaningless?

  • Anonymous

    If only they designed the S just a bit better it would be a no-brainer.

  • Ocean12

    changing the color is to change the frequency of electric signal, which means it is a software issue not a hardware, like in X10 using some apps u can change the color of the small LED notification.

  • Ass

    Xperia ion=Xperia s. so whats the point? S have decent design compare to Ion.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know why the IONs design line differs from the rest? Concerning SONYs new
    lineup…it has significantly improved in terms of design and overall “look & feel”…

    A pity that the Xperia P doesn’ t offer a sd card option…so i think I ll go for the Ion. The P surely will attract a lot of new buyers…

    GO Sony!

  • Anonymous

     I think its like their Vaio laptops.

  • Why is the Xperia P has ALU casing by the Xperia S is just normal plastic?

    I am still interested in the Xperia S, but the ALU casing of the Xperia P is WOW factor…

  • bobzer

    typo – “dual-core display”, must be “dual-core processor”

  • Cholek3

     I am still going for S, though. 32GB internal must be enough. Besides only ION has different design, everything else is roughly same. Besides ION apparently won’t be available in countries, where there is no proper LTE (4G) network support. So why to overpay if you don’t use it.

  • Anonymous

    Already using 24GB out of the 30 (32) the ArcS is offering for mp3 files (and still adding =) ). Additionally HD videos, High Res photographs and apps not counter.

    So I always search for a device that offers more than 32GB… The ArcS just was too georgeous take it ;)

  • Cholek3

     Yes, that’s true, but if S got USB OTG, you can have 32GB internal + i.e. 32GB SD card = 64GB :) Obviously a disadvantage is you have to carry it with you, i.e. in wallet, with charger, etc. But I do understand your point and respect it. Everybody likes something else.

  • Anonymous

     Yeah – I also liked the USB OTG feature with the Nokia C7 (device offered 40 GB in total). You got the point when you mentioned that I would have to carry the equipment with me in order to use it – nowadays everyone is packed up with chargers (one at work, one at home, netbook chargers,…), external hardrives etc. etc. – so I like the idea of having a device that packs everything I want without additonal gadgets…

    The Ion would be a nice successor to my ArcS; does anyone actually know wheter the ION also offers the USB OTG feature?

    On the other side I´m intrigued by SONY´s upcoming Hayabusa device…the hefty price tag indicates a real “killer” phone by SONY… =)

  • Anonymous

    Sony’s way of saying “Hi!!” to the world… Sup~!

  • spatch

    The Xperia P certainly has me reconsidering my next Sony smartphone choice. Actually, It has annoyed me since CES that the Xperia Ion got the dedicated multimedia dock, but the
    Xperia  S had the HDMI port on the wrong side, and with a covering flap, hence no dock. Now Sony shows us the Xperia P with the USB & HDMI ports on the same side, and with a dock in tow, so this seems like the premium handset in the 2012 Xperia range. Why does the Xperia S have a different connectivity setup than all the other Sony phones in 2012? 

  • spatch

    My dream is for Telstra to make the Xperia Ion available on it’s newly launched 4G network here in Australia. I never thought they’d release the Xperia Arc after they decided to go with the Xperia Neo (bleh!) and Xperia Play (sheesh!), but they eventually released the white Xperia Arc S — 3 months after I bought the Rogers Arc outright. Samn their hides! Other than the Galaxy Nexus, this would make the Xperia Ion their largest-screened phone to date, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  • Lyngdoh22

    This is my best news. I thought I would be stuck with the Xperia S. I like the Ion more than S. Thank’s sony! :-) Always going to be a die-hard fan. The only thing left now is patience for release. I hope its not going to be later than Q3.

  • And what operating system does Xperia use ?
    It seems that  the Xperia have no competitive  advantage than other competitors’ smart phone with 41 million pixls and 1.5G MHZ Dual-core processors?

  • Om_yoga27

    when malaysia will have Xperia Ion  ??

  • aries1470

    Different design and features. The Ion has the following pro’s that the S does not:
    Removable Battery – Check
    Large Screen – Check
    Memory Expansion – Check
    LTE – For those that need it at the frequencies it supports (Not Telstra) – Check.

    For those in Aus, The LTE will not be available until 2014/15 due to that the frequencies have not been auctioned off yet. They are being used currently for analogue TV.

    As for europe, they will not be able to use the 700-750 Mhz due to the TV signals there. Their lowest will be 800MHz.

    So, besides some trialwith Optus in Bendigo or Ballarat, can’t remember which of the two, there will not be  any LTE / 4G yet for Australia.

  • DiarmuidOBrien

     Still doesn’t make sense. :)

  • Ery

    I wish to buy a xperia ion, tell me please when was available in my country. Mihai from Romania

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