Playstation Store coming to Xperia S in mid-March

by XB on 2nd March 2012

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One of the less-touted features of the Xperia S is that it is a PlayStation Certified device, in fact it is the only device to receive certification out of the current Xperia NXT line up. In our curiosity we thought we’d see if the PlayStation Store was any different to that on the Xperia PLAY. However, it looks like Sony Mobile isn’t quite ready to go live with the Xperia S version just yet.

When trying to open the “Let’s start PS Store” app we were greeted with a message saying that it won’t officially open until the middle of the month. Oh well, in all likelihood there probably will not be any difference until the PlayStation Suite is launched (hopefully at some point soon).

Playstation Store coming to Xperia S

  • Anonymous

    You need to translate that notice into Hebrew for that guy on the other thread lol. Btw will its Megaawesomeness the Hayabusa be ‘Playstation-certified’ you reckon? Is this a standard feature of the NXTs?

  • Rene Pedroso

    It’s ridiculous. My Tablet S is PS Certified and still nothing since it’s release. My PS Store app has only added a couple of games on it.

  • Powellm77

    Wouldn’t be expecting much here. I have a Tablet S with the PlayStation Store. Nothing in it since I got it in October.. Just an advertising gimick.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve had the PLAY since launch and there’s still no new games, not unless you download the hack version from the tablet.

    I do love Sony products, but they always seem to make the same mistake. They want to sell the hardware to make it worth supporting, instead of making the software so that the hardware is worth the purchase in the first place. 

  • Anonymous

    Chicken Ninja on the Play must be awesome!

  • ErnSat

    I purchased the Xperia Play 4G through AT&T in November of 2011. While the Playstation certification was a unique selling point for the phone, I didn’t delude myself into thinking that Sony would truly support the Play’s library of Playstation branded titles, certainly not in the US. That being said, I speculate that Sony’s waiting for ICS to be released for the applicable 2011 devices before they launch the Playstation Suite. Really though, it’s just my complete guess.
    I just know that Sony’s not getting any more of my money until they learn to earn it by delivering more than half measures.

  • Rene Pedroso

    I have my S but do not see the app. How did you guys access it? Was this already app preinstalled app?

  • NtRnOs

    Psn is open since today in japan on xperia S (no-02d)

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