Xperia S manual now available

by XB on 9th March 2012

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Xperia S ManualRight on cue, the Sony Xperia S manual is now available to download. It’s a lengthy beast, 140 pages in all and the download size is close to 8 MB. However, it will be invaluable to those of you who recently bought the handset or for those that just want to know a bit more before you take the plunge. See the link at the bottom of the post to download the English manual. If you are looking for the manual in a different language click here.

Xperia S Manual

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  • Cssf09

    that good that Sony Ericsson logo is used for the xperia’s :)

  • Malenimalenic

    is it true that all new sony phones will have old sony ericsson logo on his back side (body)

  • I’ve downloaded the Hindi manual 2 days ago, Yup it was about 8 MB in size and 140 pages !! The liquid Energy logo is still used for XPERIA, intresting..;)

  • Anonymous

    can you guys organise a list of “bastardisation” ?
    now 3 and o2 have launched, and i guess some sim free unlocked are around…

    who is shipping with what?  i noticed orange have amended “whats in the box” to now say an hdmi cable is in there

  • Fff

    Xperia S,P, U and ion – yes. But SE logo wil dissapear in future phones. It was said in one of the interviews.

  • I managed to buy mine today! Yay!

  • Rene Pedroso

    Nothing really useful in the manual

  • Asad Mulla

    When I want to buy a product I dont know much about I always download a manual first. 

  • Malenimalenic

    can you tell me in which interview,does it that interview see on youtube,please reply me, please if you know thank you

  • Friedbeer

    any idea when the xperia S hits india? though their website mentions the phone as ‘available’  non of the stores seem to have it in stock, and all of them talk about an estimated 30-45 day waiting period.

  • Friedbeer

     hey rishi, any idea if the phone is released in india and if so which stores are stocking them?

  • Mboukes

    I thought the clear strip will be lighting up for notifications, like the U. Now I see there is only an LED for this.

  • Pminhthanh

     The way to add recipient of Xperia S when you send a message is frustrating. You can only add one from your contact?

  • Osaama Q

    Hi I have phone available in India. If You want contact me @

  • Ianrryder

    Why do I always have to press show images when i look at my emails ??????? its really irritating :-? 

  • enrico

    how to install videos or movies copied from the computer to sony xperia s

  • Annne

    How do I get the light to flash at the bottom of my xperia S please x

  • Anne

    It should flash but I am trying to et mine to do the same, if you find out how to do it will you let me know please Anne

  • carla

    hi, i have upgraded my xperia s but appearantly something went wrong and it wont turn on again and it keeps restarting

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