This is what happens when you microwave an Xperia PLAY [Video]

by XB on 21st March 2012

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If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if you stuck your beloved Xperia PLAY in the microwave then we have just the video for you. The video comes courtesy of dOvetastic Microwave Theater, a professional microwave operator who puts the Verizon Xperia PLAY through this torture test.

For some reason, dOvetastic then put the “Microwaved Xperia Play Framed” onto eBay for $888.88. We’re not sure why. Obviously it didn’t sell. You can see the nine-minute video of the Xperia PLAY meeting a fiery death below. I’m sure we don’t have to say this, but please don’t try this at home.

  • Truth must be said

    He has a mental retardation !!

  • Wow, get a life dude. … and that voice! I felt like bashing his head in each time he spoke.



  • Madfysh5

    Turn your volume down before 8:30, idiot..

  • 29_to_mars

    Now Michael Bay knows what to use for explosives in his next movie

  • I agree, specially near end of the video he increased the sound of video and wrote SONIC Sound !!
    he definitely got some brain problems, it might be bcuz of microwaves :/ 

  • WaelFaddah

    some people can’t afford water in africa, and some throw their money like this.  this is sad. 

  • M Usman

    The best goodbye to Sony Ericsson LOL!

  • Fast5

    this is mission impossible become mission freaking insanity for the mobile phone 

  • Hannad Ahmed

    But will it blend? #JK

  • Asad Mulla

    what exactly was proven buy this useless guy.

  • Asad Mulla

     Got my Sim free white Xperia S today form Clove.

  • M Usman

    oh yeah? hows it going? first impressions? blazing fast right?? hopefully no yellow tint issue. both of mine are fine. I just ordered these from clove. they got them in stock today for the first time. – let me know what you think 

  • M Usman

    why does Africa have to come into every conversation? this has nothing to do with Africa. The dude bought a play, wanted to stick it into a microwave and put it on youtube. I’ve seen crazier stuff on youtube and no one goes to this starvation extreme. It was the dudes own money, let him do as he wishes with it. If you’re all so concerned about Africa, just donate (I’m sure a lot of people already do). But remember this is a tech site. Not a just giving website. 

  • Lolyoujkeil

    that’s just cruel beyond words. Rest in your pieces, toasty Xperia Play. :(

  • Narflynn619

    Fucking moron
    Dumbest video & uploader ive ever seen

  • Asad Mulla

     with that case there is no need to buy a white phone (lol). Personally I have given up on any type of case because it takes away from the phone. Alhumdulillah I dont drop my phone and I have a pouch. But yeh it is really fluid and smooth phone. if I am honest, when I pick up my arc it just feels some much nicer in every way. Slim, Light, Shape , Size. The ARC is beautiful.


  • Lol i love how on the relisted ebay item there’s a squaretrade warranty for £109.99 :)

  • M Usman

    haha true. but I wanted that bit of extra protection without compromising too much on the design of the handset itself. You should take a look at my X10 and Arc. I can’t believe they both work. After the falls I’ve had with them. But that’s why I have insurance but that’s a headache too. I am also looking to take the screen protector off as with this type of LCD, you don’t need a screen protector to protect your screen. The arc does feel smoother and lighter and the last charge I gave it was 5 days ago. and still half the battery is there hehe. 

  • Killing Spree

    i don’t care if he owns this device he’s a retard. 

  • Killing Spree

    damn who would buy an $888.88 microwaved phone that you cannot even use

  • Asad Mulla

     Alhamdulillah, Both my X10 and ARC are in prestine condition. One thing I always do is put a landyard or hand strap on my handsets. Stops it from falling. Aalhamdulillah.

  • M Usman

    I’ll try that too inshAllah. by the way, I missed delivery today of the white cases I ordered. so annoyed as the collection office closed at 12:30 and I went down twice and the guy was still out for delivery. got to go pick them up first thing tmrw morning. i was so looking forward to them LOL. 

  • Asad Mulla

    Dont you just hate it when that happens.
    When I bought My Xperia Ray from Vodafone, They said it would be delivered on a saturday I waited all day and it didn’t come. came on Monday instead. I even Phoned them on saturday and the said it will be delivered before 5pm. still didn’t come.

  • M Usman

    haha! with me they said the postman will deliver it. the postman came and went. so i gave up. said its not my day. instead a royal mail delivery van decided to come and i didn’t hear the door bell. the novelties of living on the third floor. so i missed it. will pick it up tmrw morning. its only round the corner from me 

  • Wanderer

    Now for one thing … they call it ps certified device when it has nothing in common with playstation except the joypad and its even worst to hold than the old nes controlers … i mean even IPhone has street fighter IV and devil may cry 4 … and it doesn’t have any hdmi out put i mean even engage was much more capible considering the lack of its design and graphics but it really had tv out put … and why would i want to buy 8 gb sd so i have to upgrade up to 32gb memorycard … then they tell us no sweep panorama for xperia play just 16×zoom and that was not icluded with the update …and so its too much for psp phone it can hardly play tekken 3 – only good thing about xperiaplay is onlive which requires more than a fast internet – i mean even my grand mother can make a ps1 portable lool – sony is good but xperia play is worst … well i’ve waited so long for ps suite if it doesn’t include psp and ps2 games – then i’ll go ahead and microwave my Xperia Play … it was worth trouble in the end  thnx sony … maybe no more

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