Sony Tablets to get Android 4.0.3 ICS in late April

by XB on 22nd March 2012

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Sony Japan has announced that it will start updating its two tablets (Tablet S and Tablet P) to Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich starting from late April. The new software will bring with it a number of new features including being able to access the camera from the lock screen, taking panoramic pictures as well as a new app (Recopla) that allows users to stream recorded programs from a Sony Blu-ray recorder. Another new feature will be “Small Apps”, which to us sounds like small widgets (like a small browser, calculator or remote control app) that can run on top of an existing app.

For those wondering why we are covering this story, whilst Sony and Sony Mobile are still broadly separate when it comes to tablet and smartphone development, it won’t stay this way forever. We would fully expect certain features that are on the Sony tablets to make its way to Xperia smartphones and vice versa. We will start to see a convergence of hardware and software across these devices and therefore will cover the key developments in the Sony tablet space.

  • SRM

    The new apps sounds interesting,especially Recopla.

  • DragonClaw

    Any one has any leads as to when will the smart phones get the ICS update? They said late March and Early April for the Xperia Arc S and Neo V. And late April and early April for the others. But any idea about the real date?

  • RaxaBoo

    Yehhhghgg love tablet coverage ! Woohoo!

  • Joezi

    Ya, thanks for posting these news here! As I also own a Sony Tablet S i am looking forward to staying updated here. 

  • Asad Mulla

    Good to know. Originally they were saying June July.
    It also good that your covering Tablets because there are some really nice things on my table and I would love to seethem on my phone also.
     IR remote (need ir but), Wifi checker is really nice on the table also the gallery and music player. The calender on the new Xperia’s is also taken from the tablet and I think its a millon times better than the 2011 xperia’s calender.

  • Asad Mulla

    The small app is gonna be excellent, Browsing the net and want to check up google maps to see where the shop is, Small app google maps on top of browser. or IR remote control small app while listen to your music. So cool 

  • Xperiax10Awesome

     PLEASE INCLUDE SONY TABLETS in ur BLOG as well !!! :-)

  • jkeil

    Oo.. that tablet is pretty. Good to know it’s getting ICS. It’s an awesome interface.

  • This IS IT .. The New Commer the New Player with the new Tablet

  • Rene Pedroso

    The Sony Tablet S is considered a mobile device by Sony. My tablet S is registered on my SEN account as a mobile device along with my Xperia S. SEN has 4 categories – HDTV’s, Home Audio & Video Devices, Mobile Devices and Playstation Systems. Please continue to add support, updates and blogs for the Tablets. 

  • Angel M.

    oh awesome ICS for my Tablet this is awesome!!!!

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  • Lee Nightingale

    What about the Xperia S ???

  • Suf

    When are the smartphones getting it ?

  • Rammstone

    When I use google translate to translate that announcement page, it says “Software is free of charge via the Internet from late May” yet it says late April in your article? Has it been delayed? :(

  • Cybershots

    anybody know if they are going to come out with a new sony 2 tab ?
    ive been researching about the sony s, but i dont want to buy it and then find out that sony is gonna release a newer version.

  • Edbth

    Anybody else noticed the translation now reads late May?

  • vincent stephen

    Why my google play in sony tablet s is not working after I finished upgrade to 4.0.3 suddenly doesnt work could pls help me for this

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