6.0.A.3.73 firmware rolling out on Xperia S

by XB on 27th March 2012

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Some new Sony Xperia S firmware (6.0.A.3.73) has started to roll out on some handsets. This firmware was certified by the PTCRB on 19 March and is currently the latest firmware to be certified. A reader from Saudi Arabia supplied the screen shot below but a firm change log is unknown at this point. The firmware is still based on Android 2.3.7. No update is available on our Xperia S so if you have updated to this new firmware we’d love to know if you’ve noticed anything different.

6.0.A.3.73 firmware rolling out on Xperia S

Thanks @OSAlamri!

  • i will download it now through emma and flash as an update without wipe… hope the battery lifetime is fixed with this one…

  • Maiden

    finger crossed for battery life ://

  • Nothing special… Just Arabic Countries… semms to be just a region based update

  • M Usman

    ah man. I was really hoping this was a worldwide update to fix the battery issue. Also since the weather has been really hot here, the yellow tint on the bottom of the display has become very evident. I don’t know what to do, exchange both handsets or just wish this is a software bug and will be fixed soon! I hope other users able to update their handset can shed some light on this. When the yellow tint is not there, the theme colour tint becomes apparent but that just looks like a theme implementation. 

  • The yellow tint is partially a hardware fault, and partially because of the bad viewing angles. The backlight bleeding around the bottom is related to it, and is a hardware-only-issue for sure.

    I’m getting an exchange unit for my Xperia S because of the display issue. I hope the new one will do better.

  • M Usman

    not good. i was avoiding exchanging both my handsets because of the hassle and because of having to replace and reinstall everything. now I don’t know what to do. because phones4u asked me to send it back first, then they will despatch another one. don’t want to be without a phone for a few days

  • Asad Mulla

     I think its too early to exchange the handset. They proberbaly havent even made new screens without the fault. Wait until you know for sure the new screens will work then get it repaired/replaced would be my advice.

  • Happy Xperia..anced user

    Better Battery Life! Improved sound Quality! Improved Wife, I mean Wifi! screen sliding transition glitches fixed!! Woohooo!!

  • M Usman

    that’s what I thought too but they only give you 28 days to exchange a faulty handset. for me its been 18 days and I doubt they will make new handsets within this time frame. But I’m surprised not eveyone is having this issue. Its been really evident since the sun has been out for the past few days. the heat seems to make the problem so much worse. it was there from the beginning but I hardly noticed it. Now its in your face. Not happy. Called Sony UK today and they said they are not aware of such an issue… that’s a load a crap. I told them to take a look at this blog and they will be aware of all the issues we are facing with this handset. 

  • Uhm what? Notes on changes? Or just what you wish for? :)

  • Steve

    I installed the update yesterday (Dutch handset, the update is NOT for Arabic countries only) and it seems like battery time is slightly better. But I am not sure yet

  • Updated 24 hrs ago and battery life a lot better now

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  • Asad Mulla

     improved wife LOL.  I bet apple will say “theres an app for that”

  • baseic

    where did you find the update? would appreciate a link :)

  • baseic

    where did you find the update? would appreciate a link :)

  • W-bernt

    I just updatet ny Xperia S but is not the same builtnummber i have the Xperia S white and i coulnd se any changes so far maybe is just some improvements nothing special but better then nothing 

  • Ssdstar

    Battery life Improved a lot. 8 hours in stand by mode, battery when down only a 7%. Before use to be much worse.

  • What?! Mine could last 16-24 in standby mode after a few days.. With is with 3g turned off the majority of the time, and Wifi on for about half the time..
    You sure it isn’t actually faulty or you have something “juicy” running ?

  • M Usman

    returning mine for exchange on monday. will have my new one on wednesday. have any of you lot been able to update your handset past 

  • could you please tell me if  it would be an update like this for the xperia arc?

  • Mjdarknight

    how do you gey the update, please let me now 

  • Mjdarknight

    how do you get the firmware???

  • Mostwanted_17

    got the update.. user from Malaysia… connect ur phone to pc companion and it showed…

  •  I must say that the previewing and opening images is MUCH faster with this software. I also think that the sensitivity of the capacitive buttons is somewhat better. One thing that sucks is that there is a new folder in the image app called “EN” which seems to contain images but all are broken and can’t be viewed. This folder was not visible with the earlier firmware.

  • Dt3305

    Dramatic improvement in battery life
    Press on Home button and it goes to the first screen instead of the third screen
    Bigger font on web page

  • Joe Behindforest


    Ik bought my phone somewhere around 20th march and it already had this firmware on it…???

  • when is this out dude? I live in the UK and have not seen it yet…

  • When is it out in the UK? I have a sim free phone.

  • TheXperiaS

    After Update my NFC doesn’t work -.-‘ Only on my Xperia S?

  • Jerryc1988

    Im from the uk and anything pops up after i connected my phone … pls help

  • Jerryc1988

    i meant nth pops up … 

  •  After this update it happened that the battery start to over heating when you work with any application and the phone is connected to the charger otherwise the life battery have improved by 20%

  • Dheepackbhardwaj

    how to save my battery life in xperia s

  • Shaunye

    Im in the Philippines and i just got the update. I havent noticed any changes yet but will keep you guys updated.

  • i just install update from turkey

  • i just did my update from Turkey.

  • Sanjoo_limboo

    i installed the updated finally and i am  looking for the changes,.hope for the best.

  • Ckh_calvin83

     i’ve found out that then 3 “back” “home” n “setting menu” buttons no more lack…

  • I installed this firmware upgrade in Netherlands and the battery performance has improved many times. Earlier I was getting only about a day of battery life with average use. Now the battery has lasted more than a day and currently at 50% after about 23hours of running, which is a great improvement. I would like to mention that I use the PowerSaver and battery saver app as well.

  • Cpberkman

    Installed the update on 19-04-2012. Atleast 8 hours more batterylife

  • Alin3400

     Where to find this upgrade? Not going PC Companion

  • Zeoxzy

    he said it lasts 8 hours and the battery goes down by 7%, whilst yours dies completely after only 16 hours. I think its your device that is faulty

  • Gogo

    Ulter Rubbish and liars… Battery Issue on 3.73 havent any changes… drain like mad.

  • Leander Seidlitz

    you will have to turn it on:D

  • Xperia fan

    Im in South Africa but no new update available yet?Still on 62?

  • anirudh

    the cell broadcast shit stopped for me after the upgrade!!!!!!

  • kolkis

    U can update ur mobile via pc companion.

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