Sony delays Xperia Android 4.0 ICS update, now starting from mid-April

by XB on 30th March 2012

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Sony Mobile has confirmed that the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update for 2011 Xperia handsets will start from mid-April 2012. The first phones to get the update will be the Xperia arc S, Xperia neo V and Xperia ray. This rollout will continue over 4-6 weeks.

Following on from these handsets, the second wave of updates for the rest of the 2011 Xperia range will start from end of May/early June. This includes updates for the following handsets: Xperia arc, Xperia PLAY, Xperia neo, Xperia mini, Xperia mini pro, Xperia pro, Xperia active and Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman. The Xperia S will see an upgrade “from the later part of the second quarter”, therefore don’t expect it before June 2012.

Sony Mobile had originally stated that the ICS update for the Xperia arc S, Xperia neo V and Xperia ray would commence from end of March/early April. They also communicated that the rest of the 2011 line-up would get Android 4.0 from end April/early May. This implies around a month’s delay for some Xperia handsets.

Sony confirmed that the update will take place via PC Companion/SEUS and Bridge for Mac only. There will be no OTA updates and no notifications either. The reason behind this is that they want users to make a conscious decision when upgrading to ICS given that it is a significant revamp and that it “may impact performance in some user scenarios” given that it requires more resources.

Via Sony Mobile Blog.

  • Alexandre Bote Tronchoni

    Waiting for the Xperia Neo Update…On Holidays is ok lol

  • gejza

    f**k them! update should already be here.

  • i think its insane that the xperia s would be the last one to get the update!! as xperia s buyers should have the latest software.. if there investing in a new handset!! seems stupid to have older devices running newer software thans something that just got released!! ????

  • Stan06

    its stupid,why should we wait almost 2years to wait 4 an update,why dont they release all update same time since they all ready like we know,last time was bug fixing they said,sony use ur time to make hdmi dock for xperia play instaed of wasting time on ice cream sandwich,fair wish i bought google nexus instead of dis xperia play business grrrrrrrr

  • Raymond

    I knew this would happen, Samsung and htc got thier updates out ok. Next we will hear we ain’t getting the updates at all.

  • Thank you Sony…. thanks for the delay ONCE AGAIN! FOREVER DELAY! 

  • Nicolasiena

    Ok im selling my xperia s and will buy an htc one with ics

  • Awayagher

     End may/early June? Oh come on, we have waited long enough.

  • RaxaBoo

    At least they’ve given the rough dates (even if they’re later than we would all like) – we know where we stand now- that’s something. 

  • bryce

    Not happy Sony not happaaay!!! Xperia S your latest handset gets ICS last when it should have been realesed with ICS in the first plaace!!!!

  • Sony’s ex lover

    Here I am thinking Sony will be different from SE and so I upgraded to Xperia S from the X10… But the same bullshit again and again just different label.

  • Rammstone

    Nooooooooooooooo. I can’t believe it. Sony just lost a lot of costumers. Why do they keep doing this!

  • Philip Zhou 2009

    find thisNuevo ANDROID 4.0 en Xperia™ arc S en HD

  • MicrosoftShill

    2 weeks, I think I can live with that…..
    Really people need to get a grip…

  • JTC42

    Man alive you lot (certain commenters) don’t half complain about nothing! Heaven forbid you should have to wait a little bit longer for an update adding more features to your already feature filled and fully functioning smartphone. I could understand the complaints if the update fixed some kind of detrimental bug, but it doesn’t, it’s just extras. Takes first world problems to a whole new level. 

    These things take time. Deal with it. If you don’t like the way it works, switch to a Nexus device. Sony are still pushing the update alongside most other manufacturers who are actually bothering to update at all. I say we’ve done fairly well with this. Few weeks isn’t that long.

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  • Saeen7

    Its just shit! Older sers getting ICS now & ICS will come to Xperia S when It ll b old. Fuck sony. Who takes decision at Sony?

  • SuperAMOLEDsuckzzz

    Wow that sucks, I probly wont update it anyways my Neo is solid as it is. I feel real bad for the Xperia S owners, this is why Im waitin for Hayabusa and Mint to come out before I upgrade.

  • c0stunga

    I think Sony is doing it right. People who have one of the older devices feel now that there are better handsets out there. So they are happy to see at least the latest software very soon on their devices. People who buy now a Xperia S will have a device that runs very fluid, has nice themed software and they feel happy with it. The only persons who want ICS that badly are us techy geeks. But we are just a small part of the costumers. And if they release beta versions of ICS for the Xperia S, before the official ICS launch, everyone would be happy. That’s the way to go.

  • JTC42

    Could not agree more! The phones work perfectly well as they are.

  • I have an HTC Des Z and they are mssing with our heads on ICS – if no ics is  forthcoming its part exched for an xperia pro (had a xp10 mp)

  • -_-

    this is pissing me off. XPERIA ARC has to wait? thought new management would set these corporate noobs right

  • JTC42

    Interesting point. I like :)

  • Hansip87

    Oh come on guys, I know we are all dissapointed, but other vendors don’t guarantee all of their handset to be upgraded to ICS like Sony does. So 1-2week delay is okay considering that. And to tell you the truth, Gingerbread is by no means an old software. even ICS is still not perfect. Even some GS2 user would like to go back to Gingerbread. sheeshh..

  • Your name

    At least we know when the Xperia ion will come, eh? In JUNE!! Isn’t it obvious? End of June!! April starts this Sunday, yet no release date update. Don’t be surprised if we don’t hear about this phone till the end of May or early June. With the ICS update most likely coming at AUGUST! xD Ladies and Gents, you’re better off getting a Samsung or HTC or Apple now. Sony loves to delay things, one step at a time.

  • JTC42

    That’s fine, off you go to Samsung, HTC or Apple. I’m sure Sony will sorely miss you. I personally really like their devices, FAR more than HTC, Samsung or Apple, so for someone like me it’s easily worth the wait :) I’m no better off going with them if I don’t like their phones. That’d be silly :)

  • Jenks

    What silly comments below from some people. 

    I’d like to ask what it exactly is about ICS that everyone is waiting for. ?
    Sony do by far some of the best features earlier, and integrate well new platform features in existing software. My Xperia S has been great, no real complaints other than those from overloading it with too many apps, which is my own fault.. I expect the same with my PC. 

    I also dont really think people realise exactly what it takes to build a phone and then completely transition new software too it. Especially software that they have no control over, and have no visibility of until a few weeks before launch. 
    Do people really think that Sony are just sitting around and trying to piss people off?

    Lets look back 2 years when phones couldnt even be upgraded.  

  • Jenks

    Might also be worth adding that the additional time taken is for the networks to test and approve it. For example, a mobile network may take 2-4 weeks to test and approve their variant of the software , after Sony have released it for availability. 

  • Looks Guys as long as it aint gonna be buggy im happy,even Samsung has delayed it so it’s not really a Sony only issue,but be patients im sure it’ll be great

  • I don’t want it……
    Do I have to wait again???
    Please….. I hope that this delay is the last time.

  • Vandenbornejeffrey

    I love these kind op post. A whole lot starts whining and telling they’ll go to brand X.

    Please do it already. I’ll have a bigger chance of getting my xperia S 2 preorder to arrive on time in a year or two!

    Posted from my xperia S

  • Sumi_hotkeys

    March/early april eh? Dafuq? We waited just to hear your shitty news. Better not to say a specific release time if you wont follow it, so much for SONY

  • Vandenbornejeffrey

    God darnit disqus. Why can’t I edit my posts.

  • goldenblls

    Silly comments. Do people even realise that there are already some ics features in our phones, which is more than can be said for some OEMs.

  • Arifwalkman

    sucks for you SONY ,i’ve been patient for this update ,but why you always dissapoint the user haa !!! ,really suck !!

  • Yeah.. for some reason I really dont like HTC’s design… Samsung’s too much for the “powerful” specs.. S2 batt exploded in charging.. Apple is overrated. My K800i bought in 2006 kept me last till now.. still.. Sony has always been good with the designs but ION really makes me love hate at the same time… June is still within Q2 so Sony still keeping their promise… Hopefully they surprise us by launching it April-May. =.=

  • Cssf09

    bone now everyone likes now samsung? knowing that they only update 3 of the 50 phones that take a year! and unlike sony(ericsson) updates throughout its range xperia 2011!

  • trowfd

    Oh no this has ruined my life and now i’m going to kill myself. Oh no wait… what I really meant was, meh…
    my xperia s works perfectly. Maybe ICS will make it a bit better but hey. I’m going to have this phone for 2 years or more, a few weeks is hardly an issue. And if it was I would just flash a custom Rom. I guess that most of the people who are even aware of what ICS was, would be able to do that.

  • Philip Zhou 2009

    anger -> disappointed, I like Arc S design, 
    but talking about hw spec and sw update, really need to think about big brands and think again.

  • Samsung has released a very buggy version for a couple of their high-end phones.. I’d rather wait for Sony to release it when it’s ready. 

  • What do you mean with it being the las one? Less than 2% of android devices are running ICS. If the SXS gets it in two weeks it will be one of the first to get it!

  • Asad Mulla

    so i was right when i said Xperia S update was july on the other post. post number 2

  • Asad Mulla

    how can they update 2011 handsets before Xperia S. Thats just wrong

  • Qwe1275

    smasung release ics android 4 on sgs2 before galaxy note although galaxy note is newer phone.

  • Asad Mulla

     personally, some ICS features isn’t ICS

  • Asad Mulla

    you feel me. Xperia S is the new flagship. it should get it first.

  • Asad Mulla

    I agree,Samsung’s are Overpowered iPhone lookalikes. Then they complain when Apple sue them.

  • Deepunknown201

    I wonder what made them delay the final release, I’m sure it’s something urgent that made them delay the release date, to look at the bright side, it’s only delayed for two weeks …

  • osamaH Al-Amri


  • osamaH Al-Amri

    What about HTC , they’ve released their ” One X ” with ICS.
    They should learn from them !

    Xperia S Should be released with ICS !

  • Mazy

    Had x10, had Ray…Now I have Xperia S and got update June? R u kidding me? 
    This is my last Sony!!!! This is joke for all of us with Xperia S!….

  • Vincyuee

    ION should be released with ICS in this case. :( I still hope they dnt delay it! Release it frm April- May and everyone will be happy with it

  • AlexBurnout

    Everyone is freaking saying that they are disappointed by Sony :)). You’re absolutely wrong, guys. Sony was the first who started working on ICS, now shut up!

  • Waleedblack92

    April Fool ? maybe … =D

  • XYZ

     I don’t think you understand how software-hardware optimisation works.
    Its not a quick or easy process.

  • XYZ

     Sorry replying to wrong person

  • rend2688

    I thought it was always scheduled to start late March or April? Mid April is still April! Hardly a delay in that case…

  • XYZ

    Have fun with whatever it is that you get instead. On a 2 year contract, a month wait is nothing.
    Deal with it. Sony’s Timescape UI will be skinned over ICS and will look exactly the same as the current firmware does on the Xperia S. If you’re interested in Vanilla ICS, then I’m pretty sure you should know how to root your phone and put a custom ICS ROM on it.

    Besides, I don’t think you understand how software optimisation works. Sony have to spend time and make sure their custom UI functions properly with ICS. I would rather wait a month or two and have a fully optimised silky-smooth update than a rapid one, which needs software patches every week to function properly.

  • Roeshak

    A lot u sony fanfools just talk a lot of pure nonsense that has no basis in reality.
    Its all about perception. The flagship phones they released last year were very poor sellers. So many of the phone retailers stopped stocking them esp the play. Do you think Sony bought out the label cos they were doing well. Fools.
    Just imagine this for a company’s strategy.. we are going to end up with phones released last year running better software than their supposed new flag ship of 2012 at least for a few months. 
    All other manufacturers seem to manage just fine for God sake and yet u stupid fanboys keep talking crap. You fools have so much in common with the iPhone crowd its untrue.

    The xperia s is no sony phone it has all the hallmarks and finger prints of SE all over it. Same story again so much potential with that fantastic display but let down again by dated software like those guys at SE are just demented or something.
    Once the galaxy s three gets released now most people especially those on the technosphere will forget the xperia s again and by the time ICS hits it. It’s too late. Same old nonsense from the same demented company SE.
    THEY ARE LIKE GOLDFISH WITH ALMOST NO MEMORY. Very quick to forget their failures in the hope that by some inexplicable miracle what failed b4 will succeed now. I know they say if at first you don’t succeed and all the rest of it but SE are just beyond the pale of anything logical.
    Wait for 2013 to see what Sony can do.

  • Bgdn79
    After all, it`s not recommended to upgrade, if you read the article from the link above… Well, I have a Xperia arc, an ex-“flagship”… And it`s got only 512 MB RAM… So, I guess, it`s my fault, dear Sony, that I bought this phone, isn`t it? I`m sooo disappointed, for the very first time, in 5 years of using Sony (Ericsson) phones…

  • XYZ

    People who want to switch, switch. You’re complaining now, but once you get the update all the complaining will cease. Then what? The phones AFTER the Xperia S will all come with ICS preloaded. Don’t buy them if you don’t want to, nobody’s stopping you. A good product is a good product, if you don’t buy it because Sony release ICS late then its your loss.

    The only people who have a right to be disappointed are the Xperia S owners, who are getting the shaft. June? Seriously? For a phone released in 2012, getting an update for software it should already be running in June, nearly 4 months later? That IS a joke.

    Everybody else shouldn’t be complaining. At least you’re GETTING an ICS upgrade. HTC are only updating a handful of their 2011 handsets, and Samsung only the GS2 and GNote, whereas Sony are upgrading the whole 2011 range.

  • XYZ

    What reason do you have for being disappointed?
    ICS was released by Google, if it has higher spec requirements, something that is a year old, will be too old.
    The option exists if you want it.

  • Wildthing

    On expansis you can find htc one s to 499 euro with ics inside and qualcomm s4 krait with adreno 225 and 28nm tecnology ;) Xperia S is old!!!

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  • Bashar_eng

    Oooooh, then please do it and leave this space clean !!!!!!

  • ????

    woooow no good for XS

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  • Well, he didn’t say that.

  • mountain

    I think sony should forget about all 2011 models and and only update the new ones. Anyhow, Sony is about 1 month behind HTC and 1 month ahead of Samsung (who recently released the beta version of ics) What does that mean? No need to wait for december for the end of the world?

  • ExiaZX

    so does it mean that the ics release for xperia ray didnt come out yet??? 0.0

  • I hope they will not delay any more after mid-April:-( 

  • Ugen

    ICS is having too many bugs and it isnt perfect compared to GB, Xperia S will get the updates Last but it will have least bugs

  • Ianbro

    Yes I agree.
    HTC seem to blindly push out the new releases and then let the users find the problems before fixing them.
    Sony at least seem to put the new os through some form of testing before release.
    I saw this with the X10 (my old phone) keep up the good work Sony.

    A rough time line for the products would be good though, they could even show the eta with different networks. I don’t mind if this changes/moves as things change.

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  • G_system

    Sony has been a joker hence making fool !

  • paul4id

    Chill out guys. I’d rather have a stable and functional release than a buggy one, and yes Google’s ICS releases to date HAVE been buggy.

    I like SE’s Gingerbread, and would rather they tweaked it and fixed things like the issues with Wi-fi and user dictionary.

  • Sony’s ex lover

    So what? are we supposed to look up on samsung??? This doesn’t make it any better.

  • gbgbg

    It’s a long time :’) I have been waiting for a long time

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  • Qias saif

    Sony sorry , but waiting 3 month to update my new Xperia S !!!! you fooling us / the funny thing you make sticker on the phone package ( upgradable to Android 4.0 ) Really …. 

  • Qias saif

     There is many different on ICS then why all people try to upgrade to the latest version of Android ,
    Multi-tasking – Battery usage , Web browsing , and you can search google to find more what is the different. 

  • 3andala

    Oh my god ! It’s ok,but i afriad from no update come at anytime to my Arc S !!

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  • Suhaib Haidar

     Totally agree with you! 

  • Jls_suarez

    is it the improvement on the efficieny of every functions in Xperia S particularly the battery life and wireless connectivity that people here are after about and growling of an immediate migration from gingebread to ICS? or just the display, the appearance of the homescreen and other aspects like the interface or just the thought of having an OS that is “IN” that these people are after of? 
    if it is for battery life and connectivity, then i would also want for an upgrade…but if not, i don’t really care much about it/

  • So many idiots! ICS is released to the manufacturers around the same time as the public debut! The manufacturers have to tweak it, ensure it runs correctly and smoothly with the phones hardware and adjust or create the UI to work. SE, even though slow, has ensured their phones are reliable and work. Everyone else has just chucked it all together to keep the reviewers and geeks happy. Most consumers don’t know what ICS is. All they want is a nice, functional phone. This is what Sony offers!

  • BTW, too many whingers on here that don’t have a clue!

  •  He´s just saying that Sony is not the only one doing that and that desicion i think is mainly because of the user base on the older models is bigger.

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  • Eyados

    they promised to be at end of march, then they changed date to be June, and last official article at Sony site, they advise everybody to stay on GB.
    i bought xperia s because of their announce that i will get the upgrade on end of march, also its mentioned clearly on the pack that its upgradeable to android 4.!!!!!

  • ace

    I’m currently uding the X10 and really considering the SXS. My only concern is that like the X10 the SXS will always be running an android version older than all the other handsets. By the time ICS update arrives I bet most phones will be running the Jelly Bean? It’s a bit like how the X10 first came out with v1.6 while all others were gearing up with v2.1.

    What are your thoughts?

  • So will the ICS update degrade the performance on my arc s?

  • Lvksh8

    For how much…….

  • Kevin_john221

    Hi im an arc s user..
    As mentioned above..there’s a confirmation that it will take an upgrade through a pc companion.. so in this case do I have to connect my phone on my pc everytime just to check out if the ics is ready to transfer on my device…can anyone tell me cause I am so the way im KEVIN

  • Isuruar

    I own an xperia ray. Will it be able to handle ICS? It runs a bit slow in Gingerbread tooo……….

  • Sodara_doung

    A very big thz that Sony update live with walkman too. . . I love walkman more than xperia :P

  • Nbdeclan

    I think it’s a joke. I have an experia S and was told it would be running android 4.0 by the end of march. It even has a sticker on the box saying upgradable to 4.0′. For all you idiots saying I’m being impatient as its only a few new features, regardless of what they are – they should be on my phone. Sony is a huge company, and when I’m paying them £500 for a phone I damn well expect ALL the features with it.

  • upgrade trouble with android is taking the fun out of my user experience as a tech-amateur…My ARC has exactly the same hardware as the ARC S (both cpus MSM8255, but different quality of chips, hence the higher clock rate) , but still has to wait another month… explain?

  • So am I,
    especially since the Arc has no hardware different from the Arc S (1GHZ and 1.4 GHz are both the Qualcomm MSM8255, but probably a difference in quality of power usage)
    I still wonder why Apple manages to streamline (updates etc.) everythng so much and Sony (or other companies) can’t :s

  • Guru8344

    any 1 pls tell me can i upgrade ics for x10i

  • Guru8344

    i want to sell my x10i

  • now i have ICS for my xperia mini:)…..but not official ICS…you can update xperia android at xda developer…

  • Stanleygeezer

    I have just upgraded from an xperia x10 mini (e10i 2010 model) to an xperia S. getting a lot of deja vue about promised software support from Sony the e10i shipped on 1.6, and took 18months to get up to  2.1). but then on reflection , the hardware on the S is top spec today, so should still be able to classed as “capable” in 2 years time, the camera, processors etc make it work smoothly, and battery life is as expected for a smartphone. all in all unless there is an app on ICS that will make me younger and  my kids behave better, then I think that I can wait.

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  • innocent devil
  • Jeremy Lanier

    I personally think Sony should work on their own OS. they have plenty of Playstation exclusive games in their library and not to mention that someone would eventually remake top games like angry birds. It would develope a much more compatible Sony network. Now I know this idea will get shot out of the air because everyone says it’s to difficult. However, I think Sony has the potential.

  • Tom Roberts

    i got into android fairly late in the game and have only ever owned samsung phones as to me at least they seemed to be the best. My last phone was a galaxy nexus which of course was the first phone with ICS. Now i can tell you all from my personal experience with the phone. It felt very rushed. It was very very bug ridden and the lag was terrible. This put an end to my relationship with samsung. I felt like a change and recently got the new xperia s, and software wise its a real breath of fresh air! The ui is so much more fluid than any of the samsung droids i owned, everything about the experience has been fantastic. So i can only conclude that these longer waits for updates are more than worth it if they get ICS working as well as they have gingerbread then it will be a real winner. So bitching about stuff that you really dont know anything about, you all sound pretty stupid. 

  • rodluizpant

    It’s better waiting than getting an almost alpha rom. Timescape adds many tweaks to the phone that don’t come with pure android. It’s better waiting than loosing all these tweaks that make the user experience amazing.

  • dix_xib

    I have an Xperia S, upgraded from a SGS2 running ICS. The user experience in the Sony UI is almost as refined as in iOS or Sense. This is, even without ICS, an awesome phone.

    What exactly are you guys expecting to get with ICS? Do you even know, or is the fact that your “hightech new phone” does not have ICS just messing with your image?

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  • Sanchit

    when will i get it foe my XERIA U ??

  • maxinthefax

    i own an arc and im not upgrading until i get sick of gingerbread 1st b/c honestly i thing 2.3 is still new for my phone in my own eyes and for technological reasons i wont be hasty to upgrade i might even go to the extent of deleting pcc just to not accidentaly upgrade because this is not a W902 this is an ARC baby so a sudden switch from 2.3.x to 4.0 means im F*CKED and finally if i want to use a real ics device i would wait until the GX gets an international release in june.

  • Sri

    Agreed!! H.Daniel

  • sri

    I love my XS. There are many reasons. One such reason is I am able to what I wanted. I do not want to ruin my phone installing a buggy sole.its not about who gets first. Its all about who gets best. If the best needs little more time, I am happy to wait and I think its worth for XS.

  • Dave

    ICS update delay on June. End of June early July. Sony alway delay. Suck…..:-!

  • When Android 4.0 Xperia S available in Malaysia?! Please reply me… I’m decide buy already but just wait the 4.0!!!

  • Salil


    I am using Xperia Ray..with Icre cream sandwich. Whenever I switch off the Wifi (I have disabled mobile data services) after some time, google and yahoo mail still send me Email notifications.How is it possible without any internet connection???????????

  • cy

    how about sony xperia s??? when will be the android 4.0 upgrade open ???

  • DC

    Well I don’t agry with you, users are asking tech guys for which phone they should buy, so if Sony where more like Samsung to release software way sooner they would get more sales. I have an experia s and this is my last Sony mobile.

  • Wizard

    as of last week, i’ve already updated my gingerbread to ICS.. my problem is, when i go to settings>about phone>android version.. 2.3.4 is still shown!! WTF.. where did i went wrong here?? cos im sure as hell everything went smooth as butter during the upgradation process.. any ideas??

  • denver

    balls fcken the xplay udate is nt yet cme

  • Disappointed User

    Don’t like at all the new update to 4.0… Less personalisation, making that I Can’t control the animations, the pictures display, not even the second slide button from de lock screen display… Now my Xperia S battery just lasts 5 hours, AND NOT DOING ANYTHING!!! Not using Whatsapp, not playing music, not playing any app… NOTHING! I was so charmed with my new XS but now… Soooo disappointed with this “improvement”, making me want my SSCL back… Even with the screen broken… U_U

  • Will never buy sony phone again, ICS upgrade, no wifi?? No fix and no option of going back SONY HOW IS THAT ACCEPTABLE???

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