Xperia S LED mod changes colour of transparent strip

by XB on 1st April 2012

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Xperia S LED colourIf you own the Sony Xperia S and are bored of the white LED transparent strip then check out some of the pictures below. People are hardware modding their handsets by swapping the white LED for various colours including purple, pink, green, blue, orange and red.

To do this involves taking your handset apart and soldering a small PCB, therefore there is no doubt that doing this will invalidate your warranty. This mod won’t mimic the Xperia U, whose LED light changes colours depending on the screen content, but it does look pretty cool regardless.

Xperia S LED mod changes colour of transparent strip

Xperia S LED mod changes colour of transparent strip

Xperia S LED mod changes colour of transparent strip

Xperia S LED mod changes colour of transparent strip

PS – For the record this is not an April Foos prank, although we can see why it may look like one!

Via Timberland @
See some more of Timberland’s work here.

  • ahhh !! electronic engineering to the rescue !!!!

  • Thats pretty awesome! Who needs Xperia U when you can mod the transparent bar?! =D

  • adsada_arc

     Anyone know where an Xperia S disassembly guide is? I just want to see how it comes a part, can’t find anything when I google it

  • 1. april today? ;-)

  • Gabriel

    indeed, why post this today? :P

  • Scorpion

    Not sure if April’s Fool joke or true story ^_^

  • Vandenbornejeffrey

    If the article stated that it’s possible doing this by flashing a custom ROM it would be an April fool’s joke. This sounds legit but I won’t be soldering my phone

  • DragonClaw

    Oh thanks. I did it. Now my Xperia S changes its status bar color. And with a little more modding, I could even insert a transperent bar in all my Xperias. Its too cool. Will send screenshots very soon. Thank You XB.

  • Mustafa Farooq

    should i rule out the possibility, that sony might in the feature release a SW update to allow the led to change color on the xperia s, since its exclusive to the xperia u….?

  • Felipe Pimenta

     It would need a hardware mod on XS to do like XU. In XU, there are LEDs of many colors. iN XS, there is just one LED color.

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  • I did it on my xperia x10 !
     it rocks !!

  • AlexBurnout

    Sony surprises me

  • Greenindira3

    Its too cool. Will send screenshots very soon. Thank You XB.

  • Jer

    I actually thought the phone did this by itself, like the 2011 Xperias.  So you can’t even Lightflow this thing?  Bad choice, Sony.

  • Timberland

     It’s true becos i am the one who modded these :)

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  • Pezzy

    will it work on xperia ray?

  • Harsh_patel_2007

    How can i change my white LED to diffrent colours ????????

  • Johnny

    Hey please tell me how to do it?
    I dont know how to do it.
    And does this bar lights up for a notification?

  • Johnky

    Some one please tell me how to do this?

  • Slamfidb

    Please please please please tell me how to do this!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Johnny

    What hardware?

  • Johnny

    Then tell me how?

  • John

    How to do it?

  • Johnny

    What to do after making it apart?
    Please tell me how to do this?

  • John

    How and what to do?

  • Athar Khurhsid

    Give me a instruction plz…

  • how??

  • vishal

    how to change led bar lights of Experia S

  • Zaki Rox
  • monyo


  • martinko23

    fake ! x10 dont gave transparent bar

  • shreya

    Plz tell me correct method to change trransparent led color???

  • andy

    If this mod Is done can u have different colours for different notifications or can you only have one colour led if so can anyone give details instruction please thanks

  • Andy

    Hi could u e mail me step by stephow you did this as I would like to my e mail thanks

  • Andy

    Been looking into this a little more and I dont it is possible on the xperia s because for a start multi coloured leds have more than two connections so there would be no where to solder the other connections to and also there is a chip on the light bar that controls the light sequence on the xperia s I think it would only be able to control a single colour unless thr one of an xperia u can be used if I’m wrong about someone please tell me I am and tell me how it’d done

  • shoz_on4u

    what if we remove the LED circuit from the xperia u and fit it to the xperia s then i think an apk will do the magic.
    What i was thinking is that we solder RGB LED’s and using PWM we could toggle the LED’s to different combinations of colors(This is quite advanced) but for the basic we could keep only RGB colors. But for this to be achieved we need the xperia u transparent bar circuit and leds also. Anyone knows where can i get these online.

  • sony

    can you please email the procedur i’m frm India and my email id is

  • Abhishek

    Please mail the steps to (

  • xperia ray already has different LED colors… for example…
    Facebook notification (Blue LED light )
    incoming calls, missed calls, and Texts notification (Green LED light )
    Yahoo messenger notification (Purple LED light)
    and the rest for charging, low battery…etc u know them

    this is what i got when I had my Xperia Ray

  • sakai

    how to do it?

  • roo

    Can you please send me step by step on how to go it please email is Thanks

  • alamin

    can u tell me how to change the bar light??

  • alamin

    please inbox me??

  • sakib mukter

    how you do that

  • niket bhanushali

    how did you ???please mail me (

  • gin

    how to do that … please inbox me . Thank ^^

  • yasanth madusnka

    Hey please tell me how to do it?
    I dont know how to do it.

  • copeng

    Please tell me. How change the bar colour. Email to

  • Toby Tang

    Or you can load a free app on the app market and it can change your transparent band!

  • akram naushad

    Plz…. Someone tell me about changing light of illuminati bar. How it can…

  • michael

    I wanted for sl illumination bar led

  • raj

    please yaar can you send me the instructions how to do this at………..thanx in advance but plez send

  • mitesh

    How to do it

  • Vikrant

    kindly send me also instruction at

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  • divibharath

    how did you ???please mail me (

  • Sun Ping

    Too hot job!
    Like the others, Can we find a Similar led(you use) in led? web?

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