Sony outlines details of “One Sony” strategy; confirms focus on mobile

by XB on 12th April 2012

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One SonySony has announced the official outcome of its strategic review following new President & CEO Kazuo Hirai recently taking the helm. The main focus surrounds “One Sony” and leveraging the strength of the entire group when it comes to its core businesses (Digital Imaging, Game and Mobile).

To highlight how important mobile will be for Sony, it is targeting sales of 1.8 trillion yen in FY14 from its mobile division, one-fifth of Sony Group sales in FY14. It plans to achieve this by leveraging its technology from other parts of its business, particularly games and digital imaging as well as its rich content via the Sony Entertainment Network. Unfortunately as part of the group restructuring, Sony announced that 10,000 jobs will go during FY12 (6% of the global workforce), with restructuring costs totalling 75 billion yen ($926m) in FY12.

“One Sony” for Change

[extract from press release]

Mobile – In the area of mobile, Sony is integrating the R&D, design engineering, and sales and marketing operations of its smartphone business (operated by Sony Mobile Communications, now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sony), “Sony Tablet” and “VAIO” businesses in order to quickly develop and deliver compelling products to market. Sony also plans to aggressively leverage its many technologies in areas such as digital imaging and game, its rich content assets including pictures, music and game, its “Sony Entertainment Network” network service platform, as well as the communications technology expertise and knowhow accumulated through its experience in the mobile phone industry, to launch new mobile products and establish new business models. Additionally, by integrating operations across its entire mobile product line-up, Sony aims to achieve further efficiencies and optimization. As a result of these measures, Sony will target sales of 1.8 trillion yen in FY14 from the mobile business, and significant profitability improvement.

Sony will focus on three core businesses

One Sony

One Sony

One Sony

One Sony

One Sony

One Sony

One Sony

  • osamaH Al-Amri

    Hahaha i dont understand anything. but i think sony is gonna be the #1 Electronics company in the world with Kazuo Hirai :D

    Work harder sony, and we’r with you :)
    <3 Made in japan

  • AlexBurnout
  • AlexBurnout

    Yeah, hope Sony has it

  • Asad Mulla

    I want my Tablet S and Xperia S to work together seemlessly. Hopefully this will help the process. Some really nice stuff on my tablet which I would like to see on my Phone and vice versa.

  • AlexBurnout

    Totally agreed

  • Fast5

    it seems some  bring brain  to this company at least it sound good  because before there number of fat pu**ys  with out brain  doing nothing drawing  company out of money  by paying huge bonuses and keeping  chair warm    

  • Xperiaslover

     Sony good that  you wake up 

    but GET MARKET SHARE BACK  first then profit is not everything  

  • WaelFaddah

    its about time, they need to focus rather than just produce vast noncompetitive products.  i always said especially SE, who ever had anything to do with xperia X1 and the x10, ESPECIALLY with the $900.00 tag price, i hope even if they are dead to twist in their graves, what a bad decision it was, they all need to be one of the 10000 people that are getting laid off.  

    They also need to listen more to us fans, and hurry in the SONYfication, right now if i buy a movie from sony i can only play it on that device, why can’t i just transfer it around my other SONY devices?  

  • fried_egg

    orange uk handsets xperia S are getting a 6.0.a.3.73  new system update today

  • Xperiaslover

    if sony want  innovation make xperia s with usb 3.0-

  • Xperiaslover

    no more mpix more lense work pls 

    optics optics optics = listen customers 

    bigger sensors+more  zoom optics

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