Xperia Android 4.0 ICS update – first impressions

by XB on 14th April 2012

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ICS first boot XperiaWe have spent most of today trying out the Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Xperia arc S and wanted to report back on first impressions. The ICS update correlates to 4.1.A.0.562 firmware (as expected) and is using the 2.6.32 kernel. The update does not carry over some of the UI features from the Xperia S, but then Sony Mobile never said it would. What we do have is what seems to be a solid firmware build with no major gripes experienced so far.

Some users have been reporting lag issues, but we haven’t seen this on our handset. In terms of performance it is not faster than the Gingerbread builds, but it’s not noticeably slower either. Memory optimisation has improved since the beta builds with little redraw when moving from resource-hungry apps. It’s too early to report back on battery performance, but we’ll come back with a full firmware review later.

Xperia ICS first boot

When the phone first boots following the ICS installation a splash screen pops up telling you what’s new.

Xperia ICS first boot

It also gives you a first introduction to the ‘Performance assistant’, which is meant to optimise performance on your 2011 Xperia by disabling certain apps. From what we can see only two apps are so far included (ANT+ and Facebook inside Xperia).

Xperia ICS first boot

Xperia ICS first boot

The phone uses firmware build number 4.1.A.0.562 and the 2.6.32 kernel.

Xperia ICS first boot

There appears to be some inconsistency in terms of what internal storage is reported in ‘Settings > Storage’ versus ‘Settings > Apps’. If anyone knows the reason why we’d love to know! From a fresh install there is roughly 283MB – 293MB of internal memory free.

Xperia Android 4.0 ICS update

Xperia Android 4.0 ICS update

This screen shows the level of free RAM from a fresh install.

Xperia Android 4.0 ICS update

These are the full list of apps installed when you first load the Xperia ICS firmware. Many you’ll recognise, but there are some new ones such as the ICS Gallery and Performance Assistant.

Xperia ICS first boot

Xperia ICS first boot

Xperia ICS first boot

Holding down the power button brings a different menu option compared to the Android 2.3.4 firmware. For those wondering where the screenshot option is, you now have to hold down the power button and volume down at the same time. This has been implemented in the ICS code which is why Sony Mobile removed the option from this menu.

Xperia Android 4.0 ICS update

Holding down the home button brings up the cool ICS task switcher. You can use it to switch to a different app or close them by swiping them off screen.

Xperia Android 4.0 ICS update

The new Cosmic Flow wallpaper themes are included, however the Live versions that are present on the Xperia S are not included here (most likely due to performance issues).

Xperia Android 4.0 ICS update

A number of different widgets are included with highlights including the Gmail widget and ICS calendar app.

Xperia Android 4.0 ICS update

  • Sam

    Are these widgets resizable?

  • XperiaBlog

    Most of the ones we’ve tried are yes.

  • Lito

    what is the lockscreen like? ICS lockscreen or the old one? 

  • Moozz

    Thanks for reviewing the new firmware.
    The good news is it isn’t so lag.

    Waiting for ICS for neo :)

  • XperiaBlog

    Similar to the old one – but instead you have an option to start the camera straight away (the old firmware had mute in the same place). See attached image.

  • TheIndonesian

    is the face unlock available in this update?

  • Lito

    o okay thanks :)
    its a shame that they didnt do ICS lockscreen ><

  • Could you please post a video review of it? Been searching for it but none found :(

  • avenger

    Please can you try playing heavy 3d games and compare the game performance to gingerbread? I am really curious about the game performance.( Sorry if I made any mistake, I am not a native speaker)

  • XperiaBlog

    We’ll try and put something together over the next day or so!

  • XperiaBlog

    We haven’t found it yet…

  • XperiaBlog

    We’ll see what we find although we’re not sure whether there will be a tangible difference between them.

  • Thanks :)

  • Vikramaditya Rai

    Has the camera performance improved, by any chance? Earlier the Arc as well as the Arc S had a major image overcompression issue. Has that been resolved in this update?

  • my wifi is not okey, when i try to connect to my home network i got limit connection, it wokt pefekt before  on my SE Ray    and Arc s

  • Omar

    it’s only the beginning, I’m pretty sure Sony will improve those issues, the question remains will they start fixing those issues after their full Xperia 2011 line get’s ICS or each will be fixed solely ?! Even though I was expecting a major change in the UI, I wonder why they didn’t make that change. Though it’s nice to have the latest Android :)

  • Crunch77

    Missing the favorite contacts widget. I’d really like it back. Also the list of sms conversations is somewhat slow.

  • luke

    xperia s widgets also install and work (like timescape)

  • Madis

    Browser performance is greatly improved, for me the sunspider score went down from 3800 to 3300ms and page scrolling in heavy pages in overall mode is a lot smoother. Benchmarkpi went down from 1000ms to 900ms. Nenamark 2 went up from 13fps to 26fps.
    You can disable all the the SE apps, but only 2 of them are displayed in the first introduction. 
    I have disabled many applications(analog and world clock, fun&downloads, ant radio service, ant wireless state notifier, anthalservice, facebook calendar sync, fbix music likes, friends music and videos, friends games and applications).
    Only downside is a bit more jittery scrolling of desktop papers. 

  • Tonyokoro17

    I told you all that the ICS would run fine on the 2011 phones.
    Have fun guys and girls. I wait for the full ICS update for the xperia s.
    That’s when we will all see what they can do with ICS.
    I must say, it’s a very particular situation that the company have found themselves in with their newer phones running older software than their older devices.
    A strange one indeed.

  • M Usman

    installed this on my arc last night. battery life is really good. does lag sometimes but that could be due to the fact its arc s software on arc with the 1ghz processor vs the 1.4ghz. a lot of deep changes but got to figure them out. i like it

  • M Usman

    no its not. i thought it was only because I installed it on my arc instead. but looks like its not even available on arc s. i hope its not the same for xperia s. that would suck. could you also please see if you can find out what is going on with the ps store and a lot of users not being able to download games anymore. me included. i contacted several sony departments, they’re not even aware of the issue. thanks

  • Madis

    And free ram with some of the disabled SE applications is 207mb. Im very glad thad disabling is provided without rooting. I use on digital clock, weather widget and on/off widgets. 

  • Well. There is something called Face Unlock installed on my Neo V, and there is an option to use it in the security settings. I can’t test it though as I use the exchange sync and it seems like they doesn’t work together (at least not with my company’s exchange servers).

  • MacVities

    All the complaints of lag are from Arc owners running the Arc S build.  On an Arc S, it performs just fine.
    This does not bode well for Sony delivering a lag-free Arc build down the line.

  • Bashar_eng

    Could you please do a video comparison between GB & ICS in: browser (loading time, rendering, scrolling) and camera (startup time and photo quality like jpg compression). Thanks I’d advance

  • Guest

    That’s because Arc S does not have a front facing camera

  • O_infinito

    As far as I can see… The major difference is the new task switcher, which looks really nice by the way, the battery life and that option to close some apps.
    I personally wouldn’t mind of not having this updade because my arc S is already a piece of art:)
    But i’ll try it…
    Waiting for it in Portugal…

  • Hello XperiaBlog I have some questions and requests

    >Are Preinstalled Apps are Up to Date? like Google Play, Facebook, Gmail, Flash etc, or update them manually?
    >can you also try some HD games like Shadowgun, and some Gameloft HD games if it is running without any problems and how about performance.
    >How about Camera Performance like Starting it up and Picture Quality

    Thanks a lot!

  • Naphtali

    Hi, I have a question… What’s the difference between Gallery and Xperia Gallery? And can we start taking photos straight from lock-screen? How about Music Player? Does the equalizer looks like Xperia S? What features that are lacking from Xperia S? Thanks. ^^

  • tanmoy

    @Mandis:disqus , is there any changes occurred to music player? As Xperia S has a different music player and equalizer options, which i desire the most in this ICS update.Do inform ASAP.

  • The primary issue with the arc and arc S that causes all the noise in the image is not due to the image compression, but due to chroma noise

    The compression artifacts associated with overcompression isn’t extremely prevalent with the images taken bby the arc and arc S, and is not the reason why the arc and arc S suffers from poor image quality in relation to on-screen image fuzz

    It has more to do with cramming a large number of photodiodes on a limited photosensor surface area

  • You can start taking pictures from the lockscreen by swiping the unlock slider to the left

    The music player hasn’t changed, but your’re better off getting better music players from the market

    Features lacking would be lockscreen notification for missed calls and received SMSes, along with custom equalizer and such

    Differences between the Xperia Gallery and ICS gallery are basically Android v2.x Gallery VS Android 4.0 Gallery. The most prominent, standout thing about both galleries is that the ICS gallery allows you to view an image on its native resolution, whereas the Xperia Gallery here in this case just shows a blown up preview image

  • No FFC on the arc S, no point putting it in

  • Naphtali

    So, we still got the same Music Player? Not the new one like Xperia S? No changes in Music Player? Aw…

  • Pleitti

     where’s the screen shot ???

  • Deepakbhndrkr

    Awesome I think it’s the time to say love you Sony..

  • lee

    I thought they are gonna let us choose either Vanilla ICS or Sony’s UI? Seems like the boring UI is still the same…

  • Robtheking

    That’s because its meant for the arc s, not the original arc. They have different partitions.

  • Nikhildan

    dont wait so eagerly for the update guys SONY has disappointed with this update and it dont bring anything new to the table.. and worse thing is that .. NO camera optimization means no better photos and no New music player.. 
    just all old stuff over Gingerbread has made to work on ICS thats it…..

    it was better with ericsson looking at current senario..

    there may be many ppl brought Xperia 2011 line up just thinking they will get ICS with XPeria S features… but they dint… n  u lost it 

  • Miyabi

    very ugly UI than Xperia S on gingerbread

  • make_believe

    How can you resize it?


    What about a new Roboto Font? Is there included?? It seems the font is same as in GB

  • W-bernt

    Sony did a good jobb with that update so far their are many good improvments cammera is better soundquality is improved equalizer is still the same but the sound is good and loud on arc s when writting sms you can increase make the letters biger downside the wifi conection is bad i can not conect it to homenettwork the htc one x has the same problem but the Xperia S is still the best phone out theire and will be ifen better with ics

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  • Vikramaditya Rai

    Hi Zeph! Thanks for the reply.
    That sucks, leaving no scope for improvement.

  • George

    Looking nice..hope the xperia s update come’s soon

  • Cezary

    Music player screenshot please! :-)

  • alan

    google map, street view,  youtube, play, facebook, acrobat reader needs to be updated. Flash is not installed.

  • alan

    @naphtali, yes exactly the same music player as the current Arc S and no custom equalizer neither.

  • alan

    tanmoy, exactly the same old music player in Arc S. No equaliser.

  • XYZ

    Cool story bro.
    At least Sony are actually bringing ICS to all of their 2011 lineup. HTC, Samsung and the others didn’t even bother trying.

  • mdz

    Did you notice that there is an Update center app in the drawer(page 3), so there is room for ICS tweaks by Sony, i guess (i hope)

  • Vikramaditya Rai

    Hi! Can someone please post a video with the Arc S running 4.0?

  • M Usman

    oh. thanks for that. i don’t know why but i always thought the ars s upgrade over the arc had a slightly faster processor and a front facing camera. so was it just the processor then? interesting. 

  • Roeshak

    You are attacking Sony because of your own wishful thinking. You cant seriously expect to have the new features designed for the 2012 phones in this update. The gingerbread update for the x10 was not as good as that on the arc. The arc had newer and better widgets and it’s the same now. That’s a simple fact of life in the mobile tech world. New stuff gets released that take pride of place. i did not complain about the new features that were missing on the x10 gingernread software, I just got what I could from xda.
    You should hope for back porting of these apps and widgets at xda and not from Sony. Anyone who expected to see the widgets I have on my S included in this new update for the arc, was I am afraid deluding themselves. 
    Don’t blame Sony…your expectations were unrealistic. I think even though I skipped the Arc, this update is actually quite good. Much better than what Samsung gave the S2 and I’m sure what HTC will give the sensation and so on.
    Hope for more joy from xda or get a newer phone. Just stop moaning at SONY, they are a business after all whose motivation is revenue and profit.
    I don’t even know why those of you who are complaining are doing so. You have already been using a device that was dated and weak even before it was released so I don’t know why this clamour for cutting edge material. Lets face it that has never been part of the Arc story.

    By the way, let me just say to all ARC owners, you bought a phone that had a life span of less than a year which was a fundamental blunder especially for those of you who took it out on 2 year deals. In my opinion the ARC had the same life span as the x10. The ARC had 2009 to 2011 specs in almost every respect apart from perhaps the display quality. The other day, I played around with an ARC owned by a friend at work, and it just seemed old old old. I felt so vindicated that I chose to skip the damn thing.

  • Huh, how do you mute fast, then?

  • I see thanks, that’s why there’s a lot of free internal storage left because of outdated apps and some apps not installed like Flash.

  • I have Xperia Ray, flashing 4.1.A.0.562 GENERIC NORDIK. I was not able to include a screenshot function.(((

  • Well. Some of us has Neo V’s with FFCs ;)

  • brixter11

     Games should perform better because Sony has updated the Adreno drivers.

  • mdz

    At first i thought i will stick with GB……BUT……. the more i look at the slick interface the more i want it,especially the new dialer is awesome. I think Sony are setting a standard that no other company can match.
    And i do realize from the number of SI’s they have for each phone, its mindboggling how many tweaks they need to do to the firmware.(really deserve a standing ovation Sony!!!)

  • for those who installed ICS on their devices for locked &
    unlocked BOOTLOADER who want to ROOT their devices here is a Toolkit for
    Rooting your device ^__^

    thanks to Doomlord for making things easy for us :D

  • I don’t know about Arc, but Arc S was definitely on par with the heavy hitters of last year in terms of perfomance and functionality. Techradar even had it as 4th best phone in the world (after GSII, HTC dualcore phone whose name I can’t remember and iPhone 4S). I had Arc S and it was trully a joy to use. The good thing about that phone, though, was that unlike some manufacturers like Nokia that put older hardware into their Lumia 800s and 900s and are selling them for the same price as GSII, Arc S was considerably cheaper.
    Having said that, I agree with you about the moaning for new features on the 2011 lineup.

  • Asad Mulla

     Yeh I agree, The new dialer is realllllllyy nice. I noticed it on my XS and I wanted it for my ray. Got it now with ICS

  • ahomad hosin

    can you do performance comparison between the ICS and GB versions, using difference tests like quadrant, antutu, nenamark, sunspider … etc?
    as performance improvement is one of the most important feature of ICS

  • paul4id

    Anyone who knows their browsers though already uses Dolphin instead of the stock Gingerbread browser as the Gingerbread browser was always slow. So improved browser performance is not such big news. Would be more interesting to see some more general and consistent benchmarks.

    BenchmarkPi being worse is concerning.

  • paul4id

    It is Roboto.

  • paul4id

    I am not so concerned about camera tweaks ( though should be there considering iPhone 4S uses the same sensor). I really do hope they make wi-fi stability tweaks as this is quite a serious issue.

  • paul4id

    We should be able to get a feel for the arc build by looking at the builds on the ray and neo v.

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  • Abhi

    When the ICS update is coming to India?I love Sony and my Xperia Ray will be happy to eat its long waited cold dessert. I thank Sony for keeping its promise:-)

  • Robin

    About the memory inconsistency:
    I currently run a HTC Desire with CM7 and it has the same inconsistency.
    The explanation is simple:
    Settings -> Apps shows the free memory including the memory used for app cache.
    This totally makes sense as Android automatically clears cache of all or most applications when it’s running out of memory.

  • alan

    screenshot is by holding the power button and the down volume key

  • jbhoy

    My 2011 sensation XE is already updated to ICS since March. And you were saying?

  • Mohamed Mohie

     Xperia X10 get the same software of Xperia arc at the time of update (media widgets and timescape).

  • Do a full review and video on the New features of the Xperia ICS update !!!!!!

  • Konstanty92

    Hi i’m still running 0.62 firmware on my xperia s. No updates found by pc companion… What version are you runnig on your xperia s?

  • Nikhildan

    m not accepting new features or would say all features designed for Xperia S… but just a camera fix… as ull be knowig pictures taken are 5Mp and must be atleast 1.5Mb bt they compress it so much that they just look bad n lacks clearity… 
    and second is the better music player and equalizer like Xperia U and P and S becoz its sony… and my 4years old Walkman series W610i still sounds better then Xperia Neo V with 18000 rupess i.e. $375

  • exissPL a video i made showing photoshop touch working on xperia arc s. google chrome browser works as well but no flash support, which makes it useless.

  • AlexBurnout

    This is amazing!!!

  • Miniman200999

    And he was saying something that you failed to read. 

    One phone ICS update does not equal the whole of 2011 line up of ICS updates.

    Sony promised and has delivered the ICS updates to all of the 2011 line up on Xperia phones – that’s a considerable amount considering the amount of phones they released last year.

  • Miniman200999

    Just because it’s a year old and cannot compete with the other phones in terms of hardware today you think it’s the oldest phone ever made. I think you just can’t accept the fact that the Xperia S still has the same amount of memory the Xperia arc has. 512 Mb RAM.

    Remember, Xperia arc has been the most brilliantly aesthetically engineered smartphone the industry has ever seen, hardware specs are not everything in the Smartphone market, correct software tuning with respect to the given hardware also plays a vital role. If you can get the balance right here, you have yourself a zippy phone. Sony Ericsson got the balance right, and the Xperia arc was termed one of the best phones in 2011. 

    This is 2012, you would expect hardware and software optimisations to get better, so don’t boast about how good your decision was on skipping Xperia arc to get the Xperia S. Of course it is better, hell if you call the Xperia arc a phone of 2010, I can call your phone one from 2011 since Sony is a year late to the dual-core market. Samsung Galaxy S II dominated 2011 with its dual-core power. Now is the time for Quad-Core – I can say this, but as I said before the harmony between software and hardware also matters. But you obviously don’t understand because your thinking is clouded by your new Sony Xperia S. 

    I will laugh at you when the next Sony flagship comes out and then you will know how “old old old” your phone is. 

  • alan

     not much into hd gaming but 2 games I usually play are temple run and words with friends. For Temple Run I experienced some strange behavior like I cannot adjust music and sound in option window, it just closes, the man would slide instead of jump, go straight instead of left. Anyway I just uninstalled it.
    Words with Friends would always have, not Responding error, after closing ad and when selecting letter for blank tiles. Sent this issue to their support, no reply so far.

  • alan

     just tap and hold on the widget, if it is resizable then you will see it squared with dots on the four sides, drag them to resize.

  • paul4id

    Browser is irrelevant – you should be using dolphin by now anyway.

  • Roncub

    Is the phonepad style keyboard (ie NOT qwerty) still available after the update?

  • Eugene

    successfuly update my xperia arc to ICS 4.0.3 and rooted using this thread. thanks very much! cheers to all! :)

  • can you please tell me when will indian users of sony ericsson xperia  ray will get the ics update

  • Martin

    How does system font size adjustments work? Do they affect all the texts (menus, icons) in the system in all programs, or still there are programs which keep tiny texts even if font size is set to large?
    I’m especially waiting for ICS because of system font size settings feature. I have vision problems since birth, so it’s hard for me to use Android comfortably with its current default font sizes (as in GingerBread) :(

  • matttm7

    The music player is the same unfortunately. They were able to get the new Xperia S music player on gingerbread phones, but I don’t think we’ll see a successful port until ICS goes to the Xperia S. I did install the widget onto my phone as I liked it better than the old one but because the lockscreen & notification controls do not work with it, i decided not to install the player.

  • matttm7

    Actually sony impressed me with this update. Yes it was disappointing about the music player (even though I don’t like how the new player shows what the next album cover is and the changing colour background is barely noticable but the functions are improved obviously). 
    The stock launcher in gingerbread was an absolute pain so I installed Go launcher. I wanted music player function on the lock screen so I bought widget locker. While both of them are great apps, I have simple enough tastes to not need them anymore. My Ray runs smoother, apps open quickly, opening the camera isnt a total pain anymore, and all the other additional functions that ICS offers. Did you check out the Samsung Galaxy SII ICS upgrade? It barely had anything new ( I bought my Ray because it was the best phone for me at the time. To expect it to have exactly the same features as a future product is insanity. Getting ICS made my experience so much better… and XDA is a god send!

  • John

     this is probably a stupid question, but why is the kernal, I thought ICS was using the 3.0 kernal?

  • alan

     yes it’s still available

  • SONY Xperia Neo V
    users can now easily apply the latest version of ICS ST18i_4.1.A.0.562.
    Please note that this is the official firmware update released by SONY and can
    be applied by all the users globally who are having this device. Anyone
    with their SONY Xperia Neo V can apply this update.
    Plz follow the link below..

  • xperia arc s

    My First impressions about ICS update are confusing. There are some nice features in the ICS such as cool task switcher and better browser performance. But there are also more lags than gingerbread. Sony’s new launcher in ICS is a bit laggy(gingerbread launcher was very smooth and fast) so I recommend to use 3rd party launchers(I use launcher pro which works very fast and smoothly!). An other bad thing is that Dialer starts slower than old one.. But all other things and apps works fast. New settings-menu is an big improvement compared to old one(and it works gently). 3D performance is improved: xperia arc s got about 15 fps in nenamark when I used gingerbread. Now score is about 26 fps:) games work very nicely and phone is stable and fast. Browser is very fast even tought there were much flash content in internet- page. There is new nice gallery app which is simple but cool! My phone is Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S. Overall ICS update is nice and if you use 3rd party-launcher there is no lags:) 

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  • Bashar_eng

    im using opera mobile !

  • Curious

    Going for the longest sentence award?

  • SteinJS

    Is there a way to switch the OK and Cancel-buttons back to normal? They have always been placed with OK to the left and Cancel to the right, and now they changed that and I just keep hitting the wrong buttons. Seriously, I want to throw my phone in the ocean like several times every day.



  • Ice

    Guys, what happend to the contacts widget?

  •  I just updated my SE Xperia Arc S to ICS today and for some reason, my old photos are not showing up on either Gallery or Xperia Gallery. I can see them using Astro File Manager though. Has anybody experience this? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

  • Apoorv Pandey

    Can anybody post a pic taken with xperia ray after ics update?
    i too have the set but in 2.3.4 the pics are highly compressed. just want to see if that is removed in the update.

  • Amey kubal

    I updated it today on my Arc S….the camera has a soft key now and less options. no options on meter mode, multi focus, smile n face detection….where are all thses???

  • Adnan

    Updated this morning. There are lots of cool improvements. But my ray feels quite heavy after this update. Also not liking the feature that apps like Astro file manager, whatsapp can’t be removed. Android OS now uses lot more battery than GB. Overall I’m 50/50 happy about ICS update. Expecting another update from Sony which smoothes the ICS experience.

  • prateek khurana

    Hey looser Sony has provided us with the best ICS they could. they will obviously provide improvement in further update…. Stop hailing around crying over nothing… asshole

  • Cant take screenshot on my Ray as instructed here. Someone pls help?

  • Screen shot taken by pressing the power key and volume minus key at the same time…dont press the volume down button first coz u will get the option to minimise the sound

  • flash 2 be dnwldd from the market

  • the said vid is already up on youtube

  • u can access the music player now even from the lock screen even wen the cell is locked

  • power key and volume down key at the same time…dont push any of thses keys ahead of each other

  • found them in the settings…the pull out scrren was much b8r

  • thts why u shud backup ur data

  • just do the reset of ur cell

  • ?????

  • matttm7

    Are you talking about the Xperia S Music Player? Have xda found a way for it to work?

  • no talking about Arc S…but i think both arc S and xperia S have the same music player and cn b accessed from the lock screen

  • the music player as accessed from the lock screen

  • screenshot

  • matttm7

    screenshot the actual music player. I have that on my xperia arc. does your music player look like this… and

    That is the Xperia S music player. If it doesn’t, then you just have the old one sony kept.

  • that aint the old one

  • matttm7

    Yeah my post was about the Music Player for ICS still being the old one, but you did point out that the music widget on the lock screen is new.

    The Xperia S music player was able to be ported to other xperia gingerbread devices, but its not fully capable on ICS.. I am hoping that Sony update the Music Player before the Xperia S gets it’s ICS update seeing as its so far away. It is so much better… except I don’t like seeing the next album coming up. It ruins the simplicity.

  • ICS is draining the battery quite faster than GB on my Ray. “Android OS” is the second most battery consumer after “Display”. It also hung 2 times today while using the FB app. It has happened for the first time. My Ray never hung on GB before. Also the cant take screenshot as mentioned in this post. Expecting a more optimized ICS update for my Xperia Ray! Pls Sony!

  • ics was made for cells with >512 mb ram and >1ghz dual core processors. both the ray and my my arc s dont meet the reqirement. expect lag issues and batt drain. Use juice defender app from Andriod market. it will help. i have found many bugs in the ICS. We have 2 hope that sony realeases an update soon to fix the bugs

  • youtube has the ics on xperia arc although it is in beta stage

  • enable individual apps to update automatically. after the update, the adobe flash player will be uninstalled. u have 2 manually dnwldd the flash player from the market. phone lags a bit on the ics. camera is good but the same. nw u cn zoom during video rec and NO it doesnt have 1080 p rec.

  • ics is meant for >512 mb ram and >1 ghz dual core processors to run smoothly…expect lags b4 sony releases an update

  • Disclaimer on Sony’s website….updaters read this

  • Dear Xperiablog, u say that u didnt see any lag issues on ur cell the Xperia Arc S. Lemme point it out that after seeing the above pix of the cell, we can see that the cell is a new one right out of the box with absolutely little or no data onboard. So it must have 200>MB storage and no third party apps and so no memory to allocate to them. My cell has 80MB free internal memory and 4.2 gb out of 8 Gb external memory left, the issues and bugs which i am experincing as follows- contacts wont back up on the sd card showing unknown error, launcher is terribly slow, camera takes 2 sec to open from cold start and 1.5 sec from warm start ( i actually timed it with a stopwatch. it is that bad), apps in the menu almost always arrange themselves in ‘my order’ format, dialer is again terribly slow. it takes 2 secs to initiate a call from the call log, no 1080p vid rec, the launcher sometimes freezes and crashes, the music player sometimes crashes and starts the playlist from the start. I use Juice defender as well as NQ task killer to kill apps every 30 mins.
     Can a third party launcher like Go be a workaround for the terrible launcher issues ?

    Is there any option to go back to gingerbread until sony fixes the bugs and the lag issues ?

  • Manojks2012

    i have upgraded my xperia ray to android ics 4.0 its bit laggy while doing screen selection and also when screen is locked while music is playing it shows music is playing but not showing the option to switch between tracks….

  • Orelce11

    Anyone else experiencing video recording lag? Videos are crap on my arc s after the update. What’s going on Sony?

  • John

    Ok, Sony’s update page states that there’s an improved Group Calendar with different colours. I see these different colours for the different Google calendars I’ve got in the calendar widget but when I enter the calendar app all my Google calendars are still pink – no change from the previous Android version. Any insight guys?

  • John

    Ok, Sony’s update page states that there’s an improved Group Calendar with different colours. I see these different colours for the different Google calendars I’ve got in the calendar widget but when I enter the calendar app all my Google calendars are still pink – no change from the previous Android version. Any insight guys?

  • John

    Ok, Sony’s update page states that there’s an improved Group Calendar with different colours. I see these different colours for the different Google calendars I’ve got in the calendar widget but when I enter the calendar app all my Google calendars are still pink – no change from the previous Android version. Any insight guys?

  • ABHI

    I updated my Xperia Ray to ICS & I love it. It looks better and it performs better. Sony’s gamble has paid off for them cuz no other manufacturers are upgrading their entire 2011 lineup to ICS. Right on the track I hope a bright 2012 for. Sony:-)

  • andy

    i got ice cream sandwhich.. had it since the update came out, i must admit i was impressed at first, but now im tryignt o find the calibration and cant.. the keybord is quite irriating having to set ti to xperia keyboard other then chinese or japanese the irritating icons that never disapear on top but apart fro that its good, still impressed just these little irritations

  • it will be better if u use’ Hacker’s Keyboard’ from the Android market. it is free and very good and the  dictionaries come free. after doing this, u cn disable the Jap and the chinese keyboard from the settings-apps-running apps-chinese/jap keyboard-disable

  • it is still there

  • i m getting 100 mb free with 68 apps installed

  • im having problems with my arc S since the update, for some reason google play is only showing a few apps that needs updating, i have to search for eg. youtube and update it from there where as it should be listed under My Apps — Updates, or My Apps — Manual updates.

    also i have full signal with the little h but yet every now and then web pages will not load and google play give connection error

    any one help with these issues?

  • pao

    So much lag on my xperia arc. with the new version. other games don’t work well too like my temple run. major problem. 

  • pao

    “xperia arc s”

  • Hublou

    i can´t find the lockscreen on android 4.0, can someone help me please, i would like the phone to look like with andoird 2.3

  • find it in settings-security-screen lock. But unlike the Gingerbread, in ICS, u can only select one of the types of security u want for ur phone- slide lock, pattern lock, password lock, PIN lock. In 2.3 the slide lock was a must and could be followed by the pattern, password, PIN locks as second level of security. In ICS, u can select only one. There is no second level. Hope this answers ur query

  • Harman_12

    could you please make a video for xperia 2011 android 4.0.3…

  • edward.

    after updating my xperia ray ginger bread android 2.3 to 4.0.3 . my phone apps lags ans the phone is proccessing slower than normal and the media volume and phone volume has reduced even including the keypad vibration while touch has drasticaly decreased.. pls help..

  • Joseph Albert Agustin

    my lockscreen has status bar. and can be unlocked just by pressing the settings on the status bar, or just pressing the camera button. after opening the camera. pressing back it would take me back to home screen instead of lock screen. ;( also some contacts is missing. but when they call me or sms their names show but when i will sms or call them they are not on contacts.

  • have u sync all ur contacts from gmail, FB, twitter and phone contacts….In the settings choose 2 display all the contacts 

  • Guest

    It’s been more than a bloody month, where is it!?

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  •  You could have gotten this ‘look’ with a simple Launcher…

    Waste of time. Its still bundled to the head with bloatware/spyware from Sony.

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  • still the same…just some minor cosmetic changes like the soft key on the screen. rest all is the same and the video doesnt have 1080p rec…damn

  • xperiaarcsowner

    hey right after i upgraded to ICS the phone does not have on screen notifications. it’s not a big deal but somehow it is easier for me as a user to see if there is a message on my phone. is the no screen notification for unread messages normal? thanks!

  • If your phone dialer is slow, get a free exdialier from Android market. Problem Solved

  • berit

    where is it ? now you can just add individual contacts, not a ‘favorites’ widget that has all of them in one.

  • berit

    true that

  • richa

    would you please tell me how long it takes to update??? it is killing me? my internet speed is 384Kbps. if it fails would my xperia ray would damage? :( please reply its my new phone bought with saving.

  • richa

    would you please tell me how long it takes to update to anroid 4.0??? it is killing me. my internet speed is 384Kbps. if it fails would my xperia ray would damage? :( please reply its my new phone bought with saving.

  • If i update my xperia mini to android 4.0, will the calibration issue will shoot up. Because when i checked the service centre they told me that, my mobile will get mechanical update along with android 4.0.

  • if that is ur Internet speed, but charge ur phone to max and then then connect coz at that speed, it will take around 2-2.5 hrs 2 update and dont wry about damaging ur cell. it wont fail…it will take time…i wud recommend that u go somewhere where u get good speed like about 1000kbps upwards. let me knw wen aftr u update.

  • richa

    thank you amey. yea it took so much time and i have no idea should i disconnect the phone or not. it wasn’t being on as well. i let the process run for around around 5 -6 hours. and it updated successfully. m so happy with new updates.. hehe thank you amey. it provide me kind of hope. :)

  • my Timescape UI not able to make updates to Facebook after upgrading. any solution?

  • lameski

    i don’t have internet on my wi-fi via my mobile but via my computer yes… can you tell me what to do … ?
    using xperia neo

  • lind

    Do you know where the screen shot capture is ?

  • Vishal Bagthalia

    Hey will der b dat calibration fix for xperia mini included in ics update? :(
    Coz mini suffers dat calibration issue!!

  • arcuser

    My carrier has not yet released ICS for my arc. I experience some problems with the camera where a part or the whole the pic has a “negative” effect. Should this problem be solved with ICS?

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  • Mearaj Ali

    I have xperia mini pro and after update of ICS the front camera option is not showing. can anyone help me out on same. how can i use front camera to pick a photo.

  • OlegK

    Worst ghing in life to DOWNGRADE to ICS from GB!
    The camera app is the most stupid photo app ever. There is no more manual white balance, no manual focus, no macro, no exposition correction etc.

    The Arc S was the Best Photo mobile of the Year with Gingerbread. But now, after I did a DOWNGRADE there is no more available a good cam mobile.

    SONY this is a big big FAIL.

  • Andy

    got the 4.04 ver. I noticed that earphones aren’t working properly. I mean only the right side does work. Tried several headsets all came up with the same problem. All of them are working on my other phone. I disassembled my phone and found no problem with the jack adapter ( the contact points are still intact). could this be a glitch on the system?

  • gubz

    do you manually update it or does the update come to your phone

  • shiena

    wew!!! thank u so much for this!!! very helpful for newbies like me!:)

  • NCH

    Very useful , especially about the screenshot but I didnt understand why it had been removed from the power button ?
    Can u plz explain . Thx

  • karen*

    Hi, I’m sorry for asking an ignorant question but I have problem navigating my way to switch on/off the background data (which allows you to receive notification and stuff) after updating. Can someone guide me through =x Thanks!

  • Alan D W

    hi can anyone help i bought a second hand xperia min but in most of my apps the previus owners email comes up but i dont know her password can anyone tell me how to remove her email so i can put on my own and my password i was going to press the master reset but will this not just loose me all the apps installed her email is on gmail and most other apps please can someone help me with this it would be much appreceated in not to good with the user stuf from this phone as its the first time ive had this model of phone thanks again.

  • Mauldroid Ibrahim

    Why i cant use my front camera again? :(
    i’m using xperia mini pro

  • felix diaz


  • bumblebee722

    Hi..since i have updated to ics,i always have this fb notification that says could not synchronize with facebook.and evytime i click on it to synch it, it doesnt allow mi to log in..
    Anyway, my phone now is really slow..lags all the time.. And my app storage settings really sucks..when i uninstall either it takes so long or it wont uninstall..anyone can help me with this? I would really appreciate it..

  • Tongkatali

    sorry for my english,

    i have 200+ mp3’s saved on music folder in phone memory, but the music player cannot detect all my mp3, please help me… thank you… 

  • Ashu291176

    Poor upgrade. Lots of problem. Wifi showing poor signal, Google play not working, could not download any thing

  • Talal Jay

    i have very stressful experiance with the new frimware ICS for my very new xperia s its getting slower and showing errors like “unfortunately system ui has stopped.

  • Most important “Installer”  is not there

  • there was “micro” mode in focusing option before update….now it’s not there….what’s the problem? & does the update affects the camera quality?

  • VroomGaur

    did anyone find any alternative to the fav contacts widget? maybe an app from the market or something? need the widget for quick dial :(

  • After i updated my Xperia S i get an camera error:) Camera is useless now!!! Anyone else heard about this?

  • Kuro Kokoro10

    U can shoot screen the phone by holding volum down and power off and then it will appear the image ^^

  • Alvinsoriano21

    My xperia s show lag whenever i use the mw600 bluetooth headset, the music stops a few milisecs whenever i open sms, phonebook, menu

  • Hi Xperia Blog,

    I’m using xperia neo v, i want to upgrade it to ICS and can i go ahead with the upgrade from system?
    or do i need to go to service center for safe upgrade???
    I don’t know whether it may cause any failures any during the upgrade… 
    i Have fear of upgrading it from my side… can you please suggest me…


  • Please let me know.. as soon as possible please….

  • Sharma Shubh19

    How to take screen shots on xperia s latest update? Please help

  • Dee

    How would you take a screenshot on the new update?

  • Guest1

    Does it have timescape widget? Or just Timescape feed widget?

  • Mskumardxn10

    What about the housing crack of Arc s…….?

  • sandun

    I can’t stop Vibrate when using my Arc S in 4.0.4

  • Yadne

    need help i updated my neo v but how will i be able to get the vibration everytime i touch something and it also has a sound…thanks

  • sandun

     turn off your Talkback option in Accessibility and Try………..

  • Jane

    Hey. How Can I create a favourites icon on my home screen? Or is there any other option besides this?

  • Ran

    How to disable the free adds showing bottom of the screen in Xperia Arc LT15.

  • hi, after updating my Xperia arc to ICS, i started getting feedback while the phone is on standby which read as follows 8.02/8.07/8.16 and keeps on changing to different numbers and android web addresses. Any idea what could be wrong?

  • Susan

    Hello Xperia blog
    i have a simple question, i am having a hard time figuring how to play music in my xperia neo, it seems that only the default music is playable, i have downloaded OI File but it is so tidious and it plays only one music at a time and i have transfered hundreds of music, videos and pictures but can’t access it. how should i go about it?
    Thanks for your reply.

  • Mearaj Ali

    Go to account setting option and remove old accounts from there and enter your new details. Enjoy..!

  • Mearaj Ali

    In response to your query we would like to inform you that in order to get the front camera option in your handset kindly follow the below mentioned steps:

    1. Main Menu.
    2. Camera.
    3. Then you will get scan auto option.
    4. Tap on the scan auto.
    5. After that you will get front camera option.

  • Snoopy

    Performance on Arc S after updating to ICS can be singnificantly improved after applying this solution:

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  • lanister

    hai friends i have sola i got an ics but still it has some problems like if we change theme it will hang and still lots of lack of prolems exists. from sony they posted like build kernal and is that is ics or something else ..! until next galaxy s5 & galaxy note 3 promo

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  • lannister

    “Xperia mini pro, Xperia neo L and Live with Walkman are next up, and will start to receive their serving over the next few weeks.”
    Read more at 9Apps VidMate Mobdro

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