Xperia SX uses the MT28 model number

by XB on 16th May 2012

in Xperia - Japan Models

We are hoping that a variant of the Sony Xperia SX will see an international release outside of Japan. Obviously the Xperia SX includes a number of features important to the Japanese market including infra-red and a 1-Seg TV tuner. Therefore there’s no guarantee that Sony Mobile will be chopping these out for a western release, but we really hope they do as it looks like a superb overall package for people not wanting a large Android display. Anyway, if it does see an international release it will use the MT28i model number according to the snapshot and benchmark below.

Xperia SX uses the MT28i model number

Xperia SX uses the MT28i model number

Via Blog of Mobile.

  • HSN alfar3

    too many phone models and they didn’t release the Ion yet
    I like the GX the most but will it be available internationally? and if so ,when ?
    I hope within these 2 months

  • RadTate

    Well I thought it was the successor to the Neo, which is the MT15, this confirms that idea. I personally would hope for a slightly different design for our market…

  • dereknobuyuki

    hardware-wise it doesn’t have much Japanese market specific.
    There are Japanese market specific features such as FeliCa mobile wallet
    but I think that has been made easier due to the standardization of NFC across the 4 or 5 major NFC tag types (including FeliCa)

    Everything else Japanese market specific, aside from the LTE radio, should be software.

    So, there’s hope yet.

    The newish spring model Xperia Acro HD, on the other hand would be another story.

  • Well the P is the ‘slightly different design’. This one is in the ‘very high-end’ category for Medium Touch phones. The P on the other hand is low-end, so there is still room for an MT24/25/26.

    I quite like this one. If the top bezel is a bit shorter in the international version I might get it to replace my Xperia S. Or the international GX, whichever arrives first :D

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