Xperia acro S UK release looking unlikely

by XB on 30th May 2012

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UK fans looking forward to the 4.3-inch Xperia acro S with its water and dust resistant features may be in for a disappointment. Whilst the Xperia acro S is pegged for a global release the omens don’t bode well for a UK launch.

Whilst browsing the Sony Mobile website earlier today we came across the UK product page for the Xperia acro S. This in our minds cemented the fact that it would be coming to the UK. However, over the last hour or so the product page has disappeared completely, with only the Xperia go listed as coming soon.

When we poised this question to Sony Mobile PR this morning, this is what they had to say: “The UK announcement is only for the go. No plans to release the Acro S here at this stage.” At that stage we just thought maybe a formal UK announcement will come later. However, in light of the above evidence, it now seems that the handset will not be coming to UK shores at all.

This would be a shame especially as there are very few higher-end water resistant Android smartphones out there. It also does make us wonder exactly which regions will be getting this handset, considering it is meant to see a global launch.

  • It’s also not coming to the Netherlands :-(

  • Anon

    I hope people in uK and NL know about thing , called “Internet Shopping from other EU Countries” :_)

  • wyrmeth

    If not the acro s what handsets are they looking to release in that quarter? Perhaps they are holding off to release nexus handset running jelly bean as apparently google are taking a multi handset approach to launching jelly bean with Samsung Motorola and Sony too according to the rumour mill anyway

  • Ian

    Well I just had a tweet from Sony stating it is likely to be released globally :)

  • Hannah

    Well it doesnt feauture on Spain, France, Germanys page either, so perhpas its just Sony giving some air tie to the GO before they promote the Acro S. Which countries could you buy an Acro S from that would work in the UK?

  • ian

    You can get them on ebay right now but are branded Sony Ericsson

  • king-james

    You forgot Germany! :P

  • Model of Acro S is LT26w!!!!! LT29i is another phone. Xperia GX i am waiting for you!

  • Anders Holck

    Available on the Swedish site.

  • heronaddict
  • lav verma

    by this measure count India out too :((

  • lav verma

    yea perhaps this is true,q3 start would see go ad in middle/end of it acro s,how long do we have to wait???clarifications sony please

  • Krishna

     it also dissapeared from the sony site in india. So we are also not getting it.

  • Squiggly

    I asked them on Facebook and they said it is coming out in the UK in Q3. The Xperia Go is already out now, so they’re probably just waiting. Fingers crossed it will come out in the UK though!

  • amoeba

    I want this phone to be my first smartphone…… how long do I have to wait. I know I know Q3 you say

  • juka

    how about in the Philippines?? is it within this month of august???

  • You can buy it in Russia!

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