New 6.0.B.3.162 firmware certified for Xperia P, U and sola

by XB on 17th June 2012

in Firmware, Xperia P, Xperia sola, Xperia U

PTCRB Xperia solaIt looks like there was some new software that was recently certified by the PTCRB for three of the newest members of the Xperia family – the Xperia P, Xperia U and Xperia sola. Firmware version 6.0.B.3.162 was certified on 15 June and could be heading to these handsets soon.

Recently not all Xperia software versions have been appearing on PTCRB which could mean Sony Mobile is not pushing all software through PTCRB or that they have asked PTCRB not to make them publicly available.

Thanks @tanalibera!

  • Ratha

    What about xperia 2011 (Arc Neo…) ?

  • PattiEFink
  • sony is useless same again as xperia x 10 crap updates 2012 flagship phone still no update even most of last year phones on ics xperia s still isnt

  • xyro

    Go back to ur samsung forum .
    Some place still not getting ICS for note and sII and sl s plus those not getting at all .

  • Well, what I know they now release ICS for for all 2011 smartphone except Play for kinda obvious reasons. So Xperia S would get ICS during v25 if we lucky…. But I am kinda certain of that.

  • rafi

    If you want instant ics for you devices go buy samsung nexus. Or maybe samsung dont offer the spec like sony does.

  • boosook

    enough with these trolls…

  • boosook

    they have all been updated, what else do people want? an update every day?

  • When can i roughly expect this update? (UK)

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  • Vaibhav

    can I use this 6.0.B.3.162 update.? Is it safe.? Is it different from Icecream Sandwich version.? What should I do.? plz Help.!!

  • I get an update notification for this when using ‘Sony Bridge for Mac’ but not on Windows or on the device itself…

  • spiros

    will xperia sola be updated to ice cream sandwich?

  • Sanath

    Software released in india.. Working fine for me

  • X-toni1030-x

    when is ics coming for the xperia u ? 

  • anthony

    when is ics comming for the xperia u ?

  • xperia U battery packup so good…….

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