Sony Mobile acknowledges Xperia S ICS update issue

by XB on 27th June 2012

in Android, Firmware, Xperia S

The Sony Xperia S Android 4.0.4 ICS update went live last week and since then a number of readers have got in touch about problems upgrading. These were people who had handsets with an SI number that Sony had listed as being ready for the ICS update. Well Sony Mobile has responded to this issue over on the Talk Sony Mobile forums and says that all updates will be “re-released”.

First update over ICS updating problems

“Unfortunately it seems that some users have problems to update their phones to ICS even if their SI number is in the list. We have located some issues and we’re working on fixing them as soon as possible. So if your SI number is listed for the ICS update but you still get the message saying that your phone is up-to-date stay calm we’re working on it. We will come back with more info soon.”

Second update over ICS updating problems

“We have identified the earlier issues and are working to implement the solution across all available ICS updates. This process will happen gradually beginning now. Feel free to run your update again now to see if it is available, or wait and we will inform you here when all updates have been re-released.”

Thanks Jerry!

  • Fazil

    They fixed it perfectly. I had my SI number for the last 03 days but couldnt update until today morning. I hope Sony will fix any update issues prior to release in future.

  • Ignatius J. Riley

    I hope, when they are working “across all available updates”, that they are fixing the LED notificaton issue (not flashing when having received an SMS) as well as the notifications (unread messages, missed calls) on the lockscreen. This is really annoying because the liiiiiiiiiiittle miniminimini envelope in the status bar isn’t really helpful, especially on small devices like my xperia mini pro…

  • Andy

    Any uk arc or live with walkman users got the ics update yet? Our numbers arent posted yet. Looks like sony have finished as no change since 6 june.

  • Strongul_Brother

    Thank you Sony my ICS update needs fixing assp.

  • Just download the update from xda and flash with flashtool. No waiting, you’re good to go in a few minutes!

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  • rickerlr

    I’ve got ics via sony update service..

  • Pitzi123

    My actives SI-number has been on the website since 18/6 but still my PCC and SUS says i have the latest update!

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  • Hussam Abbas

    ??? ????? ?? ????? ?? ????????? ??? ???? ??????? ??? ??? ??????? ?? ???? ????????? ? ???? ??? ????? ????? ?????? ??? ?? ??? ???????? ???? ??? ??? ??????? ??? ???? ???? ?????? ?????? ??? ????? ? ?????

  • sharique shaikh

    My SI no. Is 1257-3319 and I updated today and had no problems! :)

  • Nice to see good communication from Sony +1

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  • Ignatius J. Riley

    The bad thing is that this voids any warranty… and I bought that device in January 12…

  • no problemo ^_^

  • I also wonder if this will fix the wifi signal issue some/many of us are experiencing.

  • Dan

    When you turn on Airplane Mode, almost everything is turned off by default. If you still need to enable your wireless, you have to turn it on after you turn on Airplane Mode.

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  • marko68

    this is not correct……..flashing official firmware with flashtool not voids the warranty, because you not root the phone and also no unlock is needed…

  • luis paz

    hola un saludo me podrias ayudar? como puedo apagar la voz de las notificaciones de apoyo cada vez que hago una accion en mi xperia S ella habla y me carga al borde de la locura gracias

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  • jdclegendre

    My Si number is 1257-3113 and yet no update!!!

  • Steven

    I have to say I am very dissapointed with the way that this has been handled. I purchased the phone thinking I would get a “next generation phone” in reality its running the same as my old samsung. Should have waited the extra couple of weeks for the S3 to come out. Sony you are a let down!

  • daz2711e

    My si is 3114 and no update yet. At least Sony are communicating. Is very frustrating especially when android 4.1 is to be released in 3 weeks and we only just getting this. Its a huge shame but i think sony have failed with this fone

  • suresh

    SI 1257-3318 on the list but update not available on PC Companion

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  • Shahzada Shaheryar

    really appreciated

  • Sony Ericsson/Sony always late to the table with updates. I’m still waiting.
    Look at X10i, shipped with 1.6 when everyone else had 2.1. Finally updated to 2.1 when everyone else gone to 2.2 or 2.3.
    I see no change here. Get 4.0 and 4.1 nearly out.
    No way current range will ever officially see 4.1 then.
    Typical of Sony. Nothing has changed.
    Last Sony phone I will buy.

  • biju james

    I had got the updation for 1257-3318. I should thank you SONY. Very happy with ICS.

  • w-bernt

    PC Companion dosnt work good at all i updatet my xperia s through sony update service is much faster its a big update 362 mb so just forgett pc companion

  • sharique shaikh

    Lo sentimos, pero no tengo ni idea!

  • Andy

    Yes, Sony fixed the issue immediately. I got the ICS yesterday. Sony rocks!

  • jack

    Happy with the.update but performance on my phone becomes laggy and facebook/twitter Timescape app doesn’t work anymore. Shld i reupdate again? Updated thru PCC.

  • Sasikanth

    They have an app for that on the Play store. Its called Illumination Bar.

  • Hussam Abbas

    I know that, but when I activate the Wi-Fi does not work until I restart the phone

  • himanshu

    mine also 1257 3318 , haven’t even got the notification on phone

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  • suresh

    Thanks Sony for prompt action.I have updated xperia s 1257-3318 through PC companion.It is successful

  • Actually sony is now First. They have allmost all handset now with 4.0.4 the only one dont having this is proably P and U and Sola I think. And to be honest I dont see why we wont get the 4.1 one upgrade. Its almost the same in looks, and what I can understand not really that heavier. But I dont know. Maybe they done it more less heavier. And by the way… no one do have Jelly Bean yet. Google have release SDK for the new one. And Google will release jelly bean to all developers after their own release. So they seems to be intressted to get it out faster this time.

  • Krizer

    PCC is not good for me it always failed at third step and SUS is keep telling me that I got the latest update.

    Fortunately, this morning I tried update with SUS but this time I changed the software language from Thai to English (I’m from Thailand) and it worked. Now my xperia S is updated to ICS.

    Just wanna share alternative way of updating ICS

    Hope this work for all people (Mostly for who does not use English as first language)

  • Ignatius J. Riley

    Hm, are you really sure about this?

  • srjn

    xperia mini pro led notification stop blinking on msg/ mail after updating to ICS.

  • marko68

    Absolutely sure!

  • marko68


  • Apiwat

    I updated to ICS already on my Xperia S. However, pressing lock button and volume down button doesnt screen shoot??? i need help anyone?

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  • Ignatius J. Riley

    This and a lot of other websites say something different:

  • Teng How Lai

    press down the two button “at the same time” and “hold for a second”

  • marko68

    Wait, the Cyanogen is NOT the OFFICIAL firmware from Sony. If you flash the OFFICIAL firmware with flashtool, you not void the warranty…..but unofficial roms voids warranty. I hope to be clear………

  • Apiwat

    Thanks a lot!

  • Ignatius J. Riley

    Ah okay, we just got each other wrong. :) My original question was about the CMod, not the official Firmware. Sorry for the confusion. ;)

  • Sri

    I updated to ICS on the same day when it was released for 1257-3318. It was very smooth. No interruption or No failure. I did through MAC bridge. I am absolutely in Love with Sony for ICS. I am enjoying it a lot. I do see there are couple of places there is a considerable amount of lag. I can survive with that. Moreover, I believe Sony will address them Soon.

    Thanks Sony for your great service.

  • Philip Gregory

    Still no update for my Xperia S – so much for a flagship handset!!! And now Jelly Bean has been announced. I bought a SIM free handset so I didn’t have to wait for the network to load their bloatware, now Sony can’t manage a software release…
    Apple manage to roll out an iOS update worldwide on the same day… maybe an iPhone 5 will be the answer!

  • Julio Spinoza

    ajustes, accesibilidad y desactiva talkback, listo!

  • roghun

    Bhai ye si number hai kya someone tell me I have experia s too how to upgrade it to ics and can it b done directly through the cell without pc companion

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  • Hao

    my SI number is on the list .
    and my pc companion show tat my xperia s is ready to update to 6.1.A.0.452.
    but once i press update. and my xperia s is turning off ready to be update.
    the PC companion pop out a box writing “cant find suitable software update for ur handset”
    whats is mean actually..because i had tried alot of times..but it still fail..i even re-install my PCcompanion.

  • zymil

    Hi my Xperia S SI is
    1257-6705 (Portugal) and its not on the list. I am Worryed because sony dont put numbers on the list at least 3 days or something.I wanted to know if there is any problem with it.
    I wanted to know if when i update xperia S to ics i lose my apps or they are not compatible any more.
    Please don’t ignore this coment
    Thank you!

  • rik

    after my update i found the phone screen to switch on by itself when in idle mode..has anybody encounter the same problem

  • omar

    there is no software available for your phone …..

  • When are we going to get the ICS update for Xperia s in Belgium, for a company likeur Sony i think this is a true disgrace that people WHO bought theire slagschip phone have to wait this long for a simple software update, and trust me when i say that i’m not the only One that think’s this!!!

  • Biggsy

    Same problem here :'(

  • ali

    i love xperia s and i want to buy one
    but when i heard about it update issue
    so please how should know if what im buying have issue or not
    i want help?please

  • mike

    my too!!!don’t know why!!!

  • suresh

    Difficulty in connection to internet after update to ICS

  • suresh

    Xperia s is required to restart everytime for internet to be connected

  • bad battery life..PISSED OFF

  • suresh

    Illumination bar keeps on blinking irrespective of settings after latest update

  • What about the update on the Japanese Xperia S (NTT Docomo) ? 

  • C Peter Appel

    Since the latest update for our 2 Xperias, the mailprogram refuses to download mails from on both phones, while the gmail prgm is functioning…. Somebody out there: Please hellp

  • Yeah, it’s good to see that Sony is actually making an effort to acknowledge the issue. :)

  • Michael Van Oycke

    Sony, i’m still waiting for an update for SI number 1257-4889 (Belgium).

  • Jenniferirvin79

    Has anyone on here heard about the ics update for the xperia ion?

  • simon

    this is the worst mobile i have had to date issue after issue ,will not back up in pc companion will not update,yellow screen x2 sony needs to get there act together

  • darren

    bought my xperia u 2 months ago and had details on sale display stating upgrade to i.c.s ??? well 2 months on and still no update/upgrade not even any news of a release date…this was one of the main reasons to buy this phone…should have got the galaxy ace 2 or the good old galaxy s2 thats had i.c.s upgrade….come on sony pull your finger out or you will be going down in the mobile/smartphone market like blackberry are…and you wonder why apple sales are up again……does not take a genius. to work it out…

  • I saw Xperia full features at <a href="Link text

    “>Sony Xperia.May it useful for u

  • Veyronrc

     Help, the Sony Bridge for mac said my phone has a availible update so i have installed it, but it is stuck on the Starting Applications. loading part for like 2hrs, and i then realised its not on the SI list, what can i do?

  • zubair

    I have a xperia live and i want to update it into ICS, so how i will do it ?

  • Chiru

    Same problem here..:( everytime need to restart for connecting to internet..:( were u able to overcome the issue,.???

  • If AT&T is the one holding up the ICS update for the Ion, then why don’t you just update our LT28at phones to either the LT28i/h? Come on Sony!

  • Doing the update steps to my Xperia S suddenly at the second step the phone turned off and its not turning back on , Please help ????

  • I found where the Wi-Fi problem is, it’s with the WPA2 AES
    or WPA2 AES + TKIP, if you change it to something else say WEB or WPA “1” you
    will have no problems at all.

  • rabi


    I’ve bought sony experia p mobile since month and, some time
    when I receive an call ,the touch screen doesn’t respond or respond partially and then I can’t cancel or take the call, I’ve updated my android
    software to the last available version by sony mobile side and I still have the
    same problem please can you help me.

    Think you

    Rabi alsarakbi

  • SB

    I was updated my Xperia S to ICS today through computer and hit a big problem!!! my phone now can not turn on, has got ! icon inside triangle and small squre look like phone on a black screen, I am now have no phone to use and I have to go back to the shop tomorrow ask for help…very sad

  • hari krishna

    better dnt buy sony mobiles because i have bought a new xperian neo l had faced lot many problems

  • Jy

    Im planning om buying xperia s but dont know if you are selling ICS from the shops yet. Please let me know when you do or if i should just buy it on gingerbread and update it myself?

  • Mopar5120

    could someone email me at because i don’t chk the msg board after posting. i have the xperia ion through ATT and got a text saying to go to the website to update to ice cream sandwich. when it gets to the part where you hold down the volume key and plug in the usb, my phone does nothing, and now won’t even turn on. is this the problem others were having? or am i doing the plug in part wrong?i tried for 3 hours without success.

  • Sowmya

    Upgraded my Xperia Sola to ICS but now i’m not able to connect my phone to PC :( plz help.

  • Dex

    The solution is to use the screen lock key. Lock your screen whenever the touch hangs and then unlock again. This should reactivate the screen and you can take your calls. I faced this issue on GB

  • Santhosh

    I have tried to update ICS in my xperia sola . Some connection problem occured while updating. So i removed from PC and tried to turn on. Now just sony main menu blinking and its not turning on or off. Any one have solution for this ?

  • kyle geel

    I upgraded my Sony Ericsson Xperia Android phone operating system accidentally. I thought it was a security update. I had several of those in a row. Once the update starts of course had to let it finish. The hardware buttons do not work the same now, the screen buttons do not work the same, the phone is now losing the phone signal often and have to reboot the phone to get it to come back. Contacted ATT they said call Sony. I want the original software back. Sony can do it but, have to send the phone to them and it would take “a few weeks.” I recommend not upgrading unless you absolutely have to do so. Wait until they exterminate all the bugs in the new software.

  • Hashan

    I have a same problem what happen???

  • i love my xperia s! its a good phone!

  • iam using xperia s for last 4 months i didn’t found any missings!

  • hi vibin Parola
    i am going to buy sony xperia s after 2 month
    so please tell me i heard a lot of problem about sony xperia s like.hanging problem,quicklyheated,and some yellow tint on the screen is that true if it is so please tell me
    and one more thing does the phone runs good in gingerbread or ice cream

  • i am going to buy sony xperia s
    so please tell me i
    heard a lot of problem about sony xperia s like.hanging
    problem,quicklyheated,and some yellow tint on the screen is that true if
    it is so please tell me
    and one more thing does the phone runs good in gingerbread or ice cream

  • i am going to buy sony xperia s

    so please tell me i
    heard a lot of problem about sony xperia s like.hanging
    problem,quicklyheated,and some yellow tint on the screen is that true if
    it is so please tell me

    and one more thing does the phone runs good in gingerbread or ice cream
    and please tell me that in which version of android the phone (SXS)works great

    So kind of u all by helpin me out Thank u

  • Mo

    never buy sony phones… waste of money… hopeless

  • peter

    my xperia arc s screen turns on all by itself sometimes and it sucks up my battery very much… any suggestions what to do?

  • my friend i didn’t found any of above problems! now i up grade my xperia s to ics its working good!

  • Snoopy

    For all those having problems with their Arc S after updating to ICS, here are the solutions for two most common problems:

  • koss oh

    There seems to be problem with the touch screen. First day i bought it and second day i have to sent it for repair. The touch screen is horrible over sensitive and when you try to sms the keyboard turns out to be like slow motion and not responding.

  • koss oh

    Sorry i was talking about sony xperia j

  • kieran smith

    please help i have lost my gallery after the upgrade cannot view pictures as the screen goes blank. i have tried to do service update but nothing happens when i connect

  • Esteban Jimenez

    My newly acquired Xperia S is not updating, the box has a sticker that sais that the phone is ICS enabled, still the OS is stuck in 2.3.7. what can I do???

  • rakib

    Flash tools 106mb Used and xperia s FTF Rom File Download And flash the mobile

  • Bogdan

    Hey guys . I have a problem with my Sony Xperia Miro . I don’t know what is happening with my Wi-fi connection , beacuse when i turn it on , it stops ! It’s blocked and says “Wi-Fi is activating” … And i stay maybe 20-30 minutes , and the same thing . I restore to the default settings and the same problem . Please i need help :D

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