Sony Mobile should consider making a Windows Phone 8 handset [Opinion]

by XB on 27th June 2012

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For those that do not know, the Sony Xperia brand was first built off the Windows Mobile platform. The Xperia X1 was released in October 2008 on Windows Mobile 6.1, whilst the Xperia X2 launched around a year later with Windows Mobile 6.5. Since then all Xperia handsets apart from one (Xperia Pureness) have been running on the Android platform. However, we think that with the introduction of Windows Phone 8, Sony Mobile should now seriously consider adopting the platform.

Here at Xperia Blog, with have been covering the Xperia Android journey since day one and we love the platform. Indeed, in a few short hours we expect to hear details about the latest Android iteration (Jelly Bean) from Google I/O. That does not mean we would not be open to seeing any other operating system on an Xperia device.

Windows Phone 8 has introduced a number of features that perhaps Android users are already accustomed to (multi-core processor support, 720p displays, microSD memory card support and NFC). It also brings some additional features such as the Internet Explorer 10 browser, digital Wallet, Nokia Maps (with offline storage) and around 100,000 apps in the Windows Marketplace.

Of course, there is nothing here that Android doesn’t have. Instead of IE8, ICS users have Chrome, Android already has Google Wallet and Google recently announced that offline maps will soon be a feature of Google Maps. Lastly, the number of apps in the Google Play Store vastly outnumber those in the Windows Marketplace.

However, the Windows Phone experience is different to Android. The UI is much easier to use for someone new to smartphones in our experience. We also like how the live tiles on the home screen work (similar to Android widgets). We know that Sony has tested Windows Phone on prototypes in the past but we think the platform has now matured to a point where Sony should seriously consider releasing a handset to test the waters. After all, given the sheer number of models released in 2012 so far, it surely shouldn’t be a logistical problem.

What is your view? Would you like to see Sony release a Windows Phone 8 handset or are you so wedded to Android that the thought is sacrilegious? We’d love to read your thoughts on this below.

  • Farhad K

    Just Android

  • mingguan

    It will diverse the resources required for Software in SONY. I personally feel with concentrate on single platform, more SONY exclusive stuff can be made available to user.
    WP not yet matured, I forseen it need another 1-2 years time to get near on par. I really hope in future user can just buy any phone, & then choose any OS he want onboard. I wish that day will come.

  • doraemonboi

    Just stick to Android for the time being. Make one kick ass phone and pawn Samsung’s Android first.

  • ZEUS

    yessss………. ofcorse…… i am waiting for it. ,,,,,its much better OS them any android and his design its much better…sony i am waiting ….

  • wyvern

    They need to stick to android and i would love to see them hook up with canonical and include Ubuntu in all new android phones. The combination of android and a full linux desktop iteration sharing all resources is an amazing concept much better than a windows concept phone. Honestly everyone should see the concept videos they have showing a Motorola phone running it smoothly

  • JenH

    I do love Windows OS. I’m taking serious consideration about “Nokia’s Pureview + windows8″…. before that i won’t thinking about throw my XpreiaS away… will be a good move I think… :)

  • monyo

    dont try to compete to the EPIC NOKIA ! >:)

  • A_A

    I’d only like to see Sony make a WP8 phone if they could make it unique by adding their music players etc. The music player on WP7 is very basic for starters, as is the video player etc. But other features of the platform are pretty cool, and good integration with your PC is a nice bonus.

  • Kaostheory

    It would really up the competition for their camera. Hard to compete with pureview on 8.

  • I would really consider a WP8, especially made by Sony! Now that Android seems to be dumping the SD card, WP is adding them. Android phones have shorter lifespans too, within 2 years, your high-end phone will be unbearable slow, or stuck at 2 versions behind.

    Problems are that WP is not very customizable and hackable.

    I think it’s too early say something about WP8 phones. I want to see first how it blends with W8, what other WP manufacturers will announce and if WP8 will be easier to tweak and unlock.

  • Cloud_Connected

    +1 on that one. Teaming up with MS is always bad for MS’ Partner. Just look at Sendo or now Nokia.

    Android offers everything and more that Winphone 8 can do or dream of. Instead of another “walled garden” like winphone or iOS I would love to see a xperia that runs TIZEN! (since MS killed off Meego and Meltemi at Nokia).

    I’ve heard that Sony is already onboard at Tizen organisation…is that true?

  • Erdem

    That’s Xperia S ?

  • Cloud_Connected

    I think in the same way. Like with a computer you just buy the hardware and then add the software of your choice… Perhaps in a few years… :)

  • F*CK WP7, just Android.

  • Tyrus

    Thats not going to happen .
    wp8 is not open source and modification is not allowed .
    Thats y all wp are same .

  • Windows live tiles would look completely at home with the squared off corners of the NXT models like the Xperia S.

    Given that WP8 will share the same core as Windows 8 and the big enterprise push, I also think WP8 could really take off. It all depends on how things go with Jelly Bean and the next iPhone, and maybe even BB10, later this year. Add to that the fact that MS has a close partnership with Nokia for WP and has released it’s own Surface tablets and I think it would be better to hold off for the next few months because there’s no telling how things are going to turn out.

  • Tiberius

    … but the Pureview runs on Nokia Belle Service Pack 1!?

  • tiberius (XMP on ICS 4.0.4)

    given the fact that Android is miles ahead in terms of development and market share and – what mingguan already mentioned: a “new” OS needs resources for development and service, I feel sony should stick with android only.

  • razec

    WP8 would be a nice addition, but of course Sony’s core business in the smartphone area should still be Android. customization wise Android is still miles ahead and we all know Sony loves customizing. besides I’m having doubts whether their brand new PS mobile platform would support Windows Phone platform. Xbox and PS in one device? that’s a far fetched dream for now imo

  • AsadMulla

    could just be a picture on the screen which happen to have WP7. Also its actually an Xperia P because you can see the screw on the side.

  • AsadMulla

    Dont agree. I think it would need a whole new department and I would rather they spent the time and resources on android.

  • Strongful_Brother

    WP still have along way to ago, from what I’ve seen of WP I’m not that impress.

  • megane198

    They cannot integrate their brands in WP8 like walkman, PlayStation etc. compared to android.

  • Dan

    Personally, if Sony started making windows phone, I will not buy it. Call me a fan-boy all you like, but I stopped using anything Microsoft the day I uninstalled Windows and installed Ubuntu. Used to make my life a living hell. I am an open source fan, and Sony Mobile are most “developer friendly” company in the mobile word. Specially the fact they interact in the xda forums. Switching to a closed OS, would fuck that up.

    “Internet Explorer 10 browser, digital Wallet, Nokia Maps (with offline storage).”
    – IE should be banned from existence, makes us web-developers want to commit suicide.
    – Digital Wallet, this doesn’t work where I live, besides I’m pretty sure Google would add it to Android. (I dunno if it already exists, like I said it doesn’t work where I live so never bothered looking)
    – Offline maps: Google has already announced that its maps will be available for offline use soon for Android devices.

    But hey I’m just 1 guy, and I’m a developer.

  • weeeeee8888888888

    WoW !! so no more microsoft in your life..??

  • DragonClaw

    Or how about a dual boot Android + WP 8? It will be just awesome, you know.
    But obviously, it’s really too far-fetched, but nevertheless, it will be the best possible thing to do. :).
    Anyways. In the current scenario, Sony needs to come back on the top. It’s been long since they had been on the top. And for that they need the very ultimate. And that can be given by Android OS as the operating System. Once they anchor the top position, they can release a Windows Phone. The phone will surely sell then with no uncertainty, simply by the value of the brand on the device.
    But with the prototypes and rumored phones out there, it might not really be long before we see the metro ui being styled by Sony in their devices.


  • Dan

    Other than having to fix my parents’ laptop every once in awhile, I’m Microsoft free. Although I am trying to change that, and trying to get them used to Ubuntu. :D

    All they do is browse the web, so they have no need for Windows. :D

  • Praesepe

    Yes, it does. But Stupid Elop said there would be Pureview Lumias as well.

  • well, in sony mobile ways WP will be different , so many cool features will come WP maybe mixing some UI and features from Android to WP and high specifications could be nice …

  • SONY has already scrapped feature phones…, now SONY MOBILE being a complete part of SONY CORPORATION they can easily handle two OS at a single time. It’s not a big deal at all!!!
    And to be market leaders SONY just needs to capitalize on every segment present in the market, be it ANDROID or WP8.
    They shouldn’t do the same mistake which they did by being late to enter the ANDROID market. No one knows how much big a OS is gonna become in the future…

  • Algernon

    For that, they need just a Smart TV

  • lovebmw

    focus on one platform (android) once you start profeting, do whatever…. but not now

  • electrash

    They should make portofolio of phones on WP8. If you ask me 3 phones…
    1 high end
    1 mid range
    1 entry low lvl.

  • Cloud_Connected

    Mixing UI won’t be…MS doesn’t allow altering their ui paradigm.
    High specifications? It took MS till upcoming fall to enable multicore and sd card support.. -_-

    I went from Nokia to Sony just to avoid that os…


    PLSZZZZZ, the reason why Sony Xperia ditched windows os is due to the licensed issues in the very first. To many paper work to be filed with Microsoft and hence the huge delay in releasing of the first and second Xperia phone. If not for Andriod, the Xperia range would be gone with the wind

    Dear Sony team, pls DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE TWICE !!!

    But wait a minute,…. Android is now free but WHY SONY? WHY DID IT STILL TAKE YOU SO BLOODY LONG TO RELEASE ICS

    Jelly Bean is going to be released like end of this year and you still have not released ICS….

    Seems to me it is a SONY issue instead!!!

  • Jan

    or stick xperia s with hdtv via hdmi and voila : ) im wondering about wireless keyboard with touchpad… for xperia s for sure.

  • Jan

    WP8 Xperia not bad idea! they will lose nothing : )

  • As far as i’m concerned, Windows 8 will have Xbox features of some kind in it (and i believe its also available in WP 7 now, access to Xbox Live or something). So it’d be weird to see a PlayStation certified, or even a Sony phone running Xbox features, so i thinkg Sony Windows Phone is not very likely.

  • mike_b

    Sony needs to get there android stuff together first, before they can even think of releasing a WP8 device. When they prove that they can release a flagship handset with similar specs, in the same time frame as there competition, then i could tentatively agree with this, (Sony’s problem has always been there timing) but would Microsoft even allow Sony’s PlayStation brand into there ecosystem wasn’t that part of the reason they went with Android in the first place.

  • Alexander Vollmer

    Splitting the developers den into two means longer periods for updates and could be risky by dropping customer satisfaction.

  • Feanor

    Yes, they should. Windows Phone 8 is -unlike WP7- supported by the desktop Windows 8 ecosystem, so the potential this time around is much greater. Sony has to consider this and get in the game as quickly as possible. Only problem is that Microsoft pushes X-box with their operating system which Sony cannot accept and has to fight for the right to replace it with PS support.

  • lol

    Xperia with Windows?.. meehh.. it’s like a mac with windows on it

  • vdr

    Don’t waste your precious time !

  • malih

    Well, as you said, considering they’ve been spilling phones throughout 2012, and it looks like they’re testing the waters, so why not, and also, I really want to try Windows Phone, but one with Sony design language, the only decent Int’l WP so far is Lumia 800, and the unlocked version is overpriced.

  • malih

    Dude, if you’re a web developer you should know IE 9 is no longer pain in the a** – Looks like you never even touched Windows 7 and all your comments looks like it’s related to Windows 98

  • malih

    What? they can always make a walkman app for WP8, and playstation app too – many phonemakers embed their own app into WP7

  • malih

    now this is most likely why they don’t make Windows Phone, I never really thought about that

  • Sony-Pony

    If they don’t make a WP8 phone – they are fucked.

  • veon

    WP has been a complete flop so far. Nokia is being ruined by their decision to support it. Plus Microsoft is using it to suplemment the Xbox ecosystem. Why the hell should Sony get involved with that?

    Oh, and Metro UI might have looked new and fresh 2 years ago, now it’s just boring. It’s ugly and there’s nothing a user can do about it.

  • FRKD


  • megane198

    No. They cannot touch the OS layer, so how can they integrate it? It’s different than just making an app for that.

  • malih

    Of course, that’s why I was saying they can make an app instead without touching the OS layer and bundle it with the phone.

  • deepu

    Compared to windows phone android based phones slows down pretty quickly and in Google play market a lot of apps are there but lot of them don’t even work or open to use, lot of company uses Google os phones are in market many apps can not be utilized in many phones may be becz of different processer or even software or hardware most importantly draining battery, android cannot utilize full strength of dual core or multi core but in windows they know how to utilize dual or multi core to there fullest possible and the battery is more efficient then android in point of view Sony should bring its high end let the user to decide weather they should continue to bring wp8 or not. But they should bring wp8

  • kazu

    what? i came moved to sony from nokia to avoid wp. actually, if i have to get wp, i might as well get ios.

  • So none company cant change MS UI ? and high specifications wouldnt be , so bad :(

  • MarkG1234

    WIndows Phone is a dead platform. HTC lost their mojo when they took their eye of the ball and tried to play with the failed Windows Phone platform. I would hate to see Sony lose similar focus, just as they managed to get their Android products upto scratch.

  • rafi

    By creating new window os for xperia flagship will offer more wider choices for xperia user. But at the end its up to consumer to decide which os fit better to their needs.

  • Algernon

    Have you tried it? It’s so smooth…

  • Steven

    Sony making Windows Phone 8 would be the worst idea ever. I agree very much with your opinion that Windows Phone 8 has better UI than what currently Sony can produce. But that only means Sony needs better, and most importantly, a unique UI that stands themselves from others like HTC or Samsung or Huawei…

    with that… not sure how many of you have watched this video… Sharp is making a new Android phone… with a much better UI:

    There is really a lot for Sony to learn on User experience.

  • AmeerZ

    it would be great to have WP8. it looks simple and user friendly but lets not forget M$, m$ loves taking people money just for a service (XBL). if ur a gaming on the ps3, m$ is always tryin to take down sony with timed exclusive stuff which is BS. i do use window 7 but thats just the part that i like about M$. its out of topic but M$ cant really cooperate with sony. Bill Gates = $ whore. Apples(MAC not iphone) and Sony(Everything except Vaio) ftw. im not being a fanboy but this is the true story about M$

  • More wp8!

  • Dean Weaver

    Microsoft are an awful company. No thanks….

  • I’ve been very happy with android, android is so easily customizable especially with its jelly bean is present (lag free). I think wp just not good at UI rest. Look at Microsoft has Xbox and Sony has PS. sony cant delete xbox and zune functions because not allowerd by MS! Android better than wp7 in features and for UI i think Holo UI are great and Remeber Project Butter In Jelly Bean

  • I’ve been very happy with android, android is so easily customizable especially with its jelly bean is present (lag free). I think wp just not good at UI rest. Look at Microsoft has Xbox and Sony PS and not maybe sony xbox delete functions

  • SunflowerZZZ

    WP8 in a SONY device? Do you realize that it equals to Xbox in a SONY device?!!



  • Limpan

    not another windows phone manufacture. if sony should do another maybe they should try openwebos

  • iliketowritearticles

    Sony’s VAIOs run Windows

  • ankitw

    yes to windows 8 phone

  • pleitti

    sony please , just focus on android . android is far way better than WP . and android is more easy to use than WP . make android xperia please .

  • i think it would be stupid to do so..1st there’s xbox,zune and stuff that compulsory in wp which is a direct competition to sony’s walkman and ps.. wp does not allowed manufacturer to add zing into it os layer..the reason why sony’s android is so good is not just the hardware/design or the apps its about the NXT, the improvement it make to the OS ever heard clearbass,megabass,exemor r, bravia engine??..just look at sony GB and ICS UI. its hell lots better than stock, while touchwiz and sense is a hell lot uglier than stock, all this will be absence in WP..there wont be any differentiation from a WP sony device to say from nokia or sammy..

    if they aren’t allowed to improve on it,they won’tbe any differentiation between them and other manufacturer most likely sony won’t make it!! just look at the time sony turn down their chances at making a nexus..

    not to mention sony is in a bad shapes at the moment so dividing it time,effort,money between two platform isn’t ideal

    plus, sony’s own about 10% of marketshare for android and android hold 60% of market share for smartphone, so 10% of 60% is a hell lots more than all WP combine.

  • zick

    VitaOS is better

  • Luca Cecchetto

    microsoft? Never.. I’m not aportfolios with the legs

  • Name

    F** No! IE9 is still a pain in the ass!

  • If wan using Windows 8, Sony should exchange “X-box Live” Into “Playstation Live” :)

  • Xavi Forouzan

    if sony make windows phone 8 devise is better for him because wp8 is the best os for later.wp8 and windows 8 has a same core and its mean in many month later number of application will be more,more than android and ios.finally if sony make powerful wp8 devise can become best brand

  • I’m still using an old school Sony Ericsson Elm. I tried the Vivaz (Symbian) and Samsung Wave (Bada) and hated both. I went in to a few phone shops recently and for someone like me that isn’t so into touch screen models, I hated Android but loved Windows 7, so much so that the only thing that stopped my getting a Lumia 800 was that I knew Windows 8 was around the corner and wanted to stuck with Sony. So yes, I’d definitely like to see Sony release a Windows phone!

    That said if Sony brought out an Android phone with the spec I want I’d buy it now. But they haven’t, and which is why I’m now on my third month out of contract and haven’t upgraded….

  • Oliver Mills


  • Oliver Mills

    First sensible point I’ve seen made on here, apart from the obvious Playstation vs Xbox issue.

  • Oliver Mills

    You sir have the right idea.

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  • Chuck

    Since sony has been comming out with a bunch of phones since their breakup with Ericsson, why not throw in there a windows phone to try it out…. I would get it for sure

  • Consider Windows Phone platform, I say Sony shouldn’t forget the path they came from.
    For me, when I hear the phrase “XPERIA”, the first things comes into my mind is Slider Keyboard with Windows UI.

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