Japan’s NTT DoCoMo ditches Android ICS update for 4 Xperia models

by XB on 2nd July 2012

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Japanese mobile operator NTT DoCoMo announced today that after careful consideration it will not be updating four Sony Xperia models to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The phones include the best-selling Xperia acro (SO-02C), Xperia arc (SO-01C), Xperia PLAY (SO-01D) and Xperia ray (SO-03C).

These models were under consideration for ICS but in the end NTT DoCoMo decided to shelve the update due to memory and performance issues. When questioned about why this may be the case, DoCoMo PR said that the 512MB of installed RAM was not sufficient for Android 4.0 and that 1GB RAM is preferred. This is quite a shame, especially since western users have been enjoying Android 4.0 ICS on these devices (apart from the Xperia PLAY).

  • And guess who will take the blame from users and reviewers: Sony.

    Google should urge the manufacturers to update, and OEM’s should do the same for operators.

    Sony will lose customers because of this, and Docomo probably won’t care as they earn as much money when selling a Panasonic or Samsung.

  • FlowXT

    I’ve seen an Xperia Neo V stutter badly after the “upgrade” to Android 4.0, even on trivial things like YouTube videos. The RAM is clearly a bottleneck. I can’t imagine Docomo shoehorning ICS onto the 2011 phones, when these phones have to run so many additional services and support extra hardware features that are only available in Japan.

    FYI Samsung’s releasing the GS III with 2 GB of RAM to ensure smooth performance on ICS with NTT Docomo services.

  • Sami

    is it the operators that can decide that now ? isnt that up too Sony ?

  • Wayne

    Wise decision. It’s not only the limited RAM that is a problem, it’s also due to badly written preinstalled apps that consume system resources even if they aren’t used. Had tried killing as many as possible but my XPERIA Neo still slows down to a crawl after every power cycle. :(

  • blurb8

    I run ics since about 2 months on ther ray and i dont have any issues. Besides the notification bug.

  • lovebmw

    I would have done the same if it was up to me

  • i’m gamer

    fuck you sony

    you doesn’t know , at first that 512 is not sufficiet for future ????

    you engineeers are motherfuker bithes , doesn’t know anythings , just search on XDa and find ICS more stable that fucken sony’s rom

    fuck you for what you have done on our xoeria play

  • Cloud_Connected

    This is the reason.why I buy only unlocked and carrierfree devices….

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  • boosook

    “enjoying” is a too optimistic word, and I think that for the average user is better to stay with GB as the changes are not so big and there actually are some drawbacks (some issues and more lags and memory requirements).

  • I have a Neo, and ICS runs fine on it. Might be a bit slower than gingerbread if I didn’t remove bloatware, but it’s acceptable.

  • Guest999

    If this is the case why is Sony mobile releasing new phone with ICS running stable on lower specs and the same 512 Ram  will  Japan’s NTT DoCoMo also ban these phones. The reason is Sony Mobile has made a complete and utter hash in its development of ICS for 2011 xperias. If 2012 modes with lower or same specs can run ICS then its has to be down to Sony Mobile and its ICS ROM for this carriers decision not to update these phones to ICS

  • Coollead

    You know absolutely nothing, so it’s much better for you if you don’t talk.

    Docomo’s mail program takes about 100MB of space. The small internal memory would literally be full before you even turned on the phone. 

  • Coollead

    The reason for the lack of upgrade is that Docomo’s mail program takes about 100MB of the anemic internal memory. Once you factor in ICS taking up more space, the phone would literally have no space for apps, right from the get go.

  • BobH

    Wise decision ICS on my ST18a Ray has had major problems.  Wifi hotspot and USB tethering no longer work.  Bluetooth play/pause control on my car stereo does not work anymore.  Dial pad takes like 5 seconds on average to open … what the heck this is supposed to be a phone right?  

  • gueest

    question – will the SI

    xperia arc ever get ICS?

  • Nazmi Muhamad

    my ray have updated to ics..thats true my ray getting slow..but.if they can updated to jellybean..i think my ray will back to normal..in my experiment..i try to updated my ray to jellybean..unoficially..well..my ray become faster..but i want jellybean officially because sony knows how to fixed the bug.. sorry for my english

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