Sony Ericsson logo to continue until old phones drop out of circulation?

by XB on 13th July 2012

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Sony may be planning to keep hold of the Sony Ericsson liquid energy logo for a while longer according to a report from TechRadar. Speaking to an unnamed Sony executive, they were told that it was important consumers associated with the two brands (Sony Mobile and Sony Ericsson), at least for the time being.

The executive confirmed that the logo will be dropped at some point in the future, but only once the remaining Sony Ericsson handsets have dropped out of circulation. Our understanding is that the remaining new handsets due in 2012 will still carry the logo, but the new phones from 2013 will not. Time will tell if that ends up being the case, we are rather fond of the icon though, so the longer the better.

  • Rick

    I hope they keep the Liquid logo!!

  • I certainly like the logo

  • I hope they’re busy designing a new logo to replace this. All logo’s look the same these days: silver characters on the top: ‘SAMSUNG, htc, S O N Y, LG, whatever’

  • dereknobuyuki

    uhm.. yay! 
    Like the other comments so far, I like the swirly energy ball Sony Ericsson logo in the variety of colours it is found in.

    If they do design a new “Xperia” brand logo, I hope it is versatile enough to handle small colour variants like the SE one.

  • owl

    i miss the times when the earbuds that came with the phones had the logo on each of them.

    years and years ago when i first saw the logo i thought they lit up.

  • sharique shaikh

    I love that logo I hope they don’t remove it!

  • mobiousO

     I think there’s no need for replacement. This is Iconic enough. Will look good alongside the Playstation, Walkman or any other Sony brand’s logo

  • I really don’t believe that I will buy Sony phones once they lose the logo… It’s their special tag. At least if they remove it, they should come up with something new. But nothing beats the current one :/

  • daniel

    Yeah i like the logo.. So futuristic and classy. Now days all manufacture just stamp their brand names only. Only sony and motorola has it as i knows.

  • I like the logo, but i’ve also always thought it was stupid to have it protrude from the device. It’s always the first to get the  ugly scratched look…

  • Loki

    Perhaps it’s time to start a petition to keep the logo.

  • doraemonboi

     Sony, please keep it please. I don’t want people to totally forget about Sony Ericsson.

  • reptile64

    Screw the logo’s future, bring us killer phones! iPhone and Galaxy killers!

    PS: I ? the logo but we all now it wont last long..

  • Jerry Berglund

    I like the logo as well. But maybe they could keep it. Buy the right to use it from Ericsson as well, and maybe changde the colour to blue or something… :-) Blue would be really najs looking too. :-) To be honest I think Sony Mobilecommunications like this logo as well. Thats why they not want to leave it to fast. because it really is a good Log, maybe one of the best I’ve ever seen. Apple also fot one really good Logo. Both kinda looks Premium. The Sony-logo dont look premium at all. So Keep it, change colour, so there is a slitghly difference.

  • jmx2012

    sony please keep it. I’ve always liked that logo.

  • Edmiand

    I still like old one, three sausages logo)))

  • Jerry Berglund

    Lol, but Ericsson still has that logo. :-)

  • Cssf09

    can not make a letter of request to not remove the logos or liquid energy or Walkman phones? :/ I always watch my phone logo no they are not for my sony ericsson or sony is now a legacy for life: L

  • Basharca

    I said this before and the owner of the blog totally ignored me. I stated that the fans still want the liquid logo, so Sony should strongly consider this.

    We love the logo because it reminds us of the good days where nothing matched the quality of the cyber shot cameras and the music walkman phones.

    Why don’t someone begin a petition? Are we just going to wait for Sony to remove it with out even doing a thing.

    Please check this earlier post where I received 60 likes from fans that also refused that Sony remove the logo, this is serious!

  • Santhosh Kumar

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  • fried_egg

    i liked the old sony square dots logo from the 80s/90s walkmans

  • Feanor

    I don’t see them keeping a logo that many people can associate with a failed joint- venture. It’s very sad though because this logo was by far the best in the mobile phone business. One good idea would be to keep it as an Xperia logo on the same way the have a Walkman logo and a PlayStation logo.

  • Feanor

    I agree. Liquid energy logo in blue would be hard to surpass and really iconic. Such a shame to want to ditch it,

  • Guest

    All Sony Ericsson phones have “silver characters on the top”… Did you perhaps miss that? :)

  • Omguruom2012

    I love Sony Ericsson logo. It is full of energy and quality. It is a very unique logo. Please Sony don’t remove the’s hard to say weather I will buy a Sony smartphone or not if the logo will be changed.I like it too much…

  • paul4id

    Xperia Pro :P

  • Sonycrazy

    logo is the identity of their phones please convey to sony not to drop it at any cost….

  • Klay
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  • Yudha

    Or make it better…
    Real Moving Liquid Logo…

  • Md Humayun Kabir
  • Md Humayun Kabir

    Please Join this campaign Page in FB “Save the Beautiful Logo for Sony Mobile.As Fans of Sony We want it back.”

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