Xperia ion heading to Italy in September; Canadian launch imminent

by XB on 16th July 2012

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Sony Mobile Italy has confirmed that the Xperia ion will be heading to the country in September 2012. The handset will launch with Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich and will cost €599 unlocked, a pretty steep price if you ask us, but no doubt it will actually hit retail lower than that.

In Canada, the Xperia ion could launch as early as this week according to Mobile Syrup. The first stock has been arriving at Rogers stores in the country which should mean an imminent launch. Rogers will have the Xperia ion for $49.99 on a 3-year contract or $549.99 if you buy the handset outright.

  • evita

    €599  seriously Sony!!!

  • sharique shaikh

    I have read its gonna launch in India too! for like $550

  • lovebmw



    This phone is outdated. I would not buy it for half that price. Once again, too slow Sony- announced in January released 6 months later.

  • guest

    Xperia Ion heading to Europe in September? GX?? Mint?? SGS3 hit Europe about May….C´mon, I love Sony but at this rate i´ll have to buy SGS3..

  • ahomad hosin

    3-years contract??? who the hell is going to get it on that long contract??
    people knows that it is not the best and it is already outdated

    I didn’t get my xperia s on (2-year) contract as I knew it will be outdated very soon (I just got it because my older X10 just died due to lots of modification and overclocking etc) so got it off contract to be able to upgrade (if I needed to) in a year or so.

  • afzal

    Sony dont mess up your marketing strategy… I dont think ion are really needed at this point. Due to gx, sx and more superior then ion already making people lost interest on ion. This device should release at the same date nxt official release worldwide. Thats should happen. But now i dont sew any ralevent release it now with high.price taq.

  • rafi

    Ps: i think ion international are the hayabusa n xperia gx will be sony mint. If it true.. Hurmmm…

  • Feanor

    While we are eagerly anticipating the Next Great Xperia, Sony is pushing (sluggishly) globally the Ion. Sooo underwhelming. After the presentation of the NXT series I thought that Sony had hit the nail on the head but now I think that their strategy and line-up for 2012 is a mess comparing to last year.

  • Nicklakn

    oh god!!! comm’on sony. You can do better than this ufff…. Overpriced outdated phone :(

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  • Explain to me how this phone is “outdated”? pretty much every other phone out there(minus the galaxy s 3 and some htc phones), have exactly the same specs(1.5ghz and 1 gig ram).
    They are obviously going for the people who like a high spec well made phone, that is a little cheaper than those idiotic 4-core phones out there(in order for the 4-cores to be utilized, people need to make apps that take advantage of that fact, which most people don’t bother/don’t have the time/don’t have the experience). Not to mention the extra battery power used in order to run them.
    This bigger dick contest with “I have the most cores/ram” is ridiculous for such amazing pieces of technology that fits in your damn hand.
    Dual core is definitely the way to go at this point. 
    With such a beautiful design and powerful camera plus the only skin other than the stock android that doesn’t piss me off when i use it, is why i’m anxious to get my hands on it. I just wish rogers wasn’t such a horrible company. I feel dirty for sticking with them for this phone(or at least until i receive and unlock it).

    Why isn’t anyone excited about the docking station that you buy for it? How many phones out there give you the option of docking you phone to your tv to watch netflix/stuff on your external HDD, while having the option to hook up your ps3 controller to play some games?(emulators anyone?)  

  • Feanor

    Well, nobody said that the Ion is a bad device. I consider it even competitive. But it cannot stand out as a Sony flagship should by now.

  • XYZ

    Metal construction is intrinsically more expensive than plastics. I assume the Ion’s high retail price is a result of the additional expense of building it out of metal.

  • Deads

     Ya, you wont but lots of people wil.
    Not everyone is willing to pay 500 to 600 euro for a phone.

    To many people get a hard on from useless specs when they dont even need them.
    Loads of people demand that their new phone has a quadcore when they 99 out of a 100 times wil never use the extra power a quadcore offers over a dualcore.

    I prefer a good screen, optimized software and a nice design and a good price instead of a shitty screen with a quadcore for an inflated high price.

  • rafi

    I think the guys mention outdated base on timeline release. Not base on ion spec. If he think ion hardware were outdated so i assume s3 also offer outdated spec. 8mp camera, 1gb ram, sd slot, hd screen, pentile, single speaker, led light. That last year spec. S3 processor makes it better but not entirely 2012 spec.

  •  Well, its a big difference €599 in Italy vs $550 (cca €450)  in India … lol

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  • Cezary280

    Xperia ion heading to Poland in July!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sharique shaikh

    Ya i know that! -_-

  •  And what about mistake on that italian blog, maybe it is $599 and not €599 (I do not know, from where that information about price comes exactly from), I’m thinking about that possibility …

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  • Fraulein

    Start reading the blog instead of writing from your imagination and you will know what is true. Ion is codename Aoba, GX is codename Hayabusa. Mint is still unknown.

  • In Czech Republic we got price €537 (preliminary price, source should be Sony Czech Republic). I think it’s still too much.

  • rafi

    Ion lte codename aoba. But whats codename for ion with no lte?

  • rafi

    Gx as codename hayabusa are just a rumors. No comfirmation from sony. And if you do reading this blog entirely.. The mint assume to get a bit taste from xperia arc which is.obviously the gx wil come cross in people mind. with similarity design. By the way gx pax with impresive spec and futures and i dont see any problem if sony will offcially anounce as a mint.

  • Fraulein

    Sony (Ericsson) never confirms internal code names. But GX is proven to be Hayabusa, it can be seen in the build.prop file under ro.product.board.

  • Fraulein

    They almost never have different code names for different network versions. AFAIK you have to go way back in early SE days.

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