Certified firmware roundup: New ICS firmware for Xperia S, acro S and ion; Xperia P, go, sola and U get 6.0.B.3.177

by XB on 18th July 2012

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Given the shear breadth of Sony Xperia handsets on the market right now, new firmware for these devices are certified all the time. We thought we’d round up all of the latest firmware that has been certified recently and that could hit handsets soon. First of all, the Sony Xperia S has a new firmware version (6.1.A.0.454), although this is likely to be a minor bug-fix release over the existing 6.1.A.0.452 ICS firmware.

The LT28i version of the Xperia ion, has seen its first Android 4.0.4 ICS firmware certified in the form of 6.1.E.0.211. The LT28h version of the Xperia ion is already on ICS, whilst the AT&T version (LT28at) ICS firmware was certified recently.

Moving on to the Sony Xperia acro S, the first certified firmware has hit the PTCRB. Firmware version 6.1.A.1.58, highlights that the handset will launch with ICS, denoted by the 6.1.X.X.XX in the version number.

Lastly, the four Sony Xperia handsets running the U8500 NovaThor chipset, the Xperia go, Xperia P, Xperia sola and Xperia U have all seen a new firmware version certified – 6.0.B.3.177. This is Android 2.3.7 Gingerbread firmware, so you’ll have to wait a bit longer for ICS unfortunately.

New certified firmware as at 18 July 2012

Xperia S (LT26i): 6.1.A.0.454
Xperia acro S (LT26w): 6.1.A.1.58
Xperia ion (LT28i): 6.1.E.0.211

Xperia P (LT22i): 6.0.B.3.177
Xperia go (ST27i): 6.0.B.3.177
Xperia sola (MT27i): 6.0.B.3.177
Xperia U (ST25i): 6.0.B.3.177

  • Himaldon

    Hmm Just now I finished updating my sim free xps uk to. 453.

  • Yay! :x My LT28i will get that firmware soon! :x

  • Feanor

    I own two Xperias:
    1. My arc (SI 1246-1843) is still waiting the ICS update nearly two months after the start of roll out.
    2. For the P Sony had initially promised an update to ICS within Q2 but we are deep in Q3 and the update hasn’t even started rolling out. And when it does, I will have to wait for my SI to appear on the list. If I have to wait as long as I have been waiting for the arc update then I will be happy to have received ICS on my P by mid October. 
    I guess I have every reason to not be happy with how fast Xperias get updated.

  • leo

    Honestly, I am waiting the P to have ICS upgrade before I want buy it. 
    I just wonder SONY is being late again as the ICS upgrade for P should be in session 2? But now is July already. 

  • Nathan

    Does sony is going to lanch acro s in taiwan today?

  • Travisdog

    Mate I wouldn’t push it. I have an Xperia S which is now running isc and in my opinion its now worse then when I had gingerbread. It’s laggy as now and freezes all the time

  • Fraulein

    1. The flash it yourself with generic
    2. Is 2.5 week into Q3 deep? This is not the same thing as your gf saying how “deep” your are inside of her :P

  • Raffy

    Lots of updates are being released but I’m still running on Gingerbread my network provider is sooo slow like like my data connection.

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  • Feanor

    But Sony promised an ICS update for the P in Q2 and a promise is a promise.
    Actually I am very happy with GB 2.3.7. In comparison to the 2.3.4 of my arc the newer version is almost like ICS. Designwise the interface is pretty much the same and you can get access to notifications from the lock screen. But I had the impression that the S, P, U were designed with ICS in mind and therefore I thought it would come quickly and bug-free. The current situation is rather embarrassing for Sony. At least you are receiving aparrently the new firmware soon, and it may fix the bugs you encounter with your ICS update.

  • Feanor

    Sony announced an ICS for the P in Q2 and Q2 ended on June the 30th. Period. And 2.5 weeks is deep in Q3, yes. I could excuse 5-10 days delay. Now we are clearly in Q3. And if ICS arrives for the P in early August, according to the rumours, that will be more than one month later than initially announced.

  • Apus2672

    I have my arc upgraded to ics, no performance issue noted so far, but the screen capture function was gone.

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