Sony LT30p ‘Mint’ appears in a couple of more benchmarks

by XB on 24th July 2012

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The upcoming Sony LT30p ‘Mint’ smartphone, the H2 2012 Sony Xperia flagship, has popped up in a couple of more benchmarks. First of all, it has appeared on GLBenchmark which confirms the 1.5GHz (dual-core) processor speed , 720 x 1196 display pixel resolution (highlighting the on-screen buttons) and Android 4.0.4. This particular handset was running firmware 7.0.A.2.4.

It has also appeared in the NenaMark2 benchmark with a score of 60.10 which confirmed one additional detail from the above – the inclusion of Adreno 225 graphics, pointing to the MSM8960 Qualcomm S4 Snapdragon chipset. None of this is anything new to what we already know, but hopefully we should have more details soon.

Thanks Stojan, Dacha and @h_alkhalaf!

  • lovebmw

    Thrilled, i can’t wait….

  • DragonClaw

    Glaxy SIII does a 58.8 fps on Nenamark2.
    Even though these are just synthetic benchmarks, we can really hope that the Mint’s GPU has been utilised to it’s fullest by Sony.
    Just hoping this device lands real soon. :)

  • The beast is unleashed !  Take a look a the bench for the GX too : 58.50 fps ! Impressive
    Fortunately it is not as low as expected  (45.5 fps in Nena2) in March for these two devices :

    Same result as the HTC ONE S equipped with the S ! Good Job Sony :-)

    Let’s just hope that the Quadrant (most important benchmark) result will be as high as the one of the HTC ONE S (5000-5100) and i will buy one the Sony devices as early as it release ! :-p

  • people my xperia was stolen on the weekend and i need a new sony like yesterday when is the mint out

  • Steve
  • weeeeee8888888888

    hmm looks promising..

  • In GLbenchmark not seen decent results, losing several times pro GS II is that after the maturity of the prototype will show better results? (dreamed both the quad and Krait adreno 320…… ):

  • hamboy

    It sounds awesome but I doubt we will see it outside of Asia any time in 2012

  • David J Hilton

    I’ve heard this phone will be appearing in the new James Bond film ‘Skyfall’, so it’s a good bet it will be in the West by the end of the year.

  • Coolkid

    U know what…??? I’ve already planned to watch Skyfall on the first day of its release, jus to see this Beauty….!!!:)

  • Domino

    What is it?

  • tibur

    What’s the diference betwen GX and Mint ? Hope the Mint has more ram

  • lovebmw
  • no but i will now thanks… the hunt is now on… Steve and xperia peeps i will keep you all update to date .. until then i’m ordering my Ericsson T28 

  • Crazy John’s.

    The LT30p will be released as the Xperia Z. It’s already on our system at Crazy John’s. (Australian mobile company).

  • sharique shaikh

    What’s the point of this phone I mean the lt29i Will also have same the same spec so anyone please reply just very curious??!!!

  • Soban

    Sony have already said that they wont be releasing any quad core phone this year or maybe even next year unless its problems are fixed e.g battery life. Besides, there is no such thing as an “ARM Snapdragon S4 processor”.

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