What is the Xperia Masona? [Update]

by XB on 3rd August 2012

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Now here is a name we haven’t heard of before. Two UK mobile phone e-tailers Handtec and gum mobile have listed a new Sony mobile called the Xperia Masona. Handtec has no other details listed, no price and no date, although it does say “New – Coming Soon”. The gum mobile listing lists a £199.99 price point and a “Coming Soon, Pre Order Now” notice. If that price point is to be believed then this is likely to be another low-mid end handset, hopefully more details will leak out soon.

Update: Sony Mobile’s Harold de Kort has confirmed that Mesona was the code name for the Xperia miro. Looks like these retailers are using code names. Looking at another listing on gum mobile it has the ‘Xperia Mint‘ listed, which proves the point. [Thanks Harold!]

Xperia Masona

Xperia Masona

Thanks Jad!

  • Nine

    maybe its “AFFM” from the leaked lineup .

    it was ment to be released on September.

  • Nine

    Mybe it’s “AFFM” from the leaked Lineup.

    it was ment to be released in september .

  • Will they come out with Xperia Madonna then? =.=

  • Jan

    not complaining, but i will write something.

    I wanted xperia play so badly, then i saw that there will be not ICS, and i was angry, and im gone for Xperia S.
    Xperia S is really fast, i love it. But if there can be quad Xperia Play succesor it must be mine! 

  • Sony Fanboy not

    omg wtf sony stop releasing 1000 new phones every week -.-

  • Hope its Play successor or Mini

  • jxPerience

     what about Xperia vincyuee? what do you think? i think with that name it will be the end of Xperia’s existence.

  • jxPerience

     you mean announcing? because if releasing i will be happy for that because im about 3 months excited for the Xperia Acro S

  • jxPerience

    they will come up with Xperia Vita with vOS somewhere in 1Q of 2013. they will only finalize the vOS for mobile (i hope im not dreaming)

  •  Yes and get even more stable with Cyanogen(mod) :-)

  • Jan

    i dunno, i like i mean im sticked to android. nice progress they doing. but if android can be mixed with “vOS”… but Xperia Play game launcher was also nice! btw no psstore in my country. if they planning to relase  gaming smartphone, it must play PSP or PS2 games at least… android games are too…android :) games must be from best  gaming developers. I would love to play castlevania, gran turismo(psp), ratchet&clank and other great games :) not just angry birds, burn the rope, and dead space… i would like new asphalt but no working same like sims freeplay. free/cheap games generally bullshit, but some are okay. for smartphones, not gaming smartphones. New generation XPLAY must come :P

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  • Kriidz

    Maybe its xperia miro, but the name is mesona, not masona
    Source : http://ameblo.jp/povtc/day-20110122.html
    Sorry for my bad english

  • Hdod

    Ps2 games???on android???even on PC it struggle to run…wait few more years and your dream will come true

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