Xperia GX home launcher and system dump extracted

by XB on 14th August 2012

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The system dump from the Sony Xperia GX has been extracted giving users access to systems apps, the framework and other system file folders. This means that you can get your hands on the newest home launcher and other bits and pieces including the Album, Conservations and Calendar APKs. New Cosmic Flow wallpaper has also been extracted. You can see how the new launcher fares on the Xperia arc below.

Via xda-developers.

Thanks Dyjin!

  • Metallica

    and how can we get this?

  • Metallica

    and how can we get this?

  • Avery Navas

    WOW!!! This looks really good!!! Amazing development! Really good to get some loving from developers like this… :D

  • Rammstone

    The new cosmic flow doesn’t move? :O

  • It’s set to a picture, not the theme with the live cosmic flow. So it’s just a setting away.

  • Theunnamed

    your finger looks crazy !

  • MarkLastiwka

    Why don’t they use one of the persitent search bars? Or at least make it one of the ICS transparent ones? This one looks really ugly…

  • Aokde Gharra

    it moves, but not on the old devices. only the new devices where you get more RAM.


    What’s all this talk of lag? My Ray runs 4.0.4 as smooth as.  There isn’t any lag on any screen transitions or scrolling pages.  For any1 with a Ray who wants to install the different bits pulled from the GX, SEMCPhone does not work for me, nor does the new gallery, at least not when picking a wallpaper from it, that just makes it force close but it works fine for looking at pics.  The music player and music visualiser also seem to work well from the little testing i’ve done as does the new conversations.

  • Lukesjeans

    thanks for posting my video!

  • Fauzi

    can i install it on my Xperia U ?

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  • Metallica

    how did you install it to your phone?

  • naathaanS

    Watching that made me jizz a bit

  • M Usman

    installed most of it on my Xperia S. No difference at all? apart from the docomo home launcher which is rubbish so uninstalled. I guess we already have the latest home launcher and apps on our Xperia S devices. or am I wrong?

  • how to use this after dowloading the files ? I DONT KNW WHAT TO DO PLZ HELP XPERIA BLOG ! 

  • how to install ? i downloaded , after downloading what next ?

  • M Usman

    put the folders in you sd card. open then in file manager on your phone. and install them as a normal apk. what is so difficult about that?

  • Metallica

    does it work for all the phones?

  • ashish. xperia

    It comes application not installed :|

  • roeshak

    Ics even looks faster on the Xperia arc than it does on the Xperia s. Isn’t that just priceless.

  • M Usman

    you can’t install every apk although most of them should install fine. i found no difference in the new home launcher app, the widgets, the music and video and film app. everything was the same for me. the camera app was also the same after installing

  • M Usman

    should work on any xperia phone i believe. if it doesn’t then it just wont install. i think most of them work on the bigger screen phones because of the screen size. but maybe the apks resize themselves. i remember when the arc system dump was extracted, it worked for the x10 and most other xperia devices so I should imagine it will

  • lukesjeans

    Just copy the apk of home to SD and download a file manager like astro. After that find the file and it will install.

  • yike

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