Xperia Tablet S sized up against the Sony Tablet S and iPad

by XB on 5th September 2012

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Do you want to know how Sony’s new Xperia Tablet S sizes up against its predecessor, the Tablet S? Or about the iPad? Well have a look at the pictures below. Against the Sony Tablet S there appears to minimal difference on the face of the tablet, although it’s significantly thinner against the wedge shape of the older model.

Comparing it against the iPad you can see that the Tablet S is smaller on the face. This is probably down to display size with the Xperia Tablet S and its 9.4-inch display against the 9.7-inch display of the iPad. The iPad is also marginally thinner. See the pics below.

Xperia Tablet S (left) versus the Sony Tablet S

Xperia Tablet S (left) versus the iPad

Via IT Media.

  • AsadMulla

    I think I will stick to my current tablet S and buy the Sony Windows 8 Tablet when that comes out.

  • xperialover

    sony is more movie films frendly 16:9 is always better for entertiment that 4:3

    is it me or the ipad have something wrong with the colours they are somehow washed out !

    Thats probably depend on the quality of the colour reproduction of my screen

  • xperialover

    sony’s screen are more vivied

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    good luck with that :P

  • Whayne

    Not worth the trouble to compare at all..
    Tablet S is build for entertainment.
    iPad is just a fashion item..

  • rickiking

    I agree. my Tablet S still works perfectly fine. with its remote control and throw features, useful craddle, and the upcoming jelly bean… couldn’t ask for more. But thinking of selling this for Xperia Tablet. Hmmm.

  • Chelios

    Could you be any more biased?

  • Steve Blows Jobz

    and better resolution too!!! /* sarcasm

  • Steve Blows Jobz

    at the time sony will be smart-enough to release a WP8 phone! Means – NEVER AHAHAH ;d

  • ipatz

    Does this mean the anti-glare screen protector for Tablet S work with Xperia Tablet S?

  • Well, what he’s saying is true. I have an iPad and iOS is getting Crazy boring :))

  • Chelios

    It’s an opinion, not a fact. And if your iPad is boring than you either don’t really have one or you’re using it as a board to cut your cheese on as it’s capable of the exact same things as an android slate entertainment wise.
    I also love how I get downvoted each time I critique a retarded comment. Sony used to have a “serious” clientele but I see that has changed to biased androidfanboys opposing any reasonable discussion. I’m saddened to see this evolution for this upstanding brand.

  • Well here’s a fact the iOS is less versatile and customizable than that of an android, due lack and unwillingness to change of their standard, so yes its opinionated and fully optional on which prefers which, but the mere fact is that the iOS UI lacking has only has very little changes throughout the years of development of which the user experience has barely changed.

  • Chelios

    Well, kudos for your reply. You have a valid point. But I do wonder about what I keep hearing about “Android is customizable”. That appears to be the main reason for many people to choose android over ios or windows phone. How many people really use it? I doubt the mainstream user that doesn’t even know what version of android they’re running are customizing their phone besides changing the wallpaper and downloading some widgets. I’m on my fifth droid now and I stay away from customizing my phone as much as possible except a different launcher (all of my droids were rooted, rommed and heavlily modified at one point). I noticed that each time I go a step beyond that I can expect a drop in performance and/or battery life. And I prefer battery life and performance over customizability.
    The perfect phone for me would be a Sony device running iOS. But that will never happen. I did expect to see a windows phone device during the recent new products introduction. Definitely dissapointed that they’re still not considering a phone with windows 7. Imagine a V or T with windows phone 8. How sweet would that be?

  • Wanna see a picture of me with my iPad and an iPod? A don’t tell me how to use my gadgets, I know well how to use them. I’m an IT professional and I know how to utilize them well.

    I ain’t even an androidfanboy. I’m a SONY fanboy I’m telling the truth

  • While I agree with you about customizing, ( I also don’t like customization)… I think the native Andoid OS inside a SONY device is very different from other Android devices. It more stable than of Samsung’s and the others.

    And even though I used less customization, I’m still enjoying my device. Because applications, mostly SONY made applications, are working well and it is working based on how should it work. Also, it can do more great things than the an iPhone or any android device. Thus, SONY devices with android are indeed versatile.

    Well with SONY and Android, it’s easier to “throw” media files to my TV and other media equipment that are DLNA capable. It’s easier to share files either through NFC or bluetooth (Instant photo sharing and song sharing with friends!). It’s easier to manage and edit files and documents. I don’t need to download Shazam because Track ID is built in. Don’t need to iTunes to edit the details of my song. I could easily choose where to share my Photos after capturing it. I could easily project my phone screen into a bigger screen with HDMI and etc.

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